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 Full Throttle Wrestling - Caged Rage (April 29, 2012)

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - Caged Rage (April 29, 2012)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:19 am

Fireworks and pyro light up the darkened building. Fans roar with the explosions, waving signs and mugging for the cameras. The camera finally sets upon a table where an older gentleman and a young, good looking, man sit.

Dale McCoy: "Hello and welcome to another night of Full Throttle Wrestling action! Tonight we'll be bringing to you our Caged Rage event, where every single match on the card is held inside of a steel cage!"

Oliver Evans: "And what a night it's going to be because of that! So many cage matches, so little time!"

Dale McCoy: "The FTW World Tag Team Championships and the FTW World Heavyweight Championship will both be on the line tonight! We'll also see Treachery take on the Jones Brothers in some tag team warfare."

Oliver Evans: "But enough talking about the event, I want to see it! Let's get this action started!"

Backstage, Shiloh Jones and Michael Jones walk through the hallways of FTW, having a conversation as they go.

Shiloh Jones: “So are you ready for tonight?”

Shiloh looks over at his brother who nods.

Shiloh Jones: “Good, because Treachery needs a beating. If we can knock off those two tonight inside of that steel cage, then we can take the tag team titles off of Alexander and Ethan. What we can’t afford, Michael, is another loss. You and I have been labeled the joke team of this federation, with everyone thinking that they can just walk all over us. Well, not anymore. Tonight, you and I are going to prove them all wrong when we walk out with the win.”

Michael Jones: “I don’t know Shiloh; I think you are putting too much importance on this match. I understand that we need to win, but it isn’t life or death. If we do take a loss here tonight, at the very least, we gave it our all. Other teams will have to respect that.”

Shiloh Jones: “Other teams don’t respect the effort, they respect wins. If you do everything in your power to win, and yet still lose, you are a joke. We’ve been “giving it our all” since day one and so far, it has gotten us nowhere. I don’t know about you, Michael, but I want to actually win a match and possibly the tag team championships here in Full Throttle Wrestling. What I don’t want to do is continue to be labeled as a joke by our fellow wrestlers. I am not still cutting my teeth in this business; I want some respect to be shown to me.”

Michael Jones: “I’m not saying we shouldn’t change our fortunes with a win, I am saying that we shouldn’t make this next match be all important. If we put so much emphasis onto this match and lose, then we’ll only be more disappointed and humiliated by the loss. Besides, we are facing two tough opponents inside of a steel cage, it would be illogical to think that we can win without incident.”

Hearing that, Shiloh Jones stops in his tracks.

Shiloh Jones: “Do you doubt the team? Do you doubt our ability to win? If you aren’t going to have full confidence in our abilities, then maybe we should reconsider teaming together. A tag team can only be as strong as they think they are, and right now you aren’t thinking properly.”

Michael Jones: “I didn’t mean for it to come out quite like that. I have full confidence in our ability to win, but this is a steel cage match, it’s not our usual business. It is hard to be as confident in this situation.

Shiloh Jones: “You had better get used to it or get out, because this business no longer has room for guys who aren’t adaptable.”

With that, Shiloh walks down the hallway, leaving his brother standing alone to consider the conversation that they just had.

Inside of the Treachery locker room, both Dmitry Petrovich and Kazu Nagai sit in chairs, sulking, while Aaron Blake shakes his head disapprovingly. John and Eric Vogel sit beside one another and look as upset as Dmitry and Kazu. Behind all of them, off in the background, is Jean-Pierre Renoir who is watching clips of the Royal Rumble that was held at FutureShock. The young Frenchman is clearly in deep thought as he observes what went wrong for the majority of Treachery.

Aaron Blake: “I can’t believe that Antonio was the one who won the Royal Rumble. Antonio, the mercenary I hired to help us out is now my most valuable commodity! I can’t believe this, what a good investment he turned out to be! I better go talk to him about tonight.”

Dmitry and Kazu watch Aaron Blake go from talking to himself to leaving the room. The two Vogel brothers immediately begin discussing what went wrong in the Royal Rumble as Renoir watches Kazu Nagai get eliminated. Nagai, hearing his elimination, tenses up before suddenly jumping to his feet, throwing his chair across the room, and storming over to where Renoir is.

Kazu Nagai: “Turn that crap off, already!”

Despite commanding Renoir to do it, Kazu Nagai swipes up the remote to the TV and turns it off.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Qu'est-ce l'enfer?”

Renoir holds his arms wide in a questioning pose as he stands out of his chair. When Kazu Nagai fails to answer, Renoir grabs the remove and switches the TV back on.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Quoiqu'il en soit, trou du cul.”

Hearing Renoir make a comment and hearing the TV turn back on sets Kazu off. The big Japanese wrestler turns around, grabs Renoir, and yanks him out of his seat before pushing the Frenchman back and over it. As Renoir hits the floor, Kazu Nagai moves to hit him while he’s down, but Dmitry Petrovich gtabs Kazu and pulls him back, intervening to prevent a fight from really happening between the stable mates.

Kazu Nagai: “You little French fuck! Why don’t you say what you want to say in English to my face? Do you think it’s funny to watch me lose? Well how about I lose my temper and beat you half to death? How you like that, you coward?”

Renoir hops back up to his feet before moving behind Dmitry Petrovich, who has now moved in-between him and Kazu.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Je suis le lâche? Vous êtes celui qui est freinée par Dmitry. Il est assez clair que vous n'avez pas vraiment envie de se battre. Je pensais que les Japonais étaient un peuple fier, mais il semble que je me trompais comme un crapaud comme vous est de me permettre de l'insulter à plusieurs reprises. Dites-vous ce que Kazu, quand vous avez réellement pousser une paire de boules, pourquoi ne pas vous réellement essayer de me répondre dans l'anneau ... qui est, à moins que vous êtes trop peur.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: [I’m the coward? You’re the one who is being held back by Dmitry. It’s pretty clear that you don’t really want to fight. I thought the Japanese were a proud people, but it seems I was mistaken as a toad like you is allowing me to repeatedly insult him. Tell you what Kazu, when you actually grow a pair of balls, why don't you actually try and meet me in the ring...that is, unless you're too scared.]

While Kazu doesn’t understand what it is that Renoir has said, he tries to push past Dmitry anyway as he assumes that Renoir is insulting him or making a smart comment. While Kazu tries to get at Renoir, Aaron Blake reenters the locker room with a pleased smile on his face. That smile quickly fades, however, when he sees what is happening in his absence. Aaron Blake coolly walks over to Kazu Nagai and taps him on the shoulder, telling him that playtime is over.

Aaron Blake: “That’s enough you two. We have far more important problems to deal with than your egos, you nationality, and your language of choice.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Mais il-“

Kazu Nagai: “But he-"

Both Renoir and Kazu Nagai go to say more, but Blake cuts them off.

Aaron Blake: “I said enough!”

Aaron Blake motion for Renoir, Nagai, and Petrovich to sit down and each man finds a chair before talking a seat.

Aaron Blake: “Now Gentlemen, tonight is an important night for Treachery. Even though none of you are involved in a title match, this is still a crucial point. You see, we are in a moment of good standing as the majority of you had a good run in the Royal Rumble.”

Kazu Nagai and Dmitry Petrovich exchange a smirk as Eric Vogel pats his younger brother on the back.

Aaron Blake: “Tonight, if you men can all win the particular matches that you are involved in, you will find yourselves in future title opportunities. For those of you who aren’t in a match tonight, I expect you to show solidarity with the other members of this outfit and support them in the event of a brawl breaking out post-match as our vanquished foes try to alleviate their disappointment.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir and Kazu Nagai exchange a wary glance.

Aaron Blake: “Treachery is once again in control of the FTW World Heavyweight Championship, now we just need the other ones. When Treachery controls all of the titles in Full Throttle Wrestling, we will hold all of the power. And when we hold all of the power, we have much to bargain with when it comes to talking contracts with Adam Vogel. If you men can get on the same page and be the dominant force that I want you to be, then you will all find yourselves with a hell of a lot more money in your paychecks. Now, I just got through speaking with Antonio Del Veccio about the plan for tonight, and I think it’s time that I tell you all what need to be done here at Caged Rage.”

The scene fades just a Aaron Blake begins to tell the majority of Treachery what is to happen tonight.




Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and will be held inside of a steel cage! Introducing first, Michael Jones and Shiloh Jones!”

Alkaline Trio's "Fall Victim" plays as Michael Jones and Shiloh Jones walk to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing their opponents, representing Treachery, Dmitry Petrovich and Kazu Nagai!”

Svyaschennaya Voyna, composed by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, plays throughout the arena as Dmitry Petrovich and Kazu Nagai walk down the ramp followed closely by their manager, Aaron Blake.

Dale McCoy: “Michael Jones and Shiloh Jones have a big challenge up ahead of them here as they have to face two of the bigger and stronger men in Full Throttle Wrestling inside of a steel cage. The only way to win in this steel cage match is to get a pinfall, a submission, or have both partners escape from the cage. Unfortunately for Michael and Shiloh, all of those avenues are going to be difficult to take against this kind of opposition.”

Oliver Evans: “And to make matters worse for them, there seemed to be some dissention between the two brothers. I think that they won’t be able to work together well enough to overcome this steep challenge.”

Dale McCoy: “I think I may have to agree with you. Michael and Shiloh need to be on the same page if they want to have any hope of overcoming this challenge and coming away with the win. But if Michael and Shiloh lose here tonight, will the team separate?”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh Jones is an egotist, Dale, so I think there is a good chance of a loss leading to a splitting of the team, especially if it’s Michael who gets pinned.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell sounds, Shiloh and Kazu step out onto the apron as Michael and Dmitry prepare to start the match. Michael goes for a quick leg tackle, but Dmitry just lets him bounce off of him. Michael gets back up and kicks him in the gut before striking him with a few punches, but Dmitry powers Michael into the mat with a simple push!”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry Petrovich is a mammoth of a man! He can put anyone down; Michael isn’t a challenge.”

Dale McCoy: “Michael gets back to his feet and jumps into Dmitry Petrovich with more punches, but Dmitry again shoves him to the mat before decking him with a massive clothesline! Dmitry pulls Michael up before running him to the corner and bouncing his face off of the turnbuckle pads. Dmitry hits him with a hard lariat before backing off and running in for a clothesline, but Michael moves out of the way!”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry hit those pads hard! As he steps back out of the corner, Michael connects with a dropkick to the back of the head that knocks Dmitry face-first into the top turnbuckle pad! As Dmitry stumbles back, Michael pulls him to the mat with a school boy!”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Dale McCoy: “Michael only gets one on the pin attempt, but he kicks Dmitry in the face before Dmitry can get up. Michael runs and bounces off of the ropes before coming back with a hard dropkick to the face of Dmitry! Dmitry rolls and gets back on his feet, but Michael grabs him and drives him into the mat with a bulldog before going for another cover.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “But Michael again only gets one. Before Dmitry can get up, Jones grabs him by the ears and pulls him into a knee. Michael quickly tags his brother before hitting Dmitry with another knee strike.”

Dale McCoy: “The two brothers grab Dmitry before pulling him into the mat with a double DDT! Shiloh Jones quickly hops up before taunting, allowing Dmitry some time to recover. Shiloh turns around and goes for a leg drop, but Dmitry rolls out of the way after all the wasted time.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry grabs Shiloh by the throat before throwing him over the ropes and into the side of the cage! Dmitry pulls Shiloh up by the hair before grabbing him by the throat and tossing him overhead and into the steel again. Dmitry tags out to Kazu.”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu pulls Shiloh onto a shoulder before slamming him into the mat with a powerslam. Kazu runs over to Michael Jones and hits him with a forearm, causing his head to ricochet off of the cage. Kazu turns around and tries to bring Shiloh back to his feet, but Shiloh throws off his arms before connecting with a few punches.”

Oliver Evans: “Kazu Nagai goes for a punch, but Shiloh ducks underneath it before connecting with a enzuigiri that puts Kazu down to a knee. Shiloh grabs Kazu and pulls him into the mat with a DDT before grabbing a leg for the pin.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh only gets two. As Kazu works to get to his feet, Shiloh connects with some ineffectual elbows. Kazu scoops Shiloh up and slams him to the mat with a body slam to put an end to Shiloh’s offensive. Kazu drops an elbow onto his chest before bouncing off of the ropes and going for a leg drop, but Shiloh moves out of the way.”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh goes for a kick to Kazu’s face, but Kazu lies on the mat to avoid the kick before grabbing him from behind and lifting him into the air before slamming him into the mat with a back suplex.”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu grabs Shiloh and whips him into the ropes before grabbing him and slamming him into the mat with a tilt-a-whirl sideslam! Kazu, not done yet, pulls Shiloh onto a shoulder before running him into the side of the cage and then planting him to the mat with a running powerslam, staying on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh Jones manages to kick out before the count of three. Kazu Nagai pulls Shiloh to his feet before sending him into the corner with an irish whip. Kazu Nagai comes running in before leaping at Shiloh, but Jones moves out of the way and Nagai’s face meets turnbuckle post!”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu Nagai stumbles over to his corner and tags Dmitry as Shiloh tags Michael! The two men meet in the center of the ring, but Michael takes the advantage with a dropkick to the face. Before Dmitry can react, Michael hops back up and hits Dmitry with a second dropkick that manages to stun the big Russian!”

Oliver Evans: “Michael quickly jumps onto the turnbuckle before leaping at Dmitry and driving his knee into his face with the Screaming Soul! But it doesn’t knock Dmitry off of his feet!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael gets up and grabs the dazed Russian before leaping onto the mat and pulling Dmitry's face down onto his knees with the Paroxysm! But Dmitry still isn’t going down! The Russian stumbles backwards, and into Shiloh Jones who jumps and pulls him down onto both knees for a backstabber! Michael Jones goes for the cover as Shiloh exits out to the apron.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “But Kazu Nagai breaks up the pin just in time! Before Shiloh can get into the ring, Kazu Nagai drives his head into the side of the cage with a running big boot!”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu turns and kicks Michael in the gut as Dmitry already gets back to his feet. The two men grab Michael and toss him into the air. Dmitry catches Michael for a powerbomb as Kazu catches him for a neckbreaker! What a maneuver! Dmitry hooks a leg for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall, Dmitry Petrovich and Kazu Nagai, Treachery!”

Oliver Evans: “A great double team maneuver leads to Treachery picking up the win on Michael Jones while Shiloh was incapacitated. One has to think that Shiloh and Michael aren’t going to have much of a future as a team.”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh said that he wanted a win tonight, but the two brothers failed to get one against this team. Shiloh’s losing streak has continued with their loss here tonight, but the two brothers brought the fight and really shouldn’t be ashamed of their loss.”

Oliver Evans: “Shouldn’t be ashamed? You should be always be ashamed of your losses!”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh Jones is approaching his brother as Treachery exits the cage…and he sits down beside him to check how he’s doing! It seems that while Shiloh is disheartened after his loss, he isn’t too beat up about it because it seems he still cares about the team. I guess your prediction was wrong, Oliver.”
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Caged Rage (April 29, 2012)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:26 am

In the center of the ring is an outraged David Strongcock who is yelling into a microphone.

David Strongcock: “Jefferson Saint! Get out here you stupid jerk! I’m done putting up with you and I’m done letting you harass other people! Every single second you intentionally screw things up for these people by punching the wrestlers in the dick! Every second you insult me by doing that heinous action, and every second the desire to punch you in the face rises. So Jefferson Saint, that’s exactly what I am going to do!”

David Strongcock walks towards the ropes as he continues to speak.

David Strongcock: “You see Jefferson, there is an open match slot for tonight, and I want to change that. I want you to come on out here and agree to face me in inside of a steel cage here tonight, so that we can finally get you out of Full Throttle Wrestling. You can’t say no, because if you do, I’ll just interfere in your business at every turn. I’ll make sure that wherever there is a dick, there isn’t fear of t being punched. I’ll make sure there will never be another dick punched, one way or the other. It’s your choice if you are going to be man enough to fight me, or if your dick punching is an indication of your lack of genitalia.”

With a smirk, Strongcock lowers his microphone.
Within a few seconds, Saint’s music starts up, but Saint doesn’t come out. Strongcock throws his hands up into the air before complaining to a fan.

Jefferson Saint: “Hey dumbass, up here.”

Strongcock look up and sees Jefferson Saint’s face on the titan tron.

Jefferson Saint: “I’ve been waiting for the chance to get rid of you. I’ve been waiting to remove the protective cup guarding humanity’s reproductive organs, so that I could give humanity a big punch right there. I’m surprised you’d make it this easy for me, Strongcock. I’m surprised because you are humanity’s great defender. You are the last thing standing between me and causing people enormous amounts of pain. You are the hero who can’t be hurt down there, you are superman. But here you are, putting yourself up for destruction. If you want me in a steel cage, you’ve got it. I’m going to defeat you, and shatter that false idea of you being invincible. When I defeat you, you’ll just be a joke while I’ll be the dick puncherello of this world. No dick, no nut, no egg, and no reproductive organ will be left unbroken!”

Strongcock goes to bring up the microphone he is holding to make a retort, but before he can, Jefferson Saint slides into the ring and clubs him on the back of the skull with a lead pipe. Saint stands over the fallen Strongcock and tells him that there is more to come as the scene fades.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a steel cage match! This match can only be won by pinfall, submission, or by escaping the cage. Introducing first, David Strongcock!”

Sir Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 begins to play as David Strongcock walks down to the ring, interacting with the fans as he goes. As he slides in, David pulls his cape off and tosses it to a ring hand.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, Jefferson Saint!”

"Final Treatment 192" by Stalker begins playing as Jefferson Saint steps out. He slowly raises his fist into the air in a dramatic display before walking down to the ring. After sliding in, Jefferson Saint threatens the referee with a low blow.

Dale McCoy: “David Strongcock took the initiative tonight when he challenged Jefferson Saint to a match tonight inside of the steel cage. These two have been antagonizing one another since their arrivals in Full Throttle Wrestling, but Saint has definitely been on the run from Strongcock.”

Oliver Evans: “Well no duh, Sherlock. Saint is very one dimensional, and isn’t able to do anything other than attack other people’s groins. Strongcock isn’t susceptible to those kinds of attacks, so Saint is unable to fight him.”

Dale McCoy: “That is true…I don’t think we’ve seen Saint do anything other than go straight for his opponent’s groins. This will be his second match against Strongcock, so maybe he’ll remember this time that his opponent’s groin isn’t a viable option.”

Oliver Evans: “I don’t think he will, Dale. Even in our Royal Rumble last month, Saint tried to low blow Strongcock. Other than low blows, the only thing we’ve seen Saint do is hit Strongcock with a pipe and grab his ankle.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock and Saint stare one another down as the bell sounds. The door to the cage is closed as referee Michael Bull stands on the outside. The two men circle around the cage before Saint suddenly turns and tries to climb up the side of the cage, but Strongcock pulls him down before hitting him with a series of punches.”

Oliver Evans: “In the first ten seconds of this match, Jefferson Saint has already tried to run away from Strongcock.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock pulls Saint into a clothesline before pulling Saint up and pointing to the side of the cage. Srongcock runs forwards while pulling Saint along before tossing him into the side of the steel structure!”

Oliver Evans: “That one had to hurt! You can bet that Strongcock has no reservations about fighting Saint in this structure.”

Dale McCoy: “David pulls Saint back up and throws him right back into the steel! Strongcock grabs Saint and drags him away before running him over and tossing him over the top rope and into the other side of the cage! Saint slumps down on the apron, but Strongcock isn’t done.”

Oliver Evans: “Strongcock turns and runs to the ropes before bouncing off of them and coming back for a low dropkick that pushes Saint into the cage!”

Dale McCoy: “David Strongcock pulls Jefferson Saint out from underneath the ropes before kicking him in the gut and taking him over with a suplex. Strongcock looks at his opponent before falling cock-first onto him with the Cock Drop! Strongcock pulls Saint into a sitting position before bouncing off of the ropes and coming back with a Shining Cock!”

Oliver Evans: “Strongock turns and walks towards the cage door, asking for it to be opened. Strongcock walks down the steel steps, but stops on the last step and looks back at Saint before climbing back into the ring.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock had the chance to win this match right there, but he chose to continue the beating on Jefferson Saint. David Strongcock walks towards Jefferson Saint, but Saint slides underneath the ropes to try and somehow get away, but with the cage there Saint is stuck!”

Oliver Evans: “David Strongcock reaches over the ropes and grabs Saint, pulling him up, but Saint headbutts Strongcock before bouncing his face off of the side of the cage. Jefferson Saint is actually doing something other than low blowing people!”

Dale McCoy: “Saint climbs onto the turnbuckle and waits for Strongcock to turn around before leaping off of the turnbuckle and connecting with a flying punch to Strongcock’s face that puts him down! Saint drops a fist down onto Strongcock’s face before getting up and bouncing off of the ropes before coming back and driving a knee into David’s ribs.”

Oliver Evans: “This is astonishing, the cock punching douche bag is actually defeating the fake superhero douche bag!”

Dale McCoy: “Saint pulls Strongcock up before getting back behind him and locking him into the sleeper hold! The referee checks on Strongcock, but Strongcock elbows him in the gut before snapping him to the mat with a snapmare. Before Saint can get up, Strongcock drives his dick right into Saint’s face with another Cock Drop!”

Oliver Evans: “David Strongcock pulls Jefferson Saint up and goes to stick his head into his tights, but Saint squirms out of David’s grip before turning and trying to quickly escape up the side of the steel cage!”

Dale McCoy: “But David Strongcock jumps onto the side of the cage as well. Strongcock prevents Jefferson Saint from going over the side and pulls him down to the top rope. Balancing on the top rope, the two men begin to exchange punches, but Jefferson Saint grabs Strongcock and slams his face against the side of the cage, causing Strongcock to fall to the mat. Saint jumps off of the top rope for a diving fist drop, but Strongcock gets a foot up and into the jaw of Saint.”

Oliver Evans: “Jefferson Saint should have just kept on climbing. Strongcock pulls Saint up and tries for the Dickstroyer again, but Saint back body drops him to avoid it. As Strongcock gets up, Saint pushes him from behind, sending him into the side of the cage!”

Dale McCoy: “As Strongcock bounces off of the cage, Saint grabs him from behind and slams his head into the steel again before grating his face on the side of the cage. Pulling him back, Saint grabs Strongcock’s head before pulling him into the mat with the neckbreaker. Saint rolls over and grabs a leg for the pin attempt.”

Ray Johnson: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “Strongcock makes a quick kickout. Saint tries to pull Strongcock back up, but Strongcock lifts him onto his shoulders before slamming him into the mat with a samoan drop.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock grabs Saint and spreads his leg before driving a knee right into Saint’s junk! What comes around goes around, it seems! Saint just got a little taste of his own medicine courtesy of David Strongcock.”

Oliver Evans: “Some super hero he is. He just stooped down to Jefferson Saint’s level.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock pulls Saint’s hands away from his groin before driving another knee in-between the legs! As Saint goes to write on the mat, Strongcock drops an elbow down and onto Saint’s chest.”

Oliver Evans: “Strongcock pulls Saint up and again goes for the Dickstroyer, but Saint again back body drops him out of it before hopping onto the side of the cage and climbing!”

Dale McCoy: “But Strongcock is quick to his feet and hops onto the top rope before pulling Saint back down onto it as well. The two men again begin to exchange punches, but Saint kicks out one of Strongcock’s legs, causing Strongcock to fall to the ring! Saint continues to climb, but Strongcock can’t go after him because one of his legs is caught up in the ropes!”

Oliver Evans: “While Strongcock struggles to get free, Saint pulls himself over the top of the cage and climbs down before landing on the floor. I don’t believe this, Saint actually managed to win a match!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via cage escape, Jefferson Saint!”

Dale McCoy: “Had Strongcock not gotten his leg tangled up in the ropes, we’d likely be seeing a different outcome.”

Oliver Evans: “Had Strongcock just won the match when he could have, we’d be seeing a different outcome.”

Dale McCoy: “That’s true, Strongcock shouldn’t have went back to try and do more damage to Jefferson Saint. With how this match ended, I don’t think their rivalry is quite over. I expect to see these two in another match somewhere down the road.”

Oliver Evans: “You and I both.”
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Caged Rage (April 29, 2012)   Tue Jun 05, 2012 12:30 am

As Lloyd Shields is lacing up his boot, Christian Grenier suddenly swings open his locker room door and steps inside.

Christian Grenier: “Listen up, Lloyd. Tonight, we have the opportunity to win the FTW World Tag Team Championships and I’ll be damned if I let you screw this up. Now look you stupid Texan, you are nothing more than the muscle of our team, so don’t try to think. If I call for the tag, you make the tag. If I tell you to do something, you do it. I’ve been trained by Alexander and Ethan, and I understand them a whole lot more than your sorry ass can ever hope to understand a flea. I can win us those titles tonight, but you have to follow my instructions and try to not fail like you did in our last tag team match.”

Lloyd Shields pulls his laces tight before standing up and looking Christian square in the eyes.

Lloyd Shields: “You barge into my locker room and immediately insult me due to my state of residence? Honestly, that’s pretty poor behavior from both a professional and a tag team partner. Now, let me tell you something, if you ever say that I am an unintelligent muscle head or if you insult my home state again, you and I are going to have some major issues. As far as tonight goes, I don’t care whether you are with me or against me, either way I am going to put on a show for the fans and give the Lords of Wrestling a run for their money.”

Christian Grenier: “Fans this, fans that. Respect this, respect that.”

It is clear that Christian Grenier was mocking Lloyd.

Christian Grenier: “Here’s an idea, why don’t you grow up? This is a business; it isn’t some high school football game. There’s actually money to be made here, and it isn’t made by kissing everybody’s ass! You make money in this business by winning matches and by kicking people’s asses. So here’s another idea, why don’t you get off of the tricycle you’ve been riding since the start of your career, and actually focus on doing something successfully for once. I know you’re a little slow, so let me dumb this down for you; ignore the fans and beat people up! The only way that you are ever going to become one half of the FTW World Tag Team Champions is if you team up and listen to someone who actually has some brain cells in their head. The question isn’t whether I am with you or against you, the question is – are you going to actually follow the instructions given to you by your better?”

With that last comment, Lloyd has had all that he can take. He grabs Christian by the collar and pushes him back up against the wall of the locker room. Lloyd Shields gets ready to punch Christian, but instead grabs him by the collar again and tosses him towards the door of the locker room.

Lloyd Shields: “I’m done listening to your mouth, Christian. Tonight, I suggest you do what I tell you to do, because I’m certainly not going to listen to anything that comes out of your mouth. In fact, if you even so much as look at me funny inside of that steel cage, I’ll lay your ass out and continue the match by myself. You try and come off like some sort of big shot just because you were trained by the Conway family, but the truth is that you haven’t done a damn thing with your career. How about you actually try and do something impressive before you come in here and try to start trouble with me? Until then, I suggest you get out of my face.”

Christian Grenier pulls himself up off the ground and goes to say something, but instead turns and kicks open Lloyd’s door before storming out of his locker room.

In the Lords of Wrestling’s locker room, Alexander Ravensdale can be seen pacing back and forth on the carpet as Ethan O’Reilly looks to be pouting in a chair behind him as he watches Ravensdale’s movements. Ravensdale’s television title is (symbolically) sitting above the television that each locker room has. The FTW World Tag Team Championships are both lying on a table beside Ethan O’Reilly. Alexander stops his pacing and looks at Ethan O’Reilly.

Alexander Ravensdale: “What did it prove? What did Antonio prove by coming in at number thirty and eliminating me? He put forth no effort, showed no heart, and certainly didn’t prove that he deserved to be a champion! I entered that match at number one and I stayed in it until the end, only to be blindsided by that Italian idiot! I should still be the FTW World Heavyweight Champion! I should still be Full Throttle Wrestling’s first and only reigning Triple Crown champion! Antonio Del Veccio could never beat me in a match, the only reason he threw me out in the Royal Rumble match was because I had already outlasted twenty-eight other wrestlers and had been in the ring for over eighty minutes! I should be getting the first crack at Antonio, but instead of getting my rematch, I have to defend these tag team belts while Colton takes my opportunity. Of course, you and I are going to retain our titles, so why bother even having the match?”

Ethan O’Reilly: “You’re complaining because you lost? I should be the one complaining because this was my chance to show just how great I can be on my own! I eliminated Titan and Vincent Nothing, only to be screwed over by a commentator! A commentator! Oliver Evans cost me my opportunity to show what it is I actually bring to the table. So, unlike you, I am looking forward to this match. I relish the opportunity to kick Lloyd Shields’ and Christian Grenier’s asses. I am looking forward to showing the world how good the Lords of Wrestling are. Besides that, I look forward to putting down our impetuous student and his new friend.”

Ethan O’Reilly folds his arms over his chest, a smile drifting over his face as he thinks about the match later on tonight.

Alexander Ravensdale: “You know what? You’re right. I should look forward to tonight as another opportunity to show how good I am in that ring rather than just talk about it. And after we win here tonight, Adam Vogel will have no choice but to see how good I am and how deserving of my rematch I am, and then, he’ll have to give me my rematch! Antonio Del Veccio won’t be the champion for much longer; you have my word on that. Now come on Ethan, let’s go out there and defend our belts.”

Ethan O’Reilly nods and passes Alexander’s title to him before getting up and exiting the locker room with him as the scene fades.




Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match and will be held inside of a steel cage and it is for the FTW World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers, the team of Christian Grenier and Lloyd Shields!”

"Anthem For The Year 2000” by Silverchair blasts throughout the arena as the young Christian Grenier steps out of the backstage with the flag of Quebec in his hands. He stands on the ramp and hoists the flag into the air before giving it a few waves. He carries the flag down to the ring with him before sticking it into a turnbuckle. After climbing into the ring, Grenier tosses his sunglasses out of the ring to a ring hand before removing his coat and sending that down to the ring hand as well.

Slick Pelt’s "Danger” begins playing throughout the arena as Lloyd Shields walks to the ring. After entering the ring, Lloyd removes both his coat and hat before waiting for the match to start.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing the FTW World Tag Team Champions, Alexander Ravensdale and Ethan O’Reilly, The Lords of Wrestling!”

"Nightmare" by Avenged Sevenfold blares throughout the arena for a few moments before Alexander Conway steps onto the entrance ramp followed closely by Ethan O'Reilly. They look over the audience before exchanging a few words and then walking down to the ring. Alexander rolls into the ring as Ethan hands off his vest before also rolling into the ring. The two men begin to chat with each other while they wait for the bell to ring.

Dale McCoy: “Our tag team champions, Ravensdale and O’Reilly, have been very dominant so far in their run. Not only have they defeated some of the best teams in Full Throttle Wrestling, but they have held those titles since their inception.”

Oliver Evans: “They are our first champions, and so far, it looks like they’ll be staying that way.”

Dale McCoy: “But tonight may be their biggest challenge to date as both of the young men they are facing are very hungry. Their opponents are inexperienced, but they can both bring it in that ring. Christian Grenier was trained by the Conway family and even the two men he’ll be fighting tonight while Lloyd really took it to Ravensdale at Wrestletopia. I think that the champs will need to be on their A game for this one.”

Oliver Evans: “When aren’t our champs at their best? Besides, we’ve already seen some dissention between Grenier and Shields. I think that Ravensdale and O’Reilly will send this two packing in a good showing of their cohesion as a team.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Christian Grenier and Alexander Ravensdale are apparently going to be starting this match off. Ravensdale and Grenier lock up, but Ravensdale is quick to trip Grenier into the mat. Keeping a hold on the arm, Ravensdale pulls Grenier back up before twisting the arm around. Holding the twisted arm, Alexander slowly positions himself behind Grenier and applies a hammerlock!”

Oliver Evans: “It looks like Alexander will be bringing a more patient technical style to this cage. This is much different than what we’ve seen so far.”

Dale McCoy: “Grenier goes for an elbow, but Ravensdale ducks underneath it. While still holding the hammerlock, Ravensdale lifts Grenier into the air and slams him to the mat with a back suplex! Now that had to hurt Grenier’s arm!”

Oliver Evans: “Most certainly it did, Grenier landed on top of it after all.”

Dale McCoy: “Ravensdale pulls Grenier up and puts the arm behind him before driving him back and into the turnbuckle, squishing the arm behind Grenier and the pads! Ravensdale quickly takes the arm and wraps it around the ropes, pulling on it! Grenier, in pain, hits Ravensdale with a solid punch from his good arm that causes Ravensdale to stumble away from Grenier.”

Oliver Evans: “Grenier leaps and connects with a dropkick that knocks Ravensdale down before running over to his corner and slapping Lloyd Shields on the chest for the tag.”

Dale McCoy: “Lloyd Shields looks annoyed by the tag but enters the ring to face Ravensdale. Shields is quick to score with a kick to the gut before grabbing Ravensdale by the back of the head and running him to the side of the cage, but Ravensdale manages to send Lloyd into the side of the cage instead with a drop toe-hold!”

Oliver Evans: “There’s that counter ability of Alexander. You can never take this guy lightly because he will make you pay for it.”

Dale McCoy: “As Lloyd gets up, Ravensdale comes in for a dropkick, but Lloyd catches him and slams him to the mat with a powerbomb! Shields pulls Ravensdale back up before throwing him into the side of the cage with another powerbomb! Shields pulls Ravensdale onto his shoulders and goes for that F5, but Ravensdale manages to turn it around and counters with a DDT!”

Oliver Evans: “Ravensdale rolls over and tags in Ethan O’Reilly. O’Reilly hits Shields with a few punches before grabbing him by the wrist and sending him into the ropes with the irish whip. As Lloyd comes back, O’Reilly lifts him into the air before slamming him into the mat with a flapjack!”

Dale McCoy: “O’Reilly pulls Lloyd up and into the air before slamming him into the mat with a suplex. O’Reilly gets back up before running to the ropes and bouncing off of them before dropping a leg down across the throat of Shields. O’Reilly pulls Shields up, but Shields breaks his grip before lifting O’Reilly onto his shoulders! But O’Reilly manages to slide down Shields’ back before spinning Lloyd around, kicking him in the gut, and pulling him into the mat with a DDT!”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan O’Reilly again tries to pull Lloyd up, but Lloyd fights back with punches to the gut before working his way up and teeing off on Ethan with right hands to the jaw! Lloyd grabs Ethan and pulls him into a hard knee to the gut before throwing him chest-first into the turnbuckle!”

Dale McCoy: “As Ethan bounces out, Lloyd lifts him into the air and slams him to the mat with a back suplex! Lloyd quickly gets back up before dropping a big elbow down onto Ethan O’Reilly chest! Lloyd stays on top for the pin attempt!”

Michael Bull: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “But Ethan powers out at one. Lloyd pulls Ethan up before whipping him into the ropes. As Ethan comes back, Lloyd drops him with a big boot before going for another cover!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan pushes Lloyd off at two. Lloyd pulls Ethan onto his shoulders, but Ethan hits him with a few hard elbows before sliding down behind him. Ethan grabs Lloyd and pulls him to the mat with a neckbreaker before pulling Lloyd in and trying for a piledriver, but Lloyd back body drops him out of it!”

Oliver Evans: “Lloyd Shields walks over to Grenier and reaches for the tag, but Grenier walks away from it! Lloyd follows Grenier and grabs a hold of him before pulling him back over to their corner and slapping him on the chest for the tag. Lloyd flips Christian over the ropes and into the ring before exiting out.”

Dale McCoy: “Before Christian can do anything, Ethan O’Reilly takes him down with a huge spear! Ethan O'Reilly lifts Christian onto his shoulders before twisting and slamming Christian to the mat with the Excidio! O’Reilly pulls Grenier close to the turnbuckle as Ravensdale leaps off the turnbuckle and comes down on Grenier with the 630˚ Senton! Ravensdale quickly rolls to the apron as Ethan climbs onto the turnbuckle and leaps onto Grenier with the Incursio! Ethan hooks a leg for the cover!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall and STILL the FTW World Tag Team Champions, Alexander Ravensdale and Ethan O’Reilly, The Lords of Wrestling!”

Oliver Evans: “Like I said they would, Alexander and Ethan defeated the team of Christian and Lloyd in a strong showing due to their inability to work as a team.”

Dale McCoy: “That’s true; the win came as a direct result of Lloyd Shields tossing his own partner into the ring. If these two could have pulled themselves together to work as a unit, they may have been able to pick up the win here tonight.”

Oliver Evans: “I don’t think that that would have happened, but they could have at least prevented themselves from looking so terrible.”

As Oliver Evans is talking, Adam Vogel’s face appears on the titan tron.

Adam Vogel: “Hey Oliver, up here.”

Oliver Evans looks up to see Adam’s face and immediately looks nervous.

Oliver Evans: “Oh, uh…hey there…boss.”

Adam Vogel: “Oliver, I see that you’ve been enjoying your position at ringside lately, so much so that you’ve been actively interfering in my scheduled matches. But Oliver, if you wanted to do more than commentate, all you had to do was ask.”

Oliver Evans: “Now wait a minute, I’m not a wrestler! I like commentating, honestly! Dale is great!”

Dale McCoy looks over at his broadcast partner and shakes his head at his pleading.

Adam Vogel: “I understand, Oliver. I was nervous too when I first started trying to be a wrestler again after my stint as a commentator; I didn’t think I had the same skills that I once did. However, I proved myself wrong, which is what you will do at our next event. I suggest you find your old ring gear, Mr. Evans, because at our next event you will be wrestling against Ethan O’Reilly!”

Oliver Evans: “WHAT!?”

The fans cheer as Oliver reacts to the new with panic.

Adam Vogel: “Now, now, let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. While you will be facing Ethan, I am not cruel. I understand that you might be a bit rusty, so I’ve decided that you’ll have a tag team partner – Antonio Del Veccio! That’s right; this match will be a two on one handicap match for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! I just know that you’ll do great Oliver, I can’t wait.”

Oliver Evans stares at the tron, speechless, as he wonders about his future.
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Antonio Del Veccio stands before the camera holding his newly won FTW World Heavyweight Championship. Veccio stares into the camera before pulling his title off of his shoulder and holding it into the camera.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Colton, do you really think that you can defeat me for this? Do you really think that after being screwed time and time again by William LaCroix and by management that I will allow you to defeat me for this belt? For my belt?”

Antonio shakes his head in disgust.

Antonio Del Veccio: “No one is going to defeat me, Colton. You will be but the first to try to take my belt away, only to leave empty handed. My victory at FutureShock was indeed a shock. It was a shock that alerted you all to the dawning of a new era. The future, for you fans, looks great. For once, you have a truly qualified man as your FTW World Heavyweight Champion! For once, you have a man who can actually back up the things he says inside of the ring. For once, you have a man who is actually able to win consistently as your FTW World Heavyweight Champion, and trust me, it’s going to remain that way for a good, long time.”

Loud boos come from every direction as Antonio Del Veccio hypes himself up. Veccio ignores the crowd as he turns to look at the backstage of FTW.

Antonio Del Veccio: “You guys in the back may want to take notes, because I’m going to show you all what it really means to be a World Heavyweight Champion!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a steel cage match and it is for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing the FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Del Veccio!”

As "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall blasts throughout the arena, the Italian wrestler, Antonio Del Veccio, walks out onto the stage. He holds a finger into the air before walking down to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “So our new champion, Antonio Del Veccio, will be taking on C4 here tonight inside of a steel cage. Colton is accompanied by Paredyse will Antonio has been accompanied by Aaron Blake. Both men have someone out here with them for this one.”

Oliver Evans: “Why wouldn’t they? Our referees are scarily incompetent and need to be watched closely.”

Dale McCoy: “It’s more like they both want a man on the outside to discourage their opponent from exiting the cage, keeping him inside to try and prevent him from winning.”

Oliver Evans: “That’s called strategy.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell sounds, Antonio stoops down to talk to Blake through the cage, but Colton doesn’t give them long to talk before hitting Antonio on the back of the head with an elbow! Colton grabs Antonio and pushes him head-first into the cage wall before pulling him into the air for a back suplex before instead tossing him into the side of the cage!”

Oliver Evans: “Looks like Colton is very eager to have this match.”

Dale McCoy: “Colton pulls Antonio up before going for the suplex, but Antonio manages to land behind Colton and pull him into an inverted facelock, Antonio is going for the Arrivederci! But Colton manages to turn around and lift Antonio for another suplex, but this time Antonio manages to counter into a small package!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio almost managed to retain his title right there, but Colton gets the shoulder up before the three!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio kicks Colton in the gut as Colton gets up. Antonio pulls Colton to the ropes before grinding him eyes across them, temporary blinding him! While Colton can’t see, Antonio leaps into the air and knocks him down with a dropkick. With Colton down, Antonio climbs onto a turnbuckle before signaling to the crowd and coming down onto Colton with a very Macho elbow! Antonio hooks a leg for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “But Antonio barely gets a one count as Colton powers out. Antonio pulls him up and takes him over with a quick snap suplex.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio gets back up and begins stomping a mudhole into Colton before turning and bouncing off of the ropes before catching him with a hard kick to the face. Antonio pulls Colton into a headlock before running a short distance and driving his face into the mat with a running bulldog! Antonio turns Colton over and grabs a leg for another cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “But Antonio only scores a two count. Antonio grabs one of Colton’s legs, looking for the Match Killer, but Colton manages to yank Antonio in close before lifting him into the air and slamming him against the side of the cage before turning around and slamming him to the mat with the spinebuster! Colton goes for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “And it’s Antonio’s turn to kick out at two. Colton grabs Antonio and goes to whip him into the side of the cage, but Antonio with a drop step manages to turn it around and instead sends Colton into the steel! Colton hit it so hard that he went over the rope and fell in-between that and the cage! As Colton gets up, Antonio connects with the superkick!”

Oliver Evans: “Colton’s head just got squished between Antonio’s boot and the steel of the cage! That was an unforgiving maneuver!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton falls onto the top rope and hangs onto it. Antonio moves forward and grabs him before pulling Colton’s jaw down and onto his shoulder with a stunner! Colton slumps to the mat, allowing Antonio to stack him up and put his feet onto the ropes, which is unfortunately legal due to the nature of the cage!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “But Colton somehow manages to slip his shoulder off of the mat before the three! Antonio tries to pull Colton up, but Colton thrusts forward and stabs his shoulder into Antonio’s gut to take the wind out of him!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton grabs Antonio and lifts him into the side of the cage with a suplex! As Antonio falls to the mat, Colton also drops down to the canvas, looking to take this time to recover his wits after that superkick and stunner that he received from Antonio just a few moments ago!”

Oliver Evans: “Colton should really be trying to escape from the cage rather than be taking a chance to recover.”

Dale McCoy: “Both men work their way to their feet, but Antonio tries for another superkick on Colton who catches the kick! Colton spins Antonio away from him before driving Antonio into the mat with a full nelson slam! Colton pulls Antonio up and lifts him for a powerbomb. Colton slams Antonio’s face into the side of the cage before slamming him to the mat with the powerbomb! Stacking him up, Colton follows suit and puts his feet on the rope for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “And now it’s Antonio who somehow manages to slip his shoulder off of the mat before the three! Colton sends Antonio into the corner with an irish whip before running in after him, but Antonio hits him with an elbow before slamming Colton’s face into the turnbuckle pads.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio lifts Colton onto the turnbuckle before climbing up after him. The two men exchange blows before Colton manages to get the advantage and shove Antonio back down to the mat. Antonio quickly gets back to his feet before Colton can jump and pushes Colton’s legs out from under him, crotching him onto the turnbuckle.”

Oliver Evans: “Now that had to hurt! It looks like Colton won’t be getting laid for a long while!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio climbs onto the turnbuckle and slams Colton’s head against the steel before jumping back, pulling Colton face-first into the mat with a super facebuster!”

Oliver Evans: “What a move! Both men felt that!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio slowly rolls Colton over before hooking a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Colton gets the shoulder up before the count of three! Antonio doesn’t understand how that happened!”

Dale McCoy: “Aaron Blake can’t believe it either. As Antonio gets off of Colton, Aaron Blake tosses a pair of brass knuckles over the cage and into Antonio’s hands! Antonio wraps the knucks around his hand before going for a punch on a dazed Colton, but Colton manages to duck under the fist! As Antonio turns around, Colton kicks him in-between the legs!”

Oliver Evans: “Completely legal in this match. Antonio drops the brass knuckles onto the mat due to the pain, and Colton collects them! Colton puts them on his hand before taking a shot at Antonio, but Antonio ducks underneath it and Colton lays out the referee!”

Dale McCoy: “Still holding his groin, Antonio tries to escape from the cage, but Colton grabs him and pulls him back into the ring before punching him in the face with those brass knuckles, knocking Antonio out! Colton climbs on top of Antonio for the cover, but the referee is out! Michael Bull, deciding that he’s not going to let this go to waste, opens the cage door and climbs in to make a count, but Aaron Blake follows him in and dives into Colton to break up the attempted pin!”

Oliver Evans: “As Blake hammers on Colton with forearm strikes, Paredyse runs into the cage and hits him from behind! Paredyse strikes Blake with a series of punches that causes Blake to tumble out of the cage and to the floor, and Paredyse follows!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio’s regained his senses and is crawling to the door! He’s trying to get out of the cell! Paredyse sees this and goes for the door, but is still tussling with Aaron Blake! Paredyse doesn’t see Colton stick his head out of the cage as he struggles to bring Antonio back in, and Paredyse slams the cage into Colton’s head, knocking him out!”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse looks shocked by what he just did, but I don’t see why since he hates Colton! Before Paredyse can recover from his shock, Aaron Blake grabs him from behind and whips him into the side of the cage!”

Dale McCoy: “Meanwhile, inside of the ring, Antonio has grabbed Colton from behind and pulled him into an inverted facelock. Antonio spins under Colton while holding the facelock, twisting Colton’s face into the mat with the Arrivederci! Antonio scrambles onto Colton for the cover!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall and STILL the FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Del Veccio!”

Oliver Evans: “And there we go! Antonio Del Veccio, like the true star that he is, has managed to defend his title in a hard fought battle against Colton Charles Cai Cobb here tonight.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio did defeat Colton, but not without help. Once again, Antonio has proved that he can’t get the job done on his own. But more importantly, he’s shown that he isn’t willing to give Alexander Ravensdale a rematch by facing Colton here tonight. What will happen next week when Ethan gets a crack at Antonio? I’m afraid we’ll have to wait to find out. Until then, I’m Dale McCoy.”

Oliver Evans: “And I’m Oliver Evans, saying so long.”
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Caged Rage (April 29, 2012)
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