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 Full Throttle Wrestling - The Showcase (August 26, 2012)

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - The Showcase (August 26, 2012)   Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:51 pm

Dale McCoy: "Hello folks and welcome to The Showcase! Tonight is going to be a hectic night as we have a great card lined up for you!"

Pendelton: "Indeed we do. I heard talk that Antonio Del Veccio will be holding another open challenge here tonight for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship, and not only that, but the Television title will also be on the line."

Dale McCoy: "Ethan O'Reilly is also looking for a partner to help him get revenge on both Treachery and William LaCroix. What's more, we have a mystery wrestler debuting here tonight as well."

Pendelton: "Honestly Dale, I'm just too excited to wait any longer! Let's get this action rolling!"

At a table in his locker room, The Executive Brooklyn Producer can be seen playing Yu-Gi-Oh against himself using two separate decks. Looking up at the camera, the Brooklyn Producer begins to speak.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “Last week I was cheated by the devious Oliver Evans, as everyone who loses to him must, since that is the only way that commentator can beat anyone. But that is in the past, and here I am focusing on the future!”

As he says that, the Executive Brooklyn Producer makes a sacrificial summon for one of his decks.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “You see, tonight, I have to face someone mysterious. I have to fight the unknown when I step into the ring. Elizabeth Archer is one thing, but an unknown variable that even intimidates her is another. I can research Elizabeth, I have watched her before, but someone unexpected is an impossible task to prepare for with tapes. That’s why I am here playing this children’s card game!”

The Producer lays down a face-down spell or trap as he says that.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “I’m working on my strategy for tonight through the ingenious tools of card games! Traps, spells, monsters! There are so many variables that work with the life of a wrestler. If I can defeat myself here in this battle, I am sure that I can defeat whoever Elizabeth lines up for me here tonight!”

A sigh is heard from the cameraman at the ridiculousness of that statement as The Executive Brooklyn Producer uses his summoned monster to attack the face-down monster. The Executive reaches across the table to the trap and spells section and flips over the card there, revealing a magic cylinder. With a sigh, the Executive drops his cards.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “How am I ever going to defeat a mystery opponent if I can’t even win a children’s card game!”

The Producer’s head hangs in shame as the cameraman sighs again.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW Television Championship! Introducing first, The Executive Brooklyn Producer!”

"BROOKLYN RAGE~!" by LittleKuriboh begins playing as The Executive Brooklyn Producer walks onto the stage. A fan yells out "OH MAH GOD! IT'S POKERFACE BY LADY GAGA!" This prompts The Executive Brooklyn Producer to walk over to the fan and channel Achmed the Dead Terrorist. "SILENCE!....I KEEL YOU!" The Executive Brooklyn Producer then puts on a smile and waves at the other fans in attendance as the lyrics for the song start running. After a few seconds of waving, The Executive Brooklyn Producer walks down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, uh…”

Hollywood Undead’s “My Town” begins playing throughout the arena as Elizabeth steps out onto the entrance ramp. She turns her back to the ring and bends over, giving the audience a view of her before looking back and giving them a wink. After the seductive display, Elizabeth saunters down to the ring and takes the microphone off of Taryn Shay. Looking towards the backstage, Elizabeth begins to speak.

Elizabeth Archer: “Boys, it’s time you learn who’s number one around here – Hugo!”

At her call, a giant hulking man comes running down the entrance ramp before sliding into the ring. He tries to go after The Producer, but Elizabeth tells him to wait until the bell sounds before exiting the ring and walking to the commentators’ desk.

Dale McCoy: “Uh, I guess we’re going to be joined on commentary by Elizabeth Archer. This could be interesting, Pendelton.”

Pendelton: “Could be? Could be!? Give the girl some credit, Dale! This is Elizabeth Archer we’re talking about; there is nothing else that this can be other than interesting.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Aww! Pendelton, you flatter me! So, you two see the monster that I have brought to Full Throttle Wrestling, but are you ready to witness what he can do in the ring?”

Dale McCoy: “I think I can speak for Pendelton when I say that we’re looking forward to it. However, this is a huge mismatch! Hugo makes The Executive Brooklyn Producer look like a midget in comparison!”

Pendelton: “I want something answered before this match starts. Elizabeth, why did you give up your successful career to manage this guy? Furthermore, where in the hell did you even find this guy?”

Elizabeth Archer: “I am not done wrestling, Pendelton. I am on a hiatus so that I may focus on refining the…most brutish parts of Hugo’s wrestling. And to your second question, I found Hugo Andore in Germany. This man was quite impressive, as he easily dominated twenty other men. But like I said, once Hugo learns how to be more tactful in his approach, I shall begin wrestling again.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As soon as the bell sounds, Hugo charges into EBP with a humongous clothesline that flips the much smaller wrestler completely around! That was a insane display of just simple brute strength!”

Pendelton: “It doesn’t look like Hugo is done with that alone! He’s lifting the near life-less Producer above his head in the gorilla press…and he just tossed him to the other side of the ring!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Well, this is a disappointment. This man couldn’t even take one of my Hugo’s moves. How is Hugo supposed to enjoy himself if they lose this quickly?”

Dale McCoy: “It looks like Hugo is enjoying himself just fine regardless! The giant man is grabbing The Producer by the throat…and he lifts him into the air before tossing him into the corner. Hugo charges in and practically squashes The Producer in the corner with his massive frame!”

Pendelton: “Before The Producer can stumble out of the corner, Hugo grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air. Choking him in mid-air, Hugo turns to face the center of the ring before slamming him to the mat with a chokeslam. Instead of going for the pin, Hugo lifts EBP back up before grabbing him by the throat with both hands and slamming him to the mat with another chokeslam!”

Elizabeth Archer: “The power of Hugo is simply too much for this lamb. Hugo has him covered and you know that that will be it.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, Hugo Andore!”

Dale McCoy: “I don’t believe this match, Hugo cut through The Executive Brooklyn Producer like he was nothing but paper! This man is a genetic freak! I have no doubts in my mind about the force he will be here in Full Throttle Wrestling.”

Pendelton: “It would be hard for anyone to say that that display wasn’t impressive. Hugo has some freakish strength, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we see him as champ in the coming months. Hell, he could have won this match after just that opening clothesline!”

Elizabeth Archer: “I’m glad to see that you two are impressed with my Hugo. Too bad about this lamb, maybe next time Hugo can show you more against an opponent who can actually take a move or two from Hugo.”

Dale McCoy: “If this is just the beginning of what Hugo is capable of, I shudder to think of what more we will see. This man is a terror.”

Pendelton: “So…Hugo’s only aspirations here in Full Throttle Wrestling are to better himself by facing good competition?”

Elizabeth Archer: “Not good competition, Hugo needs the best competition. He needs people who can actually test him, not lambs like this man. But don’t worry, Hugo will be the World Champion soon enough. As for me, I need to go, ciao!”
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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - The Showcase (August 26, 2012)   Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:55 pm

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the crowd sees a silhouette of a man under the haze of smoke slowly walk out of the entrance tunnel as a light show kicks-off. Colton Charles Cai Cobb takes a deep breath as he steps out from the smoke and scans the crowd who look upon the return of the prodigal wrestler with uncertainty. Making his way down the ramp, it is clear that the once arrogant wrestler is a different man. His hair unkempt, his beard unshaven, his body covered with bruises albeit some are already well on their way to disappearing. A mic is handed to him as he enters the ring.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "I have been absent for far too long..."

The man known as C4 observes the silent gazes cast upon his muscled frame. A slow smile spreads across his lips.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "I have actually missed the boos of contempt that accompanies my entrance every time I entered the squared circle. Where have I been? What have I been doing? Be patient and those questions shall be answered shortly."

Using his other hand to swipe a loose lock of hair back, Colton Charles Cai Cobb takes a melancholic breath before he continues...

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "My consecutive losses here in FTW has given me realization... Realization of how far I have fallen, realization that I who once can challenge the gods have become but a common thug. That's right, a thug who starts fights in bars, a thug who bound others into servitude... But it all changes today."

Pausing for a moment, C4 smiles as he knows he has captured the crowd's full attention now.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "I have been too distracted wanting instant glory foregoing excellence, foregoing perfection... Thus I have made a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to help me find myself as a warrior, as a wrestler, AS A MAN! And I have found my answer. Yes, I am not the arrogant bastard you all know me like before... I AM WORSE!"

A big grin is seen on the ragged wrestler's face as gasps from the crowd is heard.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "What? You all think that I will change into a little goody two shoes? Think again... I have found my focus again, focus which was forged with sweat, broken bones and blood. Thus be prepared to see a new C4 in the ring. I cast away my old self and bring you all FIRE!"

The ring posts suddenly ignite shooting flames upwards as the crowd jump back in surprise.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Oh... And one more thing... Since I am casting away the past... Paredyse... If you are tuning in right now, you are released from servitude... Why you ask? Simple... You are a reminder of the old me, the weak me who thinks that having a servant would elevate my stature but really it is just a shackle which impeded my rise to godhood. So watch and be awed at the spectacle you will bear witness to, the excellence and perfection of wrestling... COLTON CHARLES CAI COBB HAS RETURNED!"

The arrogant wrestler drops the mic as the crowd starts to boo loudly remembering their hatred for C4. He smiles to himself as he exits the ring and walks back up the ramp making his exit as Bond's "Explosive" begins to play again muttering under his breath as he smiles...

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "It's good to be back.!"

The shiny Television Championship greets the camera as the scene opens. The camera slowly pans out to show the title sitting on the shoulder of Michael Jones, the new FTW Television Champion.

Michael Jones: “Last show, I got revenge on my brother for betraying me when I came out and took his prized Television Championship from him on the SAME night that he won this title. However, Shiloh isn’t the only one who deserved to be beaten. Colton Charles Cai Cobb, like the egotistical prick that he is, has hurt my friend. He hurt Paredyse both physically and mentally, and it’s about damn time that someone makes him pay for it. Tonight, Colton gets a shot at my Television Championship, but if he thinks he’s going to win this belt, he’s sadly mistaken.”

Michael shakes his head at the thought of Colton winning.

Michael Jones: “You see, the only thing that Colton can look forward to is being embarrassed in his big return match. He hyped himself up by talking about how much more focused he was before blaming Paredyse for his failures, but what we really now is that Colton is still the same failure that he was before. The only difference between then and now is that he will no longer get the opportunity to blame Paredyse for his failures. And trust me; he’s going to have a lot of failures.”

Michael points towards the ground.

Michael Jones: “Starting here tonight. Colton, I am going to beat you clean in the middle of that ring to not only shut you up, but to get a measure of revenge for the abuse and the hell that you put Paredyse through. Not only that, but you tossed him aside when you were done abusing him with hardly a thought! Prepare to get an asskicking Colton, because that’s the only possible outcome here tonight. I stand by my friends, and you decided to spit on that bond.”

With a gesture, Michael signals that this interview is over before turning and walking down the hallway.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, the FTW Television Champion, Michael Jones!”

Alkaline Trio's "Fall Victim" plays as Michael Jones walks to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “For some very odd reason, upon returning to Full Throttle Wrestling, Colton was placed at the front of the line for a shot at the FTW Television Championship. I don’t really see the reasoning behind this.”

Pendelton: “Neither do I, as he certainly didn’t earn it. However, we don’t usually hand out Television title shots based on wins over losses. The title shots are generally random; I mean really, how else could someone like Jefferson Saint get a shot at the belt?”

Dale McCoy: “I guess you’re right, but I would think that Colton shouldn’t be eligible for a shot since he decided to depart for a while. This title shot could have gone to literally anyone else and it would have probably been more valid.”

Pendelton: “It doesn’t really matter, Dale. As long as we see a good match here, I will at least be happy with the situation.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “And the two men are off! Michael and Colton are exchanging blows in the center of the ring, but this may not favor Michael who is the smaller man. Colton already starts to take the advantage with a few unanswered shots, but Michael tries to stop the momentum with a kick to the gut.”

Pendelton: “But Colton saw that coming and caught the kick. Colton kicks Michael on the back of the thigh before knocking him down with a clothesline. Colton waits for Michael to get up before whipping him into the ropes.”

Dale McCoy: “But Michael handsprings into the ropes before bouncing back and leaping back, grabbing Colton and pulling him face-first into the mat with a cutter! That’s the move that helped him defeat Shiloh Jones for the title! Michael hooks both of Colton’s legs, could this already be it?”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Pendelton: “That move almost landed Michael the victory, but Colton managed to push him off before the three. This match is already going badly for Colton.”

Dale McCoy: “Michael waits for Colton to get up before grabbing Colton by the head and going for the Paroxysm, but Colton’s hand latches onto the nearby rope to block the move! Before Michael can get up, Colton connects with a hard kick to the face.”

Pendelton: “Colton yanks Michael to his feet before going for an irish whip, but thinking better of it this time, Colton instead cuts Michael off early with a knee to the gut. Suplex from Colton puts Michael to the mat!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael clutches at his back as he gets to his feet, but Colton is quick to lift him into the air and slam him to the mat with a back suplex. Colton gets back up before driving an elbow down and into the chest of Michael. Colton hooks a leg.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Pendelton: “Michael kicks out at one despite Colton’s efforts. Colton uses the movements of Michael to his advantage and soon has the smaller competitor in a sleeper hold.”

Dale McCoy: “Colton tries to keep Michael grounded with the sleeper hold, but Michael forces his way up to his feet before pulling Colton down into a jawbreaker to escape the hold! With Colton stunned, Michael catches him with a kick to the gut before driving him to the mat with a DDT!”

Pendelton: “Michael hops back onto his feet before climbing onto the turnbuckle, but before he can go for the Screaming Soul, Colton pushes his legs out from under him and Michael falls onto the turnbuckle before falling to the mat. Colton smells blood and dives on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “So close, but Michael manages to grab the bottom rope! Colton looks annoyed that his opponent would use the ropes to get out of a pinning situation and immediately pulls the arm away from the ropes before locking Michael Jones into a crossface!”

Pendelton: “Michael claws at Colton’s arm with his free hand before reaching out towards the ropes, but he is a short distance away. Gritting his teeth, Michael thrusts his lower half towards the ropes, slowly moving toward the ropes before reaching out and grabbing them.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton almost got disqualified there, but it doesn’t look like he minds. He quickly locks back on the crossface as soon as the referee quits counting! Michael grabs the rope again to force another break.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Pendelton: “Colton again hangs on until the last millisecond before releasing the hold and giving Michael a hard smack on the face for getting to the ropes and using them to break the hold.”

Dale McCoy: “Colton grabs Michael by the leg and pulls him to the center of the ring before again applying the crossface. But Jones claws at Colton’s hands with his free hand and draws blood! Colton releases the crossface and begins pelting Jones with punches to the head for that!”

Pendelton: “I guess he was not too pleased with that kind of escape from Michael. Colton stops beating the hell out of Michael and finally pulls him up before whipping him into the corner.”

Dale McCoy: “Colton charges in at Michael, but Michael gets both feet up and into Colton’s jaw! Colton stumbles back, giving Michael some room. As Colton turns back around, Michael charges out of the corner and drives a shoulder into Colton’s midsection with a spear!”

Pendelton: “But Michael is slow to go into the cover after being disorientated by that beating he received from Colton! Michael finally crawls on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Michael took way too much time to get into the cover and Colton manages to kick out at two. Michael looks towards the turnbuckle before going over and climbing onto it. This didn’t work the first time, but maybe it’ll work this time.”

Pendelton: “Michael again goes for the Screaming Soul, but Colton dodges out of the way! Michael slams on the mat and Colton quickly turns him over and locks him into the RDX!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael Jones tries to pull Colton towards the ropes, but Colton is just way too large for Michael to do it! Michael holds his hand in the air, but manages to keep from tapping out! Wait a second, Paredyse just ran down to the ring and hopped onto the apron to get the referee’s attention!”

Pendelton: “Michael Jones is tapping out to the RDX, but the referee is too distracted to notice! Michael keeps tapping as Colton keeps the hold locked on.”

Dale McCoy: “But Colton’s noticed Paredyse! Colton releases Michael and goes over to deal with the situation. Colton throws the referee out of the way before grabbing Paredyse by the throat. Wait…the referee is signaling for the bell!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via disqualification and STILL the FTW Television Champion, Michael Jones!”

Pendelton: “Colton was DQed for throwing the referee to the mat and you can tell that he’s not happy with that! Colton flips Paredyse into the ring before practically taking his head off with a big clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse tries to get back up and fight, but Colton kicks him in the gut before lifting him into the air and slamming him face-first to the mat with the Ground Zero! Colton quickly rolls onto Paredyse’s back and grabs both of his arms before pulling them across the neck with the RDX! Paredyse is in big trouble here!”

Pendelton: “If someone doesn’t do something to help, Paredyse is going to be blackening out here soon. C4 continues to wrench the arms back against the neck as Paredyse starts to pass out, but Michael Jones comes flying in with a dropkick to Colton’s face to break it up!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael stays on the attack, but Colton manages to power through his punches and throw Michael over the ropes to the floor. Colton quickly hops out of the ring before grabbing Michael and running him into the metal ring post! Colton pulls Michael back up before turning and running him through the steel steps!”

Pendelton: “As Colton turns back around, Paredyse dives into him with the suicide dive! Paredyse stomps on Colton a few times before going to check on Michael. While Paredyse does that, Colton reaches under the ring and gets a steel chair!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton just slammed that chair down onto the back of Paredyse’s head! With Paredyse down, Colton continues to beat him with the steel chair!”

Pendelton: “Alright, this has gone on long enough.”

Dale McCoy: “Pendelton, where are you going? Pendelton just left the announce table and is grabbing Colton! He’s spun him around and is telling him to leave. Colton starts to back off and Pendelton checks on Paredyse’s condition, but Colton takes advantage with a chair shot to the back of Pendelton! This is disgusting!”

Dale McCoy takes off his headset and quickly runs over to Colton as his lifts the chair for a second swing on Pendelton. Before Colton can swing down, Dale grabs the chair and tries to tear it out of Colton’s hands, but Colton turns and kicks Dale in the gut before pulling the chair out of his grip and slamming the chair onto Dale’s back. With all the men laid out around him, Colton drops the chair and poses as the scene fades to a crescendo of boos.
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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - The Showcase (August 26, 2012)   Mon Aug 27, 2012 5:59 pm




Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW World Tag Team Championships! Introducing first, the challengers, the team of Ethan O’Reilly and Ace Hawkins!”

"Living in Dog Years" by Neurotica begins playing throughout the arena as Ethan O'Reilly steps out onto the ramp. He looks over those in attendance before dismissing their existence and walking towards the ring. After rolling into the ring, Ethan takes off his silver vest and hands it to a ring hand before awaiting the start of the match.

"Outrage" by Capital Lights begins playing throughout the arena as Ace Hawkins steps out onto the entrance ramp. Walking to the center of the ramp, he stops for a moment before throwing his arms out wide as a volley of pyrotechnics explode behind him. As they subside, the young man begins walking towards the ring, slapping the hands of any fan who reaches out to him. When he arrives at ringside, he hops onto the ring apron before hopping over the top-rope. He climbs onto a turnbuckle to strike a quick pose for the fans.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing the opponents, the FTW World Tag Team Champions, the team of Dmitry Petrovich and William LaCroix, Treachery!”

Svyaschennaya Voyna, composed by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, plays throughout the arena as Dmitry Petrovich and William LaCroix step out onto the ramp followed closely by their manager, Aaron Blake. Dmitry ignores the audience completely as he walks down to the ring. After climbing into the ring, Dmitry waits patiently for the bell to ring as Aaron Blake gives him some last minute advice.

Luke Forrester: “Hello folks. I am Luke Forrester and alongside me as the temporary commentary team for the rest of this show is Elizabeth Archer.”

Elizabeth Archer: “That’s right, after Colton’s attack on the announcers and those two lambs, Adam Vogel asked me to come back out here to lend my expertise to the commentary.”

Luke Forrester: “Colton’s actions were strongly reminiscent to his actions in our first events. Colton is a dangerous fellow and it looks like he’s back on track and back to being a real threat to the people who work here.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Who cares about Colton? You call him dangerous, but he is nothing but another lamb for Hugo to crush.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Luke Forrester: “As the match begins, Ace Hawkins and William LaCroix exit to the outside. Ethan indicates that he wants William to start this match off with him, but Dmitry responds with a hard punch to the jaw and the two begin exchanging!”

Elizabeth Archer: “These are actually two very enticing men. I would like to see them against Hugo; maybe they could give him an actual challenge.”

Luke Forrester: “Dmitry starts to edge out Ethan in the battle of punches, only to receive a solid kick to the gut. Ethan pulls Dmitry into a headlock before running forward for a bulldog, but Dmitry pushes him off and into the ropes. As Ethan comes back, Dmitry knocks him down with a shoulder block.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Ethan is getting back up after that move at least. He’s not an Executive Brooklyn Producer, that’s for sure.”

Luke Forrester: “But as Ethan gets up he gets put back down with another shoulder block. Ethan gets back up again, and this time catches the oncoming Dmitry with a kick to the gut before elbowing him on the back of the head. Ethan hits him with a couple more elbows before pulling Dmitry to the mat with a side Russian legsweep.”

Elizabeth Archer: “As Ethan gets up, Dmitry also gets right back to his feet, much to the surprise of Ethan. O’Reilly again kicks Dmitry in the gut before grabbing his head and kneeing it repeatedly!”

Luke Forrester: “As Ethan finishes with a series of knees, he twists Dmitry into the mat with a neckbreaker. Ethan quickly tags in Ace Hawkins before dropping a knee onto Dmitry’s face and rolling out of the ring. Hawkins quickly leaps onto the ropes before flipping and landing back-first onto Dmitry before hooking the leg.”

Michael Bull: “One…”

Elizabeth Archer: “Dmitry makes the kickout look easy. Ace Hawkins kicks Dmitry in the face before spinning and landing across Dmitry’s neck with a legdrop! Ace hooks the leg again.”

Michael Bull: “One…”

Luke Forrester: “Dmitry again kicks out at two. Ace Hawkins waits for Dmitry to get up before going for the Ace Crusher, but Dmitry shoves him hard into his corner. Dmitry comes charging in, but Ace moves out of the way while making a tag to Ethan. Ethan connects with a hard punch to Dmitry’s face as Dmitry stumbles back and into a neckbreaker from Ace Hawkins!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Ethan quickly climbs onto the top rope before leaping for that Incursio of his, but Dmitry manages to get both knees up to block it! That really must have hurt Ethan O’Reilly!”

Luke Forrester: “Dmitry grabs Ethan and lifts him into the air before body slamming him into the corner! Dmitry drags Ethan to his corner before making the tag to William LaCroix. The two men lift Ethan up with a double suplex before throwing him forward and into the gourdbuster! William rolls Ethan over for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Elizabeth Archer: “But Ethan kicks out at two. LaCroix pulls Ethan to his feet before pulling him into a hard clothesline. LaCroix waits for Ethan to get up again before taking him back down to the mat with a discus clothesline.”

Luke Forrester: “LaCroix pulls Ethan back up before hitting him with a European uppercut and quickly following it up by lifting Ethan up and slamming him onto a knee with a backbreaker. LaCroix holds Ethan down for a cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Elizabeth Archer: “But Ethan again kicks out at two. LaCroix lifts Ethan onto his shoulders, but Ethan fights out of it with elbows. Landing behind LaCroix, Ethan turns and runs to the ropes before bouncing off of them and spearing LaCroix! Ethan hooks a leg.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Thr…”

Luke Forrester: “But Dmitry jumps in to make the save. Both Ethan and William work their way back to their feet. LaCroix goes for a clothesline, but Ethan ducks underneath it before catching LaCroix with a jumping reverse roundhouse kick! Ethan drags LaCroix to his corner before tagging Ace Hawkins.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Hawkins pulls himself over the ropes and corkscrews down onto Ethan, hooking a leg upon landing.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Luke Forrester: “But this time, LaCroix kicks out at two. Ace Hawkins waits for LaCroix to get to his feet before jumping into the air and grabbing LaCroix with a three-quarter facelock before pulling LaCroix face-first into the mat with the Ace Crusher! Ace Hawkins goes for the cover, but the referee is distracted by Aaron Blake!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Ace Hawkins gets up and goes to try and get the referee’s attention, but Aaron refuses to get down. Dmitry Petrovich enters the ring looking to take a cheap shot on Hawkins, but Ethan charges across the ring and takes him out with a spear!”

Luke Forrester: “Seeing LaCroix get up, Aaron Blake hops off of the ring apron. As Ace Hawkins turns around, LaCroix leaps into the air and nearly takes his head off with the Riot Run! LaCroix hooks the leg.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall and STILL the FTW World Tag Team Champions, Dmitry Petrovich and William LaCroix, Treachery!”

Elizabeth Archer: “With devious ploys, Treachery managed to hang onto the titles here tonight, and you see the anger in Ethan’s eyes.”

Luke Forrester: “Ethan was betrayed by William LaCroix, who costed Ethan his title, so it’s only reasonable to assume that Ethan really wanted to get his revenge here tonight by winning this match. Unfortunately, Aaron Blake was here to earn his keep.”

Elizabeth Archer: “If Ethan O’Reilly had picked a more experienced partner for this match, he may have managed to come out on top, but Ace Hawkins allowed himself to be distracted by Aaron Blake and it cost him.”

Luke Forrester: “There are plenty of things that can go wrong in a wrestling ring, and Aaron Blake only adds to that. As long as Treachery members have Aaron Blake hanging around at ringside, they have a good chance to win no matter the situation.”

In the middle of the ring stands the FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Del Veccio. Holding the title in the air, Antonio receives an astronomical amount of boos as the audience tries to get him to just leave, but this only serves to make Antonio smile. Setting the title on a shoulder, Antonio begins to speak into a microphone that he was holding.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Positive eight. Positive eight is my current ranking here in Full Throttle Wrestling. This ranking puts me ahead of all but two other wrestlers in this company. Ever since winning the FTW World Heavyweight Championship that should have been mine all along, I have put down every single challenger that has tried to take my title from me.”

Antonio looks around at the booing audience before continuing.

Antonio Del Veccio: “So here we are again at another Pay-Per-View. Once again, the true champion of the World will defend his title against anyone delusional enough to come out here and try to take it. So, who’s it going to be this time? Who wants to come out here and try to make a name for themselves at my expense? Who wants to lose their job when I defeat them in the center of this very ring? Come on, I know there are a lot of you in the back that make questionable decisions on a regular basis, get out here and make another one of those so that I can send you packing out of my company like I did Christian Grenier and Lloyd Shields.”

Suddenly, the titantron comes to life, showing the face of Adam Vogel.

Adam Vogel: “Antonio, I can’t let this little challenge of yours continue. Too many talented members of the Full Throttle Wrestling roster have lost their jobs due to this stipulation, so tonight it comes to an end. You want an opponent? I’ll be your opponent. However, since I am the owner of Full Throttle Wrestling, I have decided that if you lose here tonight, that you will be released from Full Throttle Wrestling. What’s the matter Antonio? Don’t like being on the end of your own stipulation? I am not a coward though, so if by some chance you manage to defeat me here tonight Antonio, I will transfer ownership of this company to a person of your choosing.”

Antonio goes to speak as some of the audience boos, but Adam continues.

Adam Vogel: “Whether you like it or not, this match is happening here tonight. Not only is this match happening, but to be sure that you can’t take the easy way out, the title can change hands both count out and disqualification here tonight. There is no running and there is no cheating Antonio, you will have to actually win this match if you want to keep your title. I’ll see you in the ring, Antonio.”

With that, the titantron flicks off.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Adam Vogel!”

"Time to Shine" by Saliva blasts over the speakers as Adam Vogel steps out from the back. He looks over the audience in attendance before smiling to himself, knowing that he's the reason those asses are in the seats. He walks down to the ring before sliding in and waiting for the start of the match.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, the FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Del Veccio!”

As "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall blasts throughout the arena, the Italian wrestler, Antonio Del Veccio, walks out onto the stage. He holds a finger into the air before walking down to the ring.

Luke Forrester: “We have a big match here folks as the wait is over! Adam Vogel, the owner of this company, will do battle with the current champion, Antonio Del Veccio! Can you imagine Adam Vogel being the champion of his federation?”

Elizabeth Archer: “I can imagine it; Adam Vogel is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, even at his age! Adam can move and wrestle as if he were still in his twenties. I think Antonio wasn’t aware of what he was getting into.”

Luke Forrester: “Not many members of the FTW roster know that Vogel still wrestles in Japan and they certainly don’t know how good he is right now. Looking at him, you’d think he was like Ric Flair toward the end of his WWE career.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Before the match with Shawn Michaels though, obviously. It’s worth noting though that both Aaron Blake and William LaCroix are out here.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Luke Forrester: “The bell sounds as Adam Vogel warns Aaron Blake of his position. With his back turned to Antonio, he doesn’t see him coming in, but Vogel must hear him because Vogel moves and lets Antonio run right into the corner!”

Elizabeth Archer: “That was a very stupid mistake from the champion.”

Luke Forrester: “As Antonio bounces out of the corner, Adam lifts him into the air and slams him on the turnbuckle with a back suplex! As Antonio falls to the mat, Adam climbs onto the turnbuckle before leaping off for a big legdrop!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Adam doesn’t go for the cover and instead runs to the ropes before bouncing off of them and coming back for a running senton on Antonio! Adam hooks a leg here.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Luke Forrester: “Antonio kicks out at two, prompting Adam to keep him down with a knee drop to the face. Adam gets back up only to drop another knee onto Antonio’s jaw. Getting back up, Adam drops a third knee onto him before pulling Antonio up and pushing him into the ropes.”

Elizabeth Archer: “As Antonio bounces off of the ropes, Adam flips him to the mat with the hip toss before cartwheeling in front of Antonio and connecting with a dropkick. That was a tidy combination from Adam, who is now going for another cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Luke Forrester: “But Antonio again pushes Adam off of him at two. Adam Vogel lifts Antonio into the air before dropping him to the mat with the gourdbuster. Antonio rolls towards the ropes after the move as Adam follows. As Adam gets close though, Antonio kicks his knee out from underneath him.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Antonio baited him in and he fell for it. That’s a bit uncharacteristic of Adam Vogel. He may be underestimating him a little.”

Luke Forrester: “Vogel tries to get back up, but Antonio again goes low and takes out the leg with a dropkick. Antonio is quick to grab the leg and try to lock in a figure four, but Vogel pushes him off with the free leg. Vogel gets to his feet as Antonio turns around and takes him down with a big clothesline.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Vogel pulls Antonio up and sends him into the corner with an irish whip before running in after him, but Antonio dives forward and drives his shoulder into the knee! Did you see the way Adam’s face bounced off of the second pad?”

Luke Forrester: “Antonio takes advantage of the dazed Adam to lock in a figure four leglock! Adam Vogel yells out in pain, but he certainly isn’t going to tap out like Antonio wants. Antonio will need to do a lot more damage if he wants someone like Adam to tap out. Adam pushes on the mat and turns himself over, despite Antonio’s attempts to keep him in the hold.”

Elizabeth Archer: “With the pressure now reversed, it looks like Antonio is the one in danger now. But Antonio, the crafty little man, manages to slips out of the reverse figure four.”

Luke Forrester: “The two men get to their feet, but as Antonio turns around, boot meets face as the Vogel Boot connects! Antonio drops to the mat after that one and Adam hooks the leg for the possible pinfall.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Elizabeth Archer: “But it isn’t enough as Antonio again kicks out at two. Adam waits and measures as Antonio gets to his feet. Adam bounces off the ropes and goes for the Vogel Kick, but Antonio sidesteps it!”

Luke Forrester: “Antonio didn’t just sidestep it, he caught the kick! Antonio’s turning him over and has him locked into an ankle lock! What a counter that was! Vogel is yelling out in pain, but he isn’t looking like he’s going to tap out.”

Elizabeth Archer: “Antonio’s only error here is that he worked over the knee, not the ankle. This move isn’t exploited an already injured portion of the body, but this will help the Match Killer as the knee and the ankle will be injured for it.”

Luke Forrester: “Adam Vogel puts all his weight on his hands as he lifts his free leg and uses it to break the ankle lock! Vogel is quick to get on his feet and spring around for a huge enzuigiri that knocks Antonio to the mat! Adam gets to his feet and waits as a groggy Antonio gets to his feet before kicking him in the gut. Adam Vogel pulls Antonio into a double underhook before driving Antonio's head into the mat with the Credit Check! Adam hooks a leg!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Elizabeth Archer: “Antonio manages to force his shoulder off of the mat just before the count of three! Adam Vogel though, like the veteran he is, wastes little time after the failed pin attempt and goes into a sleeper hold.”

Luke Forrester: “But Antonio sticks a thumb into the eye of Adam to enable him to break from the hold. Antonio grabs the blinded Vogel and drives him into the mat with a DDT before getting back up and stomping on the jaw of Vogel! Antonio pulls Vogel up before twisting him to the mat with another DDT and going for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Elizabeth Archer: “But Adam says no and kicks out at two. Antonio looks a little frustrated by this but stays on the task with a kick to the face. Antonio grabs Adam and goes for a knee to the jaw, but Adam manages to catch it!”

Luke Forrester: “Adam Vogel lifts Antonio onto his shoulders, but Antonio again goes to the eyes to get down. Antonio kicks Vogel on the back of the knee before grabbing him and spinning him face-first into the mat with the Arrivederci! Antonio is now hooking the legs for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Elizabeth Archer: “Somehow, Adam Vogel manages to force his shoulder off of the mat just before the three count! Antonio grabs Adam’s leg and kicks the knee a few times before trying to lock on the figure four again, but Adam reaches up, grabs Antonio, and pulls him into a cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Luke Forrester: “Adam almost got him there, but Antonio managed to get out of it just in the nick of time. Adam takes a kick to the face before being lifted for a body slam, but Adam manages to land behind him! Adam Vogel pulls Antonio into a cobra clutch before dropping to the mat and wrapping his legs around Antonio's midsection for the Lethal Injection! Antonio is in big danger here!”

Elizabeth Archer: “But look! The referee is distracted by Aaron Blake! Antonio is tapping out, but the referee isn’t there to see it! Adam is too smart to release the hold though.”

Luke Forrester: “But as Antonio begins to fade, William LaCroix slides into the ring and drops an elbow onto Adam to break up the submission hold! As Adam gets back to his feet, LaCroix levels him with a huge Riot Run! LaCroix helps Antonio get on top and hook a leg before bailing from the ring as Blake jumps off the apron.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Elizabeth Archer: “Adam Vogel kicked out! Adam kicked out before the three count despite taking a Riot Run from an interfering William LaCroix!”

Luke Forrester: “Antonio can’t believe it! He grabs a leg of Adam and tries to lock in the Match Killer, but as he steps over, Adam grabs him and rolls him to the mat for another cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Elizabeth Archer: “And that counter leads to another near fall for Adam Vogel, but the champion isn’t going to be caught that easily.”

Luke Forrester: “As Antonio gets up, Adam Vogel bounces off of the ropes before coming back and catching Antonio on the jaw with the single leg dropkick known as the Vogel Kick! Adam Vogel hooks both legs!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall and the NEW FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Vogel!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Vogel did it! Vogel managed to pick up the win here against the longest reigning FTW World Heavyweight Champion yet! As Adam Vogel is handed the title, William LaCroix slides into the ring behind him looking for another cheap shot, but Vogel meets him with a superkick that puts LaCroix down!”

Luke Forrester: “With this win, Adam Vogel embarrasses Treachery and forces Antonio Del Veccio out of the company! What repercussions will this bring? What will Adam Vogel do with the title? We’ll have to wait until next time to find out! Until then, I’m Luke Forrester.”

Elizabeth Archer: “And I’m Elizabeth Archer, saying so long.”
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Full Throttle Wrestling - The Showcase (August 26, 2012)
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