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 Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)   Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:22 am

Dale McCoy: "Hello and welcome to Full Throttle Wrestling's "We did it for the hits" night three! The Race to the Gold tournament will continue tonight, where eight will soon fall to four."

Oliver Evans: "That's right. Those four will then go on to night four, were they will need to win two more matches to become the first World Champion of Full Throttle Wrestling. Without further ado, let's start this show off! I'm too excited to talk about it, I just want to watch it!"

The scene opens up inside of Adam Vogel’s office, where the tail end of a conversation between Adam Vogel and Michael Bull is unfolding.

Adam Vogel: “So you understand, Mr. Bull, that if you show bias or get physically involved with the wrestlers, that there will be consequences?”

Adam Vogel looks at Michael Bull with an expectant expression.

Michael Bull: “I understand, Mr. Vogel. I’ll try not to let it happen again.”

Vogel sighs at Bull’s remark.

Adam Vogel: “You had better do more than try, Mr. Bull, your job may very well be on the line.”

Michael Bull nods his head.

Michael Bull: “Yes sir.”

Turning to leave, Michael Bull does not acknowledge the camera on his way out of Vogel’s office. Adam Vogel lets out another sigh before turning to Tommy Gunn.

Adam Vogel: “I think that I may have made a mistake when I hired him.”

The scene fades, leaving the viewer wondering if Tommy Gunn actually said anything, or retained his usual silence.

As the scene opens, Eric and John Vogel can be seen standing inside of a room with another man. This someone’s face, however, is unable to be seen. The Vogels hand this man a briefcase.

John Vogel: “I’m glad that you are able to fulfill the conditions of this deal. I am sure that you find the contents of the briefcase to your liking.”

Eric Vogel: “Just do what you have done in the past, and I am sure that things will go smoothly.”

The man shakes the hands of both Vogels. As the camera turns suddenly Acid appears on the frame. It seems he has watched what the camera just watched.

Acid: “Hmm…I wonder what it is that they are planning.”

As Acid continues to study the scene, the camera fades.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a second round match in the Race to the Gold tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Acid!”

The lights dim down as "Touch the Sun" by Opus Dai begins playing. As the song plays, a figure slowly rises out of the floor before the lights go back to normal as a thunderous reaction is given to him by the crowd. He runs to the ring and leaps inside of it before climbing onto a turnbuckle and striking a pose. Acid then backflips back into the ring before waiting for the bell to sound.

Taryn Shay: “Introducing next, Michael Jones!”

Alkaline Trio's "Fall Victim" plays as Michael Jones walks to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “These two men both won their matches on night one to earn their place here tonight.”

Oliver Evans: “I’d disagree with that, but apparently my opinion doesn’t matter.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Jones starts this match out with a dropkick to the face of Acid! Rolling elbow from Jones causes Acid to fall into the corner. Jones charges in, but gets met with an elbow from Acid!”

Oliver Evans: “Rolling liger kick from Acid! Acid kicks Jones in the gut before driving him to the mat with a DDT! Cover!”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Dale McCoy: “But Jones is quick to kick out. Acid goes to irish whip Jones, but Jones reverses and pulls Acid into a knee! Spinning neckbreaker from Jones. Jones runs to the ropes before dropping a knee onto the face of Acid.”

Oliver Evans: “Acid lands on his feet behind Jones during a suplex attempt. He elbows Jones on the side of the head before lifting Jones and dropping him into an atomic drop. Leg drop bulldog from Acid! Acid covers Michael.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Jones with a kick out at two. Acid tries to pull Jones up, but Jones fights him off with a series of elbows. Jones grabs Acid and irish whips him into the corner before charging in and clotheslining him!”

Oliver Evans: “Jones charges in again, but this time Acid manages to move out of the way! As Jones bounces back out of the corner, Acid pulls him to the mat with a neckbreaker!”

Dale McCoy: “Acid tries to suplex Jones, but Jones knees him in the head before dropping behind him and hitting a reverse DDT! Jones bounces off of the ropes and tries for a shining wizard, but Acid ducks it and pulls Jones down to the mat for a pin!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “No stealing of wins for Acid this time. Michael and Acid exchange punches, but Acid nails Jones with the jumping enzuigiri to end the stalemate. As Jones stumbles around, Acid uses the ropes for momentum and flattens Jones with a running crossbody!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “But Jones kicks out at two! Acid uses the ropes to flatten Jones with a springboard crossbody!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Jones again manages to kick out at two. Acid pulls himself onto the turnbuckle before hitting Jones with a missile dropkick! He jumps on top of Jones for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Michael kicks out at two once more. He needs to do something to end Acid’s flurry of offense. Jones gets to his feet, only to be leveled by a springboard clothesline!”

Oliver Evans: “If he keeps getting hit with moves like that, this match will be as good as over. Acid climbs onto the top rope again.”

Dale McCoy: “Acid leaps for an elbow drop, but no one’s home! Acid walks into a clothesline from Jones. Acid gets back to his feet, only to be tossed to the mat by a body slam. Jones bounces off of the ropes before hitting Acid with the sliding lariat. Jones hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Unfortunately for Jones, Acid kicks out at two.”

Dale McCoy: “Jones sends Acid into the ropes with an irish whip. As Acid comes back, Jones lifts him into the air before dropping him to the mat with a flapjack. Jones again hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “As much as I hate to admit it, Acid is a pretty resilient fellow.”

Dale McCoy: “Rude awakening from Jones! Jones bounces off the ropes before crushing Acid with a running senton! He grabs a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Again, Acid kicks out at two. Jones hops onto the turnbuckle, but only finds canvas on a leg drop attempt. Acid kicks Jones in the face with a low dropkick before holding the shoulders down for a pin attempt.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Jones kicks out at two. Acid runs and bounces off the ropes, but Jones suddenly jumps forward and spears him to the mat! Jones hooks both legs for the pin!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “So close! How did Acid kick out after that spear? Jones forces Acid onto the turnbuckle and tries for a super back suplex, but Acid hangs onto the ropes. The two men exchange blows, but a well-placed elbow from Acid send Jones falling to the mat.”

Dale McCoy: “Acid’s getting ready to fly, but wait! Tommy Gunn just ran past our table! He’s grabbed Acid and-“

Oliver Evans: “MOVE OLD MAN!”

Oliver barely pulls Dale McCoy away from the table before Acid comes crashing through it.

Dale McCoy: “What the hell! Tommy Gunn just threw Acid from the turnbuckle and through our table!”

Oliver Evans: “Damn it all…”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match as a result of a disqualification, Acid!”

Dale McCoy: “Unfortunately for Michael Jones, the referee had no choice but to disqualify him after the interference. Tommy Gunn cost Jones this match, and he’s undoubtedly cost Acid the next match he fights in, if he isn’t injured.”

Oliver Evans: “Acid deserved that. That’s what happens when you mess with the Vogels. Our table, however, didn’t deserve that. We had better get a new one out here before the next match starts…”

Dale McCoy: “Never mind the table, we had better get some EMTs out here to help Acid before the next match starts.”

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)   Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:39 am

Green Day's "Having a Blast" starts blaring out of the speakers as the light comes on and the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler Colton Charles Cai Cobb is seen in the middle of the ring. The arrogant wrestles signals for the camera to come closer...

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Last week you all had the privilege of watching me defeat Andrew Hunter. Tonight you shall see me defeat Antonio Del Veccio! Yes, another man shall be made famous by my defeat of him! Tonight, in the squared circle, I shall make him submit to my grandness when I lock in the RDX!"

C4 chuckles softly at the thought of his victory tonight.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "I shall be kind to allow Antonio Del Veccio right now to come out and concede so that he won't have to go through the humiliation of walking to the back with his head hung low in shame when I defeat him. He has ten seconds to come out and say that I am the better man and that he doesn't deserve to be in the same ring as I am. One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! Ten! Whoops time is up... I guess I will have to show him what's it's like to be defeated by the great Colton Charles Cai Cobb then. So beware Antonio Del Veccio, for tonight I shall make you an example, the same as the example I made of Andrew Hunter."

C4 starts laughing as the lights go out.

Walking away from his Koenigsegg CCX, William LaCroix carries both his wrestling gear and an air of confidence as he strides through the parking lot. He won his first round match of the Race to the Gold tournament and got some revenge yesterday, and today he fights in his second match. Full Throttle Wrestling has been a good move so far for William LaCroix, and it seems that it can only get better. Noticing the camera, William LaCroix speas as he walks.

William LaCroix: "Allister King is my opponent tonight. The fool who attempts to make a gimmick out of his last name is about to get a rough reminder of his standing in professional wrestling. Allister advanced against Yuki Monotomo, but Yuki really isn't much of a challenge. He defeated a nobody, and now Allister believes that he is destined to win this tournament. Unfortunately for Mr. King, he's facing me. Now, the smart thing would have been to just accept this fact and try to somehow not be embarrassed tonight during the match, but Allister King decided to insult my intelligence."

Stopping and turning towards the camera, William LaCroix stares into it with contempt.

William LaCroix: "Nobody insults my intelligence, least of all an Irishman. The British tried to impart upon you bottom feeding scum some sense of class, but you just couldn't stop killing your brain cells with the use of alcohol. And you muppets wonder why you aren't liked."

William LaCroix turns and continues walking to the building as the camera follows. As he reaches the doors of the arena, William LaCroix turns to face the camera again.

William LaCroix: "Tonight, I shall advance while a false king falls. Allister, I suggest that you prepare for the coming regicide."

As the Swiss man enters the arena, the camera lingers. The doors of the arena soon close behing LaCroix, leaving the camera alone.

The successful Italian grappler known throughout the lands as Antonio Del Veccio laughs into the camera.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Two nights ago, Ray Kamaura foolishly convinced himself of victory before even knowing the caliber of the man that he faced. It was because of this ignorance and a general lack of skill that Ray Kamaura fell before me. Italy vs. America has always, and always will, end with Italian supremacy. Had it not been for the right arm of Vogel, Ray Kamaura’s leg would have been rendered as useless as his wrestling career. Had it not been for Tommy Gunn, Ray Kamaura would no longer be in Full Throttle Wrestling. Trust me Ray; the next time our paths cross, you will not be so fortunate.”

The serious look on Antonio’s face soon dissipates into a smile.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Nonetheless, it’s one to zero in Italy’s favor. Soon, the U.S. shall fall even further behind as I make the man who calls himself C4 tap out. Not only that, but since he is another of the ULOL vermin, I shall take things a step further. Tonight will mark the extermination of Colton’s wrestling career. Not only shall he lose to me, not only will he submit tonight, but he will break! The corn cob believes himself to be superior to everyone else, but I shall soon show him how wrong he truly is. But look on the bright side Cobb, you can still say that you were named after the remains of the most important thing to come out of this continent; corn!”

Antonio Del Veccio gives the camera a wink before laughing and walking away as the scene fades.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a second round match in the Race to the Gold tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Green Day's "Having a Blast" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Taryn Shay: “Introducing next, Antonio Del Veccio!”

As "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall blasts throughout the arena, the Italian wrestler, Antonio Del Veccio, walks out onto the stage. He holds a finger into the air before walking down to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Two very similar men are set to do battle. Both Colton and Antonio are great technicians; it’ll be interesting to see who can come out on top.”

Oliver Evans: “Colton is the larger of the two, but Antonio is the more experienced. Honestly, I’d have to give the overall edge to Antonio.”

Dale McCoy: “I’d be inclined to agree with you. Experience, especially against an opponent whose style is identical to your own, is such an important factor in determining who wins a match. If Colton wants to win this match, I believe that he will have to make use of his strength and size to force Antonio into a submission.”

Oliver Evans: “Please, Dale. You know that size and strength don’t mean anything when dealing with submission wrestling. Antonio knows how to get out of every submission hold on the planet, and I think that we are going to be seeing that tonight.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “The two men go to lock up, but Antonio quickly backs away from the bigger competitor. Antonio walks around the ring before feinting another lock up with Colton.”

Oliver Evans: “As Antonio backs away again, Colton dives in for a takedown, but Antonio sprawls! That’s something you usually don’t see.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio has Colton stuck in a guillotine, but Colton uses his strength to lift Antonio and toss him to the mat! Before Antonio can do anything, Colton catches him with a stiff kick to the face.”

Oliver Evans: “Colton bends Antonio’s arm behind his head, but Antonio spins out of it and uses his legs to isolate the right arm of Colton while pushing him to the mat. Locking his hands over Colton’s face, Antonio secures the crossface!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton struggles to get to the ropes before realizing that he is too far away. Instead, Colton rolls Antonio into a pinning situation.”

Ray Johnson: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio breaks the crossface to kick out. Antonio ducks a clothesline before pulling Colton into an inverted facelock, but Colton lifts Antonio into the air and slamming him to the mat with the powerslam! Cover!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio kicks out at two. Colton pulls Antonio into a headlock, but Antonio punches Colton a few times to break the hold. Antonio kicks Colton in the gut before twisting Colton into a rude awakening!”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio tries for an irish whip, but Colton counters and sends Antonio into the corner instead! Colton charges in, but eats boot! Bulldog from Antonio to the stunned Colton! Cover!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton kicks out at two. Antonio grabs the legs and entwines them around his own to lock in a figure four! But the bigger Colton is easily able to reverse the pressure by turning over! Pain stricken, Antonio struggles to get to the ropes…and finally does!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Three! Four…”

Oliver Evans: “Colton lets go at four. As Antonio gets to his feet, Colton immediately decks him with a clothesline to the back of the head! Antonio stumbles into a back suplex from Colton! Colton holds both shoulders down for the pin attempt.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio forces Colton off at two. Colton grabs Antonio’s legs, but Antonio pulls Colton forward and into a pinning predicament!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio almost caught Colton there. Colton doubles Antonio over with a kick to the gut before kicking him in the face and clotheslining him to the mat! Colton hoists Antonio into an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack, but Antonio slides down Colton’s back before hitting a neckbreaker!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio waits for Colton to get back to his feet before blasting Colton with a superkick! Antonio drops down for the cover.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Close, but no cigar for Antonio Del Veccio. Antonio tries to irish whip Colton, but Colton counters and sends Antonio into the ropes. As Antonio bounces back, Colton levels him with a big boot!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton locks Antonio into the sharpshooter! Antonio has nowhere to go! But wait! Antonio spun around and rolled Colton to the mat! Before Colton can react, Antonio tucks Colton’s foot under his armpit and uses his entire body to twist Colton’s ankle! Colton has no choice but to tap out due to the excruciating pressure of the Match Killer!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via submission, Antonio Del Veccio!”

Oliver Evans: "Before Antonio can celebrate, Colton hits him on the back of the head with an elbow. He gets on Antonio's back and tries to lock in the RDX, but Antonio slips out of it and slides out of the ring."

Dale McCoy: "Colton spins around and knocks the referee down with a punch. He quickly applies the RDX while staring daggers at Antonio, who only laughs at the scene before him. Two messages have been exchanged between these wrestlers, and it'll be interesting to see what the reactions are. And is Colton ever going to let go of the referee!?"

Oliver Evans: "Doesn't look like it."

Dale McCoy: "The referee is out cold! If this continues for too long, there will be permanent damage done to this man!"

Oliver Evans: "Quit your worrying, Tommy Gunn's on it."

Tommy Gunn slides into the ring and wrenches Colton off of the referee. Colton tries to take a shot at Gunn, but Gunn kicks Colton in between the legs to end that problem.

Dale McCoy: "Not a very efficient way of solving things..."

Oliver Evans: "What are you talking about? That's probably the most efficient security any wrestling company today has! Usually one wrestler can take out like...20 security guards! It's ridiculous!"

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)   Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:47 am

The camera opens up to show Luke Forrester standing in the back holding a microphone. it appears like he is about to perform an interview

Luke Forrester: "Ladies and Gentlemen of FTW, please welcome my guest at this time, Allister King"

Allister king walks into view of the camera

Allister King: "That's soon to be winner of this here little tournament and the next champion of all FTW."

Luke Forrester: "Allister, last week-"

Allister King: "Hold the hell up! You show respect when you are talking to me, got it? Now call me Mr. King."

Luke Forrester: "Mr. King, last week you fought Yuki Monotomo in the first round of the Race to the Gold tournament. People believe you narrowly defeated him to walk out with the victory."

Allister King: "Who the hell said that? Yuki Monobobo had no chance of defeating me, I simply stood back and studied his moves before going in and finishing the job. People who thought that he would win are sadly mistaken because I am a king and Yuki Monobobo got sent to Kingdom Come."

Allister reaches into his packet and takes out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter. He removes one of the cigarettes, lights it and places them back in his pocket.

Luke Forrester: "Tonight you face William LaCroix in the next round of the tournament, what do you think your chances are of winning?"

Allister simply stares at Luke for a moment before answering.

Allister King: "William LaCroix? The guy is about as smart as the shits I take in the toilet. No one cares about him. Everyone in that arena here tonight came to see me. Why? 'cause I am the king and only a king can wear the gold. So am I probably gonna win the match tonight? No. I am certainly going to win. Whether it be by pinfall, submission, DQ or countout, I don't care. I will be the champ and you and the rest of these ill forgotten faces will bow down to their ruler. Hail to the King!

Allister blows smoke in Luke's face before leaving the scene.

Luke Forrester: "That was Allister King and I am Luke Forrester, back to you."

The camera fades to black


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a second round match in the Race to the Gold tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Allister King!”

Blue and Red lights shine throughout the arena as Edguy's King of Fools begins to play. Allister King walks out onto the entrance ramp to a thunderous roar of the crowd. He poses on the top of the ramp as white pyrotechnics begin to rain down behind him. He continues to walk down to the ring, smiling to the crowd. He flips off a few off the audience members before sliding into the ring. He poses once more for the crowd, removes his sunglasses and jacket before heading to his corner.

Taryn Shay: “Introducing next, William LaCroix!”

"Sonne" by Rammstein begins playing over the speakers as the big man from Switzerland walks down towards the ring. He ignores the crowd as he climbs up the metal stairs onto the ring apron. After wiping his feet on the apron, LaCroix swings one of his long legs over the top rope before doing the same with the other.

Dale McCoy: “Both of these men advanced to this round by defeating their opponent yesterday. That’s right, they just fought in a match one night ago, and yet here they are ready to do battle.”

Oliver Evans: “We don’t hire babies here. You have to be ready to give 100% at any given time if you expect to move up in this company.”

Dale McCoy: “Right you are. No one is handed anything in this business. However, these men won’t be giving 100%, Oliver. William has an injured knee thanks to Boy Bakla while Allister is still probably sore from his war with Yuki Monotomo.”

Oliver Evans: “I guess you are right, Dale. It’ll still be interesting to see who will push through the pain and fatigue caused by yesterday’s matches to win here tonight.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell rings, Allister flies into LaCroix with punches! LaCroix stops the assault with a headbutt! Now it’s William LaCroix who is landing the heavy fists.”

Oliver Evans: “Allister tries to cover up, but LaCroix switches between European uppercuts and punches to keep Allister from effectively blocking.”

Dale McCoy: “Realizing this, Allister kicks the injured knee of LaCroix to end the assault! LaCroix stumbles before having the knee kicked out by Allister King. DDT! Allister grabs the injured leg, but LaCroix kicks him off. LaCroix tries to get to his feet, but Allister kicks him in the face before he can!”

Oliver Evans: “Allister irish whips LaCroix into the ropes. He goes for the back body drop, but LaCroix grabs him by the head and throws him into the mat. William bounces off of the ropes before kicking Allister on the temple. William drops down for the pin.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Allister kicks out of the pin attempt at two. Neckbreaker from LaCroix, who goes for another cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “King again kicks out at two. LaCroix yanks him up, but Allister fights out of a fisherman’s suplex. Allister tries to kick LaCroix in the gut, but LaCroix catches the kick and pulls Allister into a clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “William throws Allister into the corner chest-first. As Allister bounces out, LaCroix elbows him on the back of the head. William LaCroix lifts Allister King into a gorilla press before dropping him and throwing him with the fallaway slam! LaCroix hooks a leg for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “King kicks out before the three! LaCroix goes high risk with a leg drop from the top rope, but King rolls out of the way! Knee to the face followed by the cover from King!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “LaCroix kicks out at two. Allister stomps on the knee of LaCroix! He stomps on it a second time before kicking LaCroix in the face. Allister grabs the leg and rolls into a kneebar! But LaCroix manages to quickly get to the ropes. Allister is forced to release the hold.”

Oliver Evans: “Allister pulls LaCroix out to the center of the ring, but before he can do anything, LaCroix pushes him away.”

Dale McCoy: “Allister grabs LaCroix and knees him a few times in the face before being pushed away. Allister comes back and delivers a few punches to LaCroix before being pushed away once more. As Allister comes back this time, LaCroix grabs him by the waist and hoists him into the air before slamming Allister down onto his spine while dropping to a seated position!”

Oliver Evans: “That’s the lifting sitout spinebuster known as the Neurotoxin! William LaCroix hooks a leg as he covers Allister King.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, William LaCroix!”

Dale McCoy: “LaCroix gets the three! William LaCroix just beat Allister King!”

Oliver Evans: “I would never have guessed that based on Michael Bull slapping the mat three times or from Taryn Shay announcing that.”

Dale McCoy: “With this win, William LaCroix will go on to tomorrow, where he will be facing the winner of Paredyse vs. Conway which will be happening here in just a little bit.”

Oliver Evans: “William will be in for a rough night tomorrow. I can’t wait!”

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)   Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:08 am

Backstage, in the Lords of Wrestling’s locker room, Alexander and Ethan O’Reilly exchange a laugh.

Alexander Conway: “Hahaha! Those idiots thought that we were actually going to wrestler one another! Talk about naïve!”

Ethan O’Reilly: “Americans never cease to amaze me. They are so gullible. It’s no wonder that they fail to produce any worthwhile competitors in professional wrestling.”

Alexander Conway: “You shouldn’t say that too loudly, Ray Kamaura might overhear you and get offended, haha!”

Ethan’s mood suddenly turns sour.

Ethan O’Reilly: “Bah…”

Alexander shots him a curious look.

Ethan O’Reilly: “I feel insulted. I have to fight against someone who is a complete joke! I would have preferred Yuki Monotomo, Boy Bakla, or even EBP! Ray Kamaura will stand no chance against me.”

Alexander Conway: “Why can’t you just take the easy win and be happy?”

Ethan O’Reilly: “Because, it’s just pathetic. I might as well be Germany while Ray is France, except I will have nothing to gain from my victory. I’m defeating a loser, who gained a high ego because some shitty company gave him their tag championships. Well, this is Full Throttle Wrestling, not some shitty company. Here, the name Ray Kamaura doesn’t mean a thing, and it never will.”

Alexander grins at his partner’s comments.

Alexander Conway: “It sounds to me as if you do want this match.”

Ethan O’Reilly: “Hmm…I guess you’re right. I do want this match, if only so that I may knock some sense into that thick-skulled ox! I’d love to show him that he’s an ameba here, with no chance of ever becoming a champion. He’s on the bottom of the food chain, and that’s where he shall remain.”

Alexander Conway: “I’m sure beating Ray won’t pose a challenge for you. After all, we are not called the Lords of Wrestling for nothing. By the time this internet event is over, it’ll be clear to everyone who the top dogs are…us! I’ll even kick off our momentum when I defeat Paredyse tonight! And then tomorrow, not only will you wipe the floor with Kamaura, but I win two more matches to become Full Throttle Wrestling’s first World Heavyweight Champion!”

Ethan O’Reilly: “It’s going to be amazing to show what we are capable of when we’re not held down by a pathetic federation. This show is ours to run!”

Alexander and Ethan high-five as the scene fades.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a second round match in the Race to the Gold tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Paredyse!”

I'm in Heaven (When You Kiss Me) by ATC begins to play throughout the arena. After allowing it to play for a few seconds, the lip-gloss and eyeliner wearing flamboyant male named Paredyse prances down to the ring. He rolls in before blowing a kiss to the crowd and giving them a suggestive wink.

Taryn Shay: “Introducing next, Alexander Conway!”

"Suffer Unto Me" by Avenue F blares throughout the arena as Alexander Conway steps out from the backstage of the ULOL. He looks over the booing audience before he walks down to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse defeated John Vogel to advance to this match while Alexander defeated his own tag team partner. However, Ethan O’Reilly allowed Alexander to defeat him without a fight, so Alexander is coming into this match with a significant advantage.”

Oliver Evans: “Yes, but Paredyse didn’t get too beat up during the screwjob yesterday. He’s better off than anyone else in this tournament other than Alexander Conway.”

Dale McCoy: “I bet the viewers are as annoyed with you as I am. You are supposed to be unbiased, not kissing ass at every opportunity.”

Oliver Evans: “You don’t know what kissing ass is, old man. Trust me, me kissing ass is completely different than me telling the truth.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As Conway is distracted, Paredyse walks up behind him and slaps him hard on the butt! Conway spins around and tries to connect with a punch, but Paredyse ducks it before pulling Conway into a jawbreaker!”

Oliver Evans: “Is his jaw broken? No? THEN WHY DOES IT HAVE THAT NAME!?”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse irish whips Conway into the ropes. As Conway comes back, Paredyse jumps into the air and hits Conway with the butt bump! Paredyse bounces off of the ropes before running back and jumping butt first onto Conway! He stays on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “Alexander quickly pushes Paredyse off of him. He looks disgusted by Paredyse’s actions and charges right into a Japanese arm drag from Paredyse! Conway gets up and walks into another arm drag!”

Dale McCoy: “As Conway gets back to his feet, Paredyse knocks him down again with a dropkick! Alexander gets up once more as Paredyse bounces off the ropes. As Conway turns, Paredyse flies into him with a running crossbody!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Alexander forces Paredyse off at two. Paredyse drives Conway’s face into his knee! Conway staggers into the corner. Paredyse charges in for a clothesline, but Conway catches him with a surprise roundhouse kick! Paredyse drops like a sack of bricks.”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse is on wobbly legs as he uses the ropes to get to his feet. Conway hops onto the turnbuckle before slamming Paredyse face-first into the mat with a springboard corkscrew cutter! Conway rolls Paredyse over for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse kicks out at two. Conway will have to do more than that if he wants to win.”

Dale McCoy: “Suplex from Conway! Conway climbs onto the turnbuckle. Diving knee drop! Cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Another kick out at two. Conway sends Paredyse into the ropes with an irish whip. As he comes back, Conway uses his hips to send Paredyse down hard onto the mat. Conway pulls Paredyse onto his shoulders before falling back into a samoan drop! It isn’t often that Conway gets to use the power moves.”

Dale McCoy: “Alexander lifts Paredyse up and slams him into the turnbuckle. Wrapping his legs around the top rope, Conway traps Paredyse into a tree of woe! Conway unloads with stomps onto the chest of Paredyse as the referee begins the count.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Oliver Evans: “Alexander steps away from Paredyse for a few seconds before closing back in and stomping on him again!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Dale McCoy: “Conway flirts with disqualification once more to inflict pain upon Paredyse. As he steps away, the referee gets in-between him and Paredyse as he tries to get Paredyse down. Conway doesn’t give him the chance though. Conway pulls the referee away before stomping on Paredyse a few more times. Conway pulls himself onto the turnbuckle and jumps before stomping on Paredyse with all of his body weight, knocking Paredyse out of the tree of woe!”

Oliver Evans: “The referee tries to reprimand Conway, but Conway hooks the legs of Paredyse and orders the referee to count.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse barely manages to get a shoulder up before the count of three. Conway looks a bit frustrated, but waits for Paredyse to get to his feet. As he does, Conway runs towards him, but Paredyse moves out of the way and Conway takes the referee out with a running calf kick!”

Oliver Evans: “As Conway turns around, Paredyse STOs him into the mat. Climbing onto the turnbuckle, Paredyse leaps onto Conway with a big splash! He goes and tries to revive the referee, but Conway grabs him from behind and sends him to the mat with a german suplex!”

Dale McCoy: “Alexander hits a rude awakening! He covers Paredyse, but there is no one to count the pin! Frustrated, Alexander tries to revive the referee as Paredyse recovers. Paredyse climbs onto the turnbuckle as the referee comes to. Turning around, Conway is caught by surprise as Paredyse comes flying through the air and into him with a crossbody!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Conway almost lost his chance to be the first World Champion! Paredyse pulls Conway to his feet, but Conway throws Paredyse off before going for the superkick, but Paredyse ducks and Conway again catches the referee, who tumbles from the ring!”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse kicks Conway in the gut before running to the ropes. Paredyse bounces off of the ropes, but Conway catches him with a clothesline! Conway stalks Paredyse as he gets to his feet. Superkick! Paredyse tumbles from the ring!”

Oliver Evans: “Conway is waiting for Paredyse to get up. What does he have in mind?”

Dale McCoy: “Conway runs to the ropes before diving through them for a suicide dive! BUT PAREDYSE MOVES OUT OF THE WAY! Conway just destroyed the crowd barricade and damn near killed himself!”

Oliver Evans: “I’m glad this is a closed event, or else we would probably be having some problems.”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse recovers for a few moments before going after Conway. He grabs Conway and slams him onto the floor with a body slam before rolling back into the ring.”

Oliver Evans: “Too bad there isn’t a referee to count Conway out. Antonio Del Veccio just slid into the ring behind Paredyse!”

Dale McCoy: “What the hell is he doing out here!?”

Oliver Evans: “He hits Paredyse on the back of the head with a briefcase! Paredyse is out cold!”

Dale McCoy: “That’s the briefcase from early! The one that The Vogel Sons handed to the mystery man! And it doesn’t look like Antonio Del Veccio is done yet! Antonio places his legs around one of Paredyse's legs while placing Paredyse's foot under his armpit. Holding Paredyse's heel with his forearm, Antonio uses his entire body to twist the ankle! He’s locked in the Match Killer!”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse is frantically pounding on the mat, but Antonio isn’t letting go!”

Dale McCoy: “He’s going to rip the ligaments from the bone! Where is Acid? Or Jones? Or even Tommy Gunn? Someone needs to stop this!”

Oliver Evans: “It looks like Full Throttle Wrestling will be down one weirdo after tonight.”

Dale McCoy: “Alexander slides into the ring and kicks Antonio Del Veccio on the nose to break up the hold!”

Oliver Evans: “WHY!? He was doing your job for you, you dolt!”

Dale McCoy: “Del Veccio rolls out of the ring in a hurry. Conway helps Paredyse up, but suddenly pulls Paredyse into a front facelock before scooping Paredyse into the air and spiking Paredyse’s head into the mat with a Northern Lights Bomb! What the hell!?”

Oliver Evans: “Conway rolls Paredyse over and covers him after the Signum Excellence just as the referee slides back into the ring! Now we know why Conway kicked Del Veccio away!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, Alexander Conway!”

Dale McCoy: “Conway, ever the opportunist, capitalized upon Antonio Del Veccio’s attack on Paredyse and managed to win tonight even after taking a nasty fall earlier in the match. However, had Conway not knocked the referee out on two occasions, the outcome may have been completely different.”

Oliver Evans: “Yeah, well, it wasn’t. You, and everyone else, will just have to learn how to deal with that.”

Dale McCoy: "And another night comes to a close as our internet event moves ever closer to its completion. We some a night of action and intensity as more wrestlers advanced and more wrestlers were eliminated."

Oliver Evans: "For reasons unknown to me, our table was destroyed earlier by Tommy Gunn. It had better be replaced by tomorrow!"

Dale McCoy: "As my partner alluded to, Acid advanced by DQ after being tossed through our table by Tommy Gunn. We've found out over the course of tonight that he has been diagnosed with cracked ribs."

Oliver Evans: "Meh...injuries are nothing new to these wrestlers. Acid will just have to suck it up and take the asswhipping that Antonio is going to give him tomorrow like a man."

Dale McCoy: "Speaking of Antonio, he was able to force Colton to submit to earn his spot in the semi-finals. This through Colton into a rage and he attacked the referee before being kicked in the nuts by Tommy Gunn."

Oliver Evans: "He blew a fuse and Tommy defused that, enough said. He should try to learn how to manage his temper, or else he will find himself fined quite often."

Dale McCoy: "LaCroix is going into tomorrow with a knee injury, but his opponent, Alexander Conway, has also been displaying signs of an injury. Tomorrow will be an interesting night as we watch these wrestlers either sink or swim under the pressure and fatigue. Who will be the first World Heavyweight Champion of Full Throttle Wrestling? Join us tomorrow to find out. I'm Dale McCoy."

Oliver Evans: "And I'm Oliver Evans, saying so long."
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Full Throttle Wrestling - We did it for the hits, night 3 (September 10, 2011)
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