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 Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012)

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Adam Vogel

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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Empty
PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 11:30 am

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Fullth10

Dale McCoy: "Hello folks and welcome to another edition of Full Throttle Wrestling's Velocity show! Tonight we have some stellar matches for you, including a match between the newly returned C4 and Ace Hawkins."

Pendelton: "But more important than that, we have the fallout from last event. Adam Vogel has won the FTW World Heavyweight Championship by defeating Antonio Del Veccio, we are now waiting to see what Adam Vogel will do."

Dale McCoy: "It's such a weird situation we have as the owner of this company is currently holding it's top title. Will Vogel elect to defend as a wrestler, or will he vacate it to continue with his GMing duties?"

Pendelton: "Well, since Adam Vogel just walked down to the ring, I think we are about to find out."

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

As the show opening ends, the camera turns to the ring where the owner of FTW and FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Adam Vogel, is standing. Holding a microphone in hand, Adam waits for the audience to realize that he is in the ring before beginning to speak.

Adam Vogel: “At our last event, The Showcase, I accepted Antonio’s challenge and defeated him to become the new FTW World Heavyweight Champion. However, it would be a conflict of interest if I, the owner of Full Throttle Wrestling, also held its world title. To avoid this conflict of interest and any devaluing of this title’s prestige, I have decided that I will relinquish the title and make it vacant.”

Hearing this, the fans boo, clearly not perturbed by Adam Vogel being the champion and not wanting him to give up the belt.

Adam Vogel: “I appreciate the confidence you fans are showing me, but I have made my decision to benefit both you and this company. To determine a new FTW World Heavyweight Champion, FTW will hold a tournament open to any competitor who wishes to enter. There will be a series of great matches and a deserving champion will be crowned. Any interested wrestler need only to see me in my office to get a spot in this tournament.”

As Vogel finishes speaking, he turns and exits the ring before walking up the ramp.

Before Adam Vogel can get to the backstage, he is stopped on the ramp by William LaCroix. LaCroix pats the title on Adam’s shoulder before beginning to speak in a microphone that he was holding.

William LaCroix: “Relinquish the title and hold a tournament for the belt to protect its prestige? Adam, that sounds like the words of a coward. So afraid are you of being beaten that you would sooner turn tail and hide behind your desk than defend the title you only won off of a fluke? What kind of man are you? Scratch that, what kind of woman are you? Running and hiding from the competition hurts the prestige of this belt much more than your holding of it does. Although, let’s be honest, you don’t deserve to be holding that title.”

The crowd boos William, not agreeing with his opinions at all.

William LaCroix: “You’re not going to run away this time, Vogel. You are going to face me like a man and take a beating for stealing Antonio’s title. And after I beat you, these morons will have no choice but to realize that Treachery is the greatest wrestling faction in the world today!”

Stopped by William LaCroix’s imposing presence, Adam Vogel brings his microphone back up to his lips.

Adam Vogel: “William, I am not ducking anyone. As the owner of this company, I can’t hold my own company’s World title; it is too speculative of my actions for it to be legitimate. However, if you want to have a match against me so much, I’ll be happy to oblige you with one. At Full Throttle Wrestling’s Anniversary Show, it’ll be Adam Vogel vs. William LaCroix in a no disqualification match for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Because you want it, I will defeat you to retain this title before relinquishing it and proceeding with my planned tournament.”

Cheers are heard from the audience at this, but Vogel doesn’t stop talking for very long.

Adam Vogel: “But William LaCroix, that isn’t tonight. I have a show to run and I think I have just thought up a Main Event. LaCroix, you had better get ready, because tonight you and Dmitry will defend your World Tag Team Championships against a mystery team. You had better not be too focused on our upcoming match LaCroix, or you will find yourself without a title here very soon.”

Having said that, Adam pushes past the large Swiss man, leaving him to fume about Adam’s decision.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

For once, The Executive Brooklyn Producer is not doing anything with children’s card games. In fact, his trading cards are nowhere to be seen. The Executive Brooklyn Producer, for once, looks serious.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “Last show, I got completely devastated by the new FTW superstar, Hugo Andore. In fact, I was so completely dominated that I didn’t even so much as muster a punch on him. Well, that simply will not do.”

With a firm look on his face, The Executive Brooklyn Producer tries to make it clear that his loss was unacceptable and has caused him great disappointment.

The Executive Brooklyn Producer: “I feel that I have let down my fans with such a loss, and I cannot allow that loss to remain the way it is. With this in mind Hugo, I want another match with you! I am not some lamb waiting to be slaughtered, I am a professional wrestler and I will be treated as such. Hugo, tonight I will take you on in a rematch, and whether I win or lose, I will show you that I am not some helpless lamb.”

Having said what was bothering him; The Executive Brooklyn Producer turns away from the camera and walks out of his locker room as the scene fades.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Flicking her hair at the camera, Elizabeth Archer waits for Hugo Andore in the hallways of Full Throttle Wrestling. Quietly, the cameraman mentions something to her. As he speaks, her beautiful face twists into a scowl. As the cameraman finishes speaking, Elizabeth begins to speak into the camera.

Elizabeth Archer: “You insolent little fool! Where do you get off challenging my Hugo!? You are not worthy of demanding a match with him, you are simply a waste of our time. But fine, if you so desire to be dominated and shown your place by another man, then why should I deny you? It’ll be fun watching Hugo absolutely destroy you once again, and it’ll serve as an important statement to the other wrestlers. Tonight is the last night for The Executive Brooklyn Producer, as he will soon be eviscerated from that ring by Hugo!”

Archer looks up and down the hallway before stomping her foot onto the floor.

Elizabeth Archer: “Where is my Hugo? I have important things to discuss with him.”

With a “humph”, Elizabeth walks down the hall and away from the cameraman, who watches her go for a few seconds.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

The giant hulking man, introduced to Full Throttle Wrestling only two weeks ago, walks through the parking lot to the arena. Each step he takes sounds like a mini-earthquake due to his tremendous size. As Hugo nears the arena, the door he is walking to swings open. Seeing who opened the door, Hugo’s face brightens up.

Hugo Andore: “Archer!”

Hugo rushes towards the small woman. As he reaches her, she looks up at him with a disapproving look. Unfortunately, it’s not very intimidating since he completely dwarfs her.

Hugo Andore: “What’s wrong? Did I do something to make you mad? I only just got here…”

Speaking in a slow manner due to English not being his first language, Hugo could easily be mistaken for a giant child. Looking at the angry Elizabeth with a face of confusion, Hugo waits to hear why see is upset.

Still giving the big man a look of disapproval, Elizabeth begins to tell him just what it is that he did to piss her off.

Elizabeth Archer: “I told you to be here at the arena BEFORE the show started! Yet, here you are showing up late! You almost missed your match, Hugo! Come on, you need to hurry up and get down to the ring before the match is awarded to that kid!”

Elizabeth grabs the big man’s hand and pulls on it, leading him into the building and down the hall.

Elizabeth Archer: “I mean it; sometimes you are like a giant baby! You can’t do anything complicated without me being there to hold your hand.”

Hearing this, Hugo stops, forcing Archer to stop as well.

Hugo Andore: “Stop it! Why do you have to be so mean?”

Archer’s face softens up a little at hearing how hurt Hugo was by her words. Grabbing the hand she is holding with her other hand, Elizabeth looks into Hugo’s eyes as she explains why she is being so cross with him.

Elizabeth Archer: “I’m sorry Hugo; I didn’t mean to be so mean to you. It’s just…you really made me worry. I didn’t know where you were, that’s all. I’ll try to not be so mean next time. Come on, it’s almost time for your match. I’m sure you’ll win!”

With a smile, Elizabeth turns and pulls on Hugo’s hand again, causing him to follow her as she walks through the halls and away from the camera.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ebp10 VS Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Hugo_a10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, The Executive Brooklyn Producer!”

"BROOKLYN RAGE~!" by LittleKuriboh begins playing as The Executive Brooklyn Producer walks onto the stage. A fan yells out "OH MAH GOD! IT'S POKERFACE BY LADY GAGA!" This prompts The Executive Brooklyn Producer to walk over to the fan and channel Achmed the Dead Terrorist. "SILENCE!....I KEEL YOU!" The Executive Brooklyn Producer then puts on a smile and waves at the other fans in attendance as the lyrics for the song start running. After a few seconds of waving, The Executive Brooklyn Producer walks down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, Hugo Andore!”

Hollywood Undead’s “My Town” begins playing throughout the arena as Elizabeth steps out onto the entrance ramp. She turns her back to the ring and bends over, giving the audience a view of her before looking back and giving them a wink. After the seductive display, Elizabeth motions to the backstage. After a moment, the giant Hugo Andore steps out after her and walks to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Last time we saw Hugo Andore, he debuted in a dramatic and impact filled fashion with a seemingly easy victory over The Executive Brooklyn Producer. However, The Producer didn’t want to accept this loss as it was, and has called out Hugo for another match.”

Pendelton: “While I admire his bravery, I can’t see this match going any differently. Also, let’s welcome Miss Archer back to the commentary table!”

Elizabeth Archer: “Hello Pendelton, it’s always nice to see you. You Dale, not as much, but that’s ok.”

Dale McCoy: “Not many people seem to enjoy my company, but nonetheless, we’ll be getting a second look at Hugo here in just a moment courtesy of you accepting The Producer’s demand for a rematch.”

Pendelton: “What I want to know is did you actually want to accept that rematch? You sounded as if you were very disappointed with The Executive Brooklyn Producer last time around, what makes you want to have Hugo go another round with him?”

Elizabeth Archer: “I just want him to shut his trap. I really don’t like seeing this man, but hearing him talk is much worse. I’ll enjoy Hugo putting him in his place.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell rings, The Producer charges at Hugo looking for a shoulder block, but only manages to knock himself down. As The Producer gets up, Hugo flips him through the air with an amazing clothesline!”

Pendelton: “Hugo lifts The Executive Brooklyn Producer into the air by the throat with both hands before throwing The Producer forward and to the mat while dropping to a sitting position. I’ve been told he calls that move Hammer Mountain! Hugo is going for the cover.”

Elizabeth Archer: “And of course, he’s going to get the win. The Executive Brooklyn Producer should learn that he simply isn’t in Hugo’s league. Farewell.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, Hugo Andore!”

Dale McCoy: “And once again, Hugo makes very quick work of The Executive Brooklyn Producer. This man seems to be everything he was advertised to be. I really don’t know who will be able to stop this juggernaut, especially if he continues to get better due to Elizabeth’s training.”

Pendelton: “Your guess is as good as mine, but I would like to see how he fares against some of the other talent here in FTW. I’m not saying The Producer is a bad talent, but he certainly isn’t ranked number one here in Full Throttle Wrestling.”

Dale McCoy: “While I guess it would be good to wait and see before making more judgments, I am not sure how much it will really matter. This guy is just so damn big and so damn strong that even our best talents are in danger.”

Pendelton: “That is true. I guess we’re in line for some good matches here soon, partner!”
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 11:34 am

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10


The sound of heavy fists hitting the heavy sandbag resonated in the training room as the unkempt form of Colton Charles Cai Cobb is seen training. His form and stance shows no openings as he throws out a couple more punches in succession.


?: "Beautiful combination Mr. Cobb."

C4 stops and turns around to the direction from where the voice came from. Stepping out from the shadows is FTW's interviewer Luke Forrester. Clearly not amused by the interruption, the arrogant wrestler snorts in disgust and returns to punching the heavy bag.


Luke Forrester: "I hope you don't mind Mr. Cobb, but maybe I could get a few words from you for your match tonight? We all saw your return and how the title could have been yours when you fought Micheal Jones for the FTW Television Title if not for Paredyse..."

Forrester's voice trails away as he notices that C4's hands have stopped hitting the bag and the wrestler's stare has been directed at him. A stare no sane man would face given the chance.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Paredyse... Ah yes, that little piece of shit who I laid out in the ring with his boyfriends from the announce table... Paredyse is of little importance right now. Whether he learns his lesson or not, I do not care. If that little piece of rabbit dung decides to poke his nose in my business again, I shall gladly give him another lesson in pain. As for the Television Title? Well I made Jones tap and when I get another shot at that faker holding the belt, I shall make him tap again... Or dislocate his joints..."

The arrogant wrestler again begins to throw punches at the heavy bag.


Luke Forrester: "Ah... Yes, since you don't view Paredyse as a threat, how about your opponent for tonight? Ace Hawkins? That young man has some skills..."

Again Luke Forrester's voice trails away as C4 stops his training and walks over, this time stopping inches away from the interviewer's face.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "It doesn't matter who I face, management can throw the whole roster at me and I shall still be the one who is standing when the last bell sounds. Ace Hawkins? He is but a gnat... A pest which I shall exterminate with my fist."

C4 clenches his right fist and in one big swing pivoting his whole body slams his fist into the heavy bag causing it to rip and spew sand into the air. Luke Forrester stares on speechless at the monster Colton Charles Cai Cobb has become.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "I have learned one thing in my absence Luke. The world is my enemy and he will piss on me every chance it gets... Well I will not be giving it a chance, I will crush the world's balls and break off his dick rendering him impotent. FTW has not seen what the reborn Colton Charles Cai Cobb is capable of yet... Not by a long shot... So be prepared for flames that will burn my visage and fear into the hearts and minds of everyone who bears witness to my onslaught. Be prepared for PAIN!"

With that Colton Charles Cai Cobb walks away, picks up his gym bag and exits the training room leaving Luke Forrester dumbfounded and speechless as the scene fades to black.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Standing backstage is the young Ace Hawkins. Looking into the camera, it is clear that Ace Hawkins in taking this match tonight against Colton Charles Cai Cobb very seriously.

Ace Hawkins: “Colton, I heard your comments earlier. I heard about how you think that you are above the entirety of this roster and about how you look down upon people like me. You don’t want to take me seriously? You don’t think that I am worth your time? Well Colton, if you keep underestimating me, you may well find yourself taking yet another loss. So how about you focus on me here tonight instead of worrying about Michael Jones and Paredyse? Because last time I checked, you aren’t facing either one of them, you are facing me. Another thing that I know, is that if you get knocked off by me here tonight, you won’t be getting a shot at the Television Championship again anytime soon.”

Ace Hawkins starts to walk away from the camera before turning to look back.

Ace Hawkins: “No one expects to be struck by lightning until after it happens. Colton, if you’re not careful, you’re going to find yourself struck here tonight. How embarrassing would it be for you to lose to someone that you have labeled to be a gnat?”

On that note, Ace Hawkins turns and continues walking as the scene ends.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ace_ha10 VS Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Colton10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Ace Hawkins!”

"Outrage" by Capital Lights begins playing throughout the arena as Ace Hawkins steps out onto the entrance ramp. Walking to the center of the ramp, he stops for a moment before throwing his arms out wide as a volley of pyrotechnics explode behind him. As they subside, the young man begins walking towards the ring, slapping the hands of any fan who reaches out to him. When he arrives at ringside, he hops onto the ring apron before hopping over the top-rope. He climbs onto a turnbuckle to strike a quick pose for the fans.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Dale McCoy: “I know how you feel about Colton, and believe me; I feel the exact same way. However, we have a job to do here so we should try and keep it professional.”

Pendelton: “I never said I wouldn’t keep it professional. I am not some rookie in this business; my emotions don’t get the best of me, Dale. So here tonight we will be watching Ace Hawkins take on Colton Charles Cai Cobb. Last week, Cobb came close to winning the FTW Television Championship in his return, but was foiled by Paredyse and his own mistakes.”

Dale McCoy: “What Cobb left was distruction in his wake. Even if he didn’t win the match or the title, Colton left a strong statement. Can Colton leave another statement here tonight by defeating Ace Hawkins?”

Pendelton: “Colton should really try to win this match and not do anything more. We’ve seen in the past that Adam Vogel doesn’t tolerate much for very long, and I have a feeling that Colton is already walking the line.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Colton slowly advances towards Ace Hawkins who backs away. As the two men work around each other, Ace slowly finds himself herded into a corner by Colton. Ace tries to juke and get away from Colton, but Colton grabs him and throws him into the corner.”

Pendelton: “And Colton begins teeing off on Hawkins with punches in the corner! The referee is stepping to begin a count.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton takes a step back before the count of five as Hawkins slumps in the corner. Colton moves back in to continue the attack, but Ace kicks him in the gut. Colton tries to come at Ace again, but Ace wraps his legs around Colton’s neck before pulling himself up into the air with the top rope.”

Pendelton: “But before Ace can try and push him for the hurricanrana, Colton pulls him off of the ropes and to the mat with a powerbomb! Colton hooks the leg for an early cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “But Ace kicks out at two. Colton grabs Ace and pulls him up by the hair before kicking him in the gut and taking him over with a suplex. Colton pulls Ace back up before slamming him to the mat with a back suplex. Grabbing the legs, Colton quickly traps Hawkins into a texas cloverleaf!”

Pendelton: “Ace pulls himself towards the nearby rope and grabs a hold of it, forcing a quick break of the submission, but Colton is looking to hold onto it for as long as possible.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three! Four! Fi…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton finally releases the hold and takes a step back, letting Hawkins get some room to try and get up. Colton tries to get back on the attack, but Hawkins connects with an enzuigiri out of nowhere! Colton stumbles back and allows Hawkins to springboard off of the ropes for a spinning back heel kick!”

Pendelton: “Hawkins quickly bounces off of the ropes as Colton gets up before catching Colton in the face with a Busaiku Knee Kick. Hawkins hooks both legs for the cover here!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “But Colton pushes him off just before the three! Hawkins waits for Colton to get up before going for the Ace Crusher, but Colton grabs the ropes to avoid the move, letting Ace Hawkins slam to the mat.”

Pendelton: “As Hawkins gets up, Colton knocks him down with a nasty clothesline. Colton quickly rolls Hawkins onto his belly before sitting on his back and grabbing Hawkins’ arms. Colton pulls them across Hawkins’s throat in the shape of an “X”! There’s the RDX! Colton’s got it locked in tight!”

Dale McCoy: “Ace tries to squirm his way to the ropes, but they are just too far away! With no means of breaking the hold and feeling himself fading fast, Hawkins shouts out that he gives up.”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via submission, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Pendelton: “Despite the bell having rung, Colton isn’t releasing the submission hold! It’s this kind of action that shouldn’t be tolerated in Full Throttle Wrestling!”

Dale McCoy: “And it looks like it won’t be, here comes Paredyse! Paredyse slides into the ring and Colton releases Hawkins to meet him as the two begin to brawl!”

Pendelton: “But it looks like this brawl is going to be cut short as security comes out and begins to pull these two men apart. It looks like Tommy Gunn is a little more on top of things that I was going to give him credit for.”

Dale McCoy: “These two are still trying to get at one another, but security is having none of it as they escort both men out of the arena.”
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) EmptySun Sep 16, 2012 11:46 am

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

With anger in his eyes and a sneer on his face, Aaron Blake welcomes the camera into Treachery’s locker room. In the background, LaCroix can faintly be heard having a conversation with Eric and John Vogel. Behind Aaron stands Kazu Nagai, looking as unhappy as ever.

Aaron Blake: “That’s clever of you Adam, it really is. You parade around this place hiding behind a mask as you pretend to be a good guy, but I know you for what you really are. You are a devious snake, lying in wait for you moment to strike, and I walked right into it.”

Aaron Blake shakes his head in disgust as the words leave his mouth.

Aaron Blake: “You knew Dmitry Petrovich wasn’t here tonight when you booked that FTW World Tag Team match. How crafty of you, trying to trap William LaCroix into a two on one handicap match for Treachery’s titles. Well, unfortunately for you, that won’t work Adam. Those titles belong to Treachery, and that isn’t going to change here tonight. Because these titles belong to Treachery, I choose who defends them, and tonight I’m choosing to have Kazu Nagai fill in for Dmitry. I’m sorry Adam, but tonight you will not get the satisfaction of watching Treachery lose, nor will you get to see William LaCroix being softened up prior to your match at the Anniversary Show. Treachery will defend the World Tag Team Championships here tonight before William goes on to bring back OUR World Heavyweight Championship, and there’s not a thing that you or anyone else can do to stop it from happening!”

Smiling triumphantly into the camera, Aaron can feel his confidence rising. With another sneer, he decides to take another jab at Adam Vogel.

Aaron Blake: “Next time you want to trap either myself or anyone in Treachery, I suggest that you think things through just a little bit more. There is a reason these athletes trust me with their careers – it’s because I’m better than you! You’d better step up your game Vogel, because otherwise you’ll be doomed to become just another stepping stone for Treachery’s rise to the top!”

Despite his bravado, it’s clear to the camera that Aaron Blake is at least a little flustered by the announcement of the match. Blake makes a quick slicing movement with his hand, indicating that he wants the scene to cut.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Aldo van Eyck walks down to the ring without any music and without any fanfare. Grabbing a microphone, Aldo van Eyck climbs into the ring and looks over the crowd with disgust and contempt.

Aldo van Eyck: “The last time you saw me, I was wrestling in the Adam Vogel Invitational at Wrestletopia, where I was screwed out of a victory by Alexander Ravensdale attacking me from behind. But we’re not here to talk about him; we’re here to talk about each and every one of you.”

The audience is slightly confused by Eyck, but boo him anyway.

Aldo van Eyck: “You people didn’t even care that I was absent, it is because of your prejudice and bigotry that I wasn’t able to wrestle here in Full Throttle Wrestling! Your ignorance caused me to lose my opportunities! But, I am above all of you, and so I will forgive you. I will forgive you for harming myself and countless others with your ignorance.”

Boos immediately flood the arena in response to Aldo van Eyck’s forgiveness of these suspected wrongs.

Aldo van Eyck: “After all, it is my mission to educate you all and eradicate the stigmas from your corrupted little minds. However, it seems that I am not the only individual aspiring to cleanse this ignorance from you. I have found an ally who seemed unlikely at the time, but approached me and informed me of his like-minded desire to see all barriers blocking foreign wrestlers be taken down. Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce my ally, Lars Alexander!”

The crowd lets their disapproval for any ally of Aldo’s be heard, but it is clear that they do not know who Lars Alexander is.

As the crowd’s anticipation builds, "Anti You" by Blue Stahli, begins playing over the PA system. After a brief moment, a man who can only be assumed to be Lars Alexander steps out onto the entrance ramp. The man smiles and points at Aldo before applauding him. The man calmly walks down to the ring, ignoring the crowd’s jeers. Climbing into the ring, the strange man stands beside Aldo.

Lars Alexander: “Thank you for allowing me to come out here. Aldo, I have been a supporter of yours for the longest time, and your cause is so just! All you really wanted is to educate these hapless sheep and lead them in a revolution! In any way I can, I would like to help you remove the stain of ignorance from the wrestling world, both from these people and from the other wrestlers in the back. Talent should not be limited simply because of where one is from. These prejudices have plagued the wrestling world for far too long.”

The crowd continues to boo the two men, even going as far as to begin a chant of “USA”. Hearing this, Lars lets out a sigh before bringing the microphone to his lips.

Lars Alexander: “I’m an American you idiots. These chants are everything that is wrong in this business; you should be happy to see good wrestling, not happy only when your Americans win. Your taboos are made without justification and are a result of closed minds, but have no fear, we shall soon be solving that dilemma.”

Lars gives the crowd a coy smile as he lowers his microphone.

Aldo takes this moment to begin speaking again.

Aldo van Eyck: “Tonight, we further our agenda. Tonight, Lars Alexander and I will team up to take down Treachery! That’s right, the mystery team that Adam Vogel picked consists of your wrestling salvation, Lars Alexander and Aldo van Eyck!”

The crowd is momentarily stunned by Aldo’s announcement, but the boos do not subside for very long.

Aldo van Eyck: “Tonight is the beginning of the Professional Revolution! It starts with the capturing of the FTW World Tag Team Championships and ends with the complete integration of foreign workers into America’s wrestling federations!”

Eyck and Alexander drop their microphones before exiting the ring. The two men, hated by the audience, walk to the back after revealing themselves as the challengers for the champions tonight.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Aldo_v10 AND Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Lars_a10


Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Kazu_n10 AND Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Willia10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a tag team match for the FTW World Tag Team Championships and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the challengers, the team of Aldo van Eyck and Lars Alexander, The Professional Revolution!”

"Screaming Bloody Murder" by Sum 41 begins playing throughout the arena as Aldo van Eyck and Lars Alexander walk out from the backstage and onto the ramp. The crowd bursts into a frenzy of boos at the sight of Aldo and Lars, but the two men ignore the crowd as they walk to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And introducing next, the FTW World Tag Team Champions, the team of Kazu Nagai and William LaCroix, Treachery!”

As Kazu Nagai and William LaCroix step out onto the entrance ramp along with their manager, Aaron Blake, the song "Kokoro Kayowasete" by the Homesicks begins to play. Nagai takes the cigarette he was smoking and puts it out using the bare flesh of his arm. After nonchalantly flicking the cigarette away from him, Kazu walks down to the ring with William LaCroix for their match.

Dale McCoy: “So Adam Vogel decided to pick Aldo van Eyck and Lars Alexander as the mystery challengers for the FTW World Tag Team Championships? But these two men have never teamed before in Full Throttle Wrestling!”

Pendelton: “Adam Vogel has made stranger decisions in the past. Besides, what’s the harm in giving these two the opportunity here tonight to become champions? Who knows Dale; these two could win the belts and defeat Treachery.”

Dale McCoy: “Well, it’s certainly possible. It is extremely difficult to prepare for a mystery team, especially if the mystery team is a brand new combination and even includes a debuting wrestler on it. Treachery may be in trouble here tonight.”

Pendelton: “May be in trouble? They likely ARE in trouble.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Lars Alexander and William LaCroix step to the outside. Lars talks with Aldo as William points out Aldo’s turned back to Kazu. Kazu runs across the ring and goes for an elbow on Aldo, but Aldo moves out of the way and Kazu instead knocks Lars off of the apron.”

Pendelton: “Aldo van Eyck connects with a hard punch to Kazu’s jaw as he turns back around. Aldo keeps up with the punches, pushing Kazu back to the corner.”

Dale McCoy: “As Aldo gets pulled away by the referee, Lars Alexander hops back onto the apron and grabs Kazu before Kazu can get out of the corner. Lars holds Kazu in a sleeper before hanging off of the apron, using Kazu to hold him up!”

Pendelton: “That’s pretty smart by Lars, and it shows Treachery that they aren’t going to be the only ones who can cheat in this match.”

Dale McCoy: “As the referee turns back around, Lars releases Kazu and drops to the mat, feigning that he just got back up from his earlier knockdown to fool the referee. Aldo van Eyck takes advantage of Kazu’s breathlessness to connect with a kick to the gut and drive him into the mat with a DDT.”

Pendelton: “Aldo goes for a cover, but Kazu pushes him off before a count of one. Aldo stays on the attack with kicks to the face, trying to keep Kazu down, but Kazu shakes off of the kicks and gets up anyway.”

Dale McCoy: “Aldo connects to the jaw with a punch, but Kazu doesn’t budge. Aldo goes for another shot, but Kazu takes that one too. Aldo is looking a bit confused as he was seemingly doing damage earlier but isn’t anymore.”

Pendelton: “Confusion or not, Aldo goes for a third punch, but Kazu decided to block this one before knocking Aldo down with a punch of his own. Kazu waits for Aldo to get back up before running through him with a clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu grabs Aldo and takes him over to Treachery’s corner before bouncing his face off of the turnbuckle pad over and over and over again before letting Aldo fall to the mat. With a smirk, Kazu tags in William LaCroix.”

Pendelton: “LaCroix steps in as Kazu lifts Aldo horizontally. Could he be going for a fallaway slam here? It doesn’t look like it as LaCroix is bouncing off of the ropes…big boot to the face of the trapped Aldo!”

Dale McCoy: “LaCroix pulls the discombobulated Aldo van Eyck to his feet before sending him into the corner with an irish whip. LaCroix follows him in and connects with a big clothesline before lifting Aldo onto the turnbuckle. LaCroix climbs up after him.”

Pendelton: “LaCroix just brought Aldo back into the ring with a superplex! Holy cow! That one looked tasty and LaCroix is now going for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “Aldo kicks out before the three. He was close to being pinned without even getting his partner into this match. William pulls Aldo up and onto his shoulders before signaling for the Dementia, but as he runs towards the corner, Aldo slides down his back and pushes him into the corner!”

Pendelton: “Aldo tags in Lars Alexander! Lars pulls himself over the ropes and grabs LaCroix before pulling him onto his knees for a backstabber! Lars quickly hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “But LaCroix kicks out at two. Lars stays on the attack with a few knee drops to LaCroix’s jaw before running over and knocking Kazu off of the apron. LaCroix takes this opportunity to charge at Lars, but Lars pulls the rope down and LaCroix goes over and onto Kazu!”

Pendelton: “As Treachery gets back to their feet, Lars climbs onto the turnbuckle and leaps off and onto both men, wiping them out!”

Dale McCoy: “Lars Alexander helps LaCroix to his feet before pushing him back and into the steel steps! LaCroix’s head bounced off of them in a nasty fashion! Kazu Nagai starts to move toward Lars, but Aldo van Eyck runs on the apron before leaping at him and connecting with a knee to the side of Kazu’s face that knocks Kazu into the side of our table!”

Pendelton: “Aaron Blake runs over to try and distract the two wrestlers, but Aldo van Eyck will have none of it as he just knocked Blake on his ass with a hard forearm shot!”

Dale McCoy: “Lars Alexander and Aldo van Eyck send LaCroix into the ring before climbing in as well. Aldo van Eyck holds LaCroix as Lars runs to the ropes. Bouncing off of them for momentum, Lars drives his shoulder into LaCroix’s gut as Aldo falls back for the Russian legsweep! What a combination! Lars hooks a leg as Aldo slides out of the ring.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall and the NEW FTW World Tag Team Champions, Aldo van Eyck and Lars Alexander, The Professional Revolution!”

Pendelton: “I don’t believe how well Aldo and Lars worked out there tonight. The two men managed to outmaneuver and outplay Treachery to win the titles, despite being new to teaming and being outweighed.”

Dale McCoy: “They had a really good strategy and managed to capitalize on it. The two men took out Kazu and Aaron Blake before going for the kill on LaCroix, and boy did it pay off in a big way. It seems that I was wrong to doubt Adam Vogel’s judgment.”

Pendelton: “It looks like you were. Perhaps these two really will be able to bring about a professional revolution. Either way, they are off to a good start to both that and their FTW careers with this early title reign.”

Dale McCoy: “You can bet that Treachery will be gunning for them now though. I’m sure Aaron Blake feels embarrassed by this defeat and will want to do all he can to get the belts back and reverse the results of this match by defeating this team in the next encounter.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012) Ftwsep10

Dale McCoy: "What a night we had here! In their first time teaming together and in Lars's debut, The Professional Revolution managed to knock off Treachery to become the new FTW World Tag Team Champions!"

Pendelton: "Let's not forget, Adam Vogel also booked a match between William LaCroix and himself for our next show!"

Dale McCoy: "It'll be interesting to see how that turns out, but until then, I'm Dale McCoy."

Pendelton: "And I'm Pendelton, saying so long."
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (September 16, 2012)
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