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 Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017)

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Alexander Melchiott

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Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Empty
PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) EmptyMon Mar 13, 2017 1:51 am

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Zero_i10 VS Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ebp10

Dale McCoy: "Thank you for joining us live here ladies and gentlemen.  For you folks we have our special dark match for tonight-"

Oliver Evans: "We have a promotional newcomer taking on... well, an idiot.  This one is pretty clear."

Dale McCoy: "Anything can happen in that ring, Oliver.  Let's see what happens in this one."

Taryn Shay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall!  Introducing first... The Demon of Skirakawa... Erika Sonozaki!"

"Higurashi no Naku Koro ni" sung by Eiko Shimamiya begins playing throughout the arena as Erika Sonozaki steps out onto the entrance way flanked by Cecilia Christiansen.  In her hand is a sakazuki containing some liquor, which she casually takes a drink of before handing the sakazuki to Cecilia.  After rubbing the back of her neck with a hand and sighing, Erika walks down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: "And now introducing her oppponent... The Executive Brooklyn Producer!"

"BROOKLYN RAGE~!" by LittleKuriboh begins playing as The Executive Brooklyn Producer walks onto the stage and waves at the fans in attendance before walking down to the ring.


Dale McCoy: “As the bell rings, Erika Sonozaki turns her back on The Producer.  She’s complaining to Cecilia about having to be in this match!  The Producer takes advantage of the situation, rolling Erika up from behind!”

Ray Johnson: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Wow!  The Executive Brooklyn Producer almost managed to steal a victory there!  Erika looks pissed!”

Dale McCoy: “Erika levels The Producer with a huge clothesline!  The Producer is on wobbly legs… Erika lifts him up into the electric chair before tossing him into the air.  Erika quickly spins around, catches the falling opponent, and drives The Producer into the mat with a powerbomb while dropping to a sitting position!  Demon’s Fate!”

Ray Johnson: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “The Executive Brooklyn Producer kicks out before three!  Well, he’s never been the sharpest tool in the shed…”

Dale McCoy: “Erika waits for The Executive Brooklyn Producer to get to his feet.  Erika grabs The Executive Brooklyn Producer into an inverted facelock and hooks his near arm before dropping to the mat and wrapping her legs around him!  The Demon’s Dream!  And that’s it!  The Executive Brooklyn Producer has passed out!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via submission… Erika Sonozaki!”

Oliver Evans: “I would say this was a strong showing for Erika, but it was The Executive Brooklyn Producer, so this really wasn’t all that impressive.”

Dale McCoy: “Oh come on, Oliver!  We’ve seen The Executive Brooklyn Producer put on great matches before!  He has the heart of a lion.”

Oliver Evans: “And the brains of a flea.  Let’s face it, he sucks.  Even Erika looks disgusted with this match.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Fullth11

Dale McCoy: “Tonight we will see the round one matches in the Adam Vogel Invitational!  This year, we have quite the talented field competing in the tournament.  We have former World Heavyweight Champions and former winners of the Adam Vogel Invitational in Alexander Melchiott, Antonio Del Veccio, and the man who created this tournament, Adam Vogel!”

Oliver Evans: “Let’s not forget our other former champions that are competing in this tournament!  Ethan O’Reilly, Angel, Ace Hawkins, and, of course, Kazu Nagai have all held various championships in this organization!”

Dale McCoy: “Indeed they have!  And this year we have a very talented outsider who has joined this tournament looking for a huge win and a contract with Full Throttle Wrestling!  The world traveled and current Ring Of Chaos Women’s Champion Cecilia Christiansen looks to make a big splash in Full Throttle Wrestling when she faces Alexander Melchiott in the first round.”

Oliver Evans: “That’s a tough draw for Cecilia, as Alexander is one of the favorites to win this tournament.  But let’s be honest, all of the competitors this year are very game!  But let’s not waste any more time in getting this show rolling!”

The camera pans away from Dale McCoy and Oliver Evans to the ring.  In the center of the ring is Adam Vogel, who nods at the fans.  Beside him are two pedestals, one housing the Adam Vogel Invitational Cup, and the other holding the FTW World Heavyweight Championship.  With a smile, Adam lifts the microphone to his lips.

Adam Vogel: “Hello Ladies and Gentlemen!  Are you excited?”

The packed arena erupts, showing that they are in fact very excited for tonight.

Adam Vogel: “That’s what I thought.  And how could any human with a pulse not be fired up for the reopening of Full Throttle Wrestling?  We bring it back tonight with our biggest event: The Adam Vogel Invitational!”

Looking a bit uncomfortable, Vogel rubs his neck.

Adam Vogel: “I’ll admit, it’s pretty embarrassing having to announce that.  It makes me sound like such a conceited asshole, right?  Hey!  Don’t cheer at that!”

Vogel fakes admonishment towards the fans before chuckling to himself.

Adam Vogel: “But of real, it is very weird having a tournament named after you.  And granted, I was a conceited asshole when I made this tournament, but it still feels wrong for my name to be highlighted in a federation that is so stacked with talent.  I’ll figure out a new name for this tournament next year, I promise.”

Clearly his throat, Adam Vogel takes a more serious stance.

Adam Vogel: “Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight is the rebirth of Full Throttle Wrestling.  We have brought together some of the most impressive talent in the wrestling world for this event tonight.  Many of the faces you know have been very, very busy in their careers since the closing of our company.  They’ve traveled the world and they’ve been winning titles left and right.  Now, they come home and they fight for the right to be named the best wrestler on the planet today!  This is an invitational, but quite frankly, there were a lot of folks who just didn’t qualify.  And there are some wrestlers who you think should be in this tournament who actually lost that right in other federations when they lost to the men who will be competing here tonight.  This is perhaps the most strict we’ve ever been with selecting participants for the Adam Vogel Invitational.  We looked at every competitor's recent performances to see who they’ve beaten, how they’ve won, and how they actually fought the fight.  Tonight, you get the best of the best.  Have a great night!”

Adam starts to walk away before stopping himself.

Adam Vogel: “Actually… there are four men here tonight who weren’t originally scheduled for this tournament.  While these men didn’t go through the scrutiny that the rest had to grow through, you can rest assured that they are more than capable of winning this tournament.  With that said, let’s get tonight started, shall we?”

Adam exits the ring as some ring hands gently move the pedestals out of the ring and place them down by the announce desk before scurrying away.  Adam nods his approval before waving to the fans and walking to the back.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Standing in the middle of the ring, Alexander Melchiott waits for the crowd to settle down before bringing the microphone he is holding up to his lips.

Alexander Melchiott: “I would say that I don’t want to take up too much of your time, but let’s be real, I could care less.”

Melchiott shrugs.

Alexander Melchiott: “I would say that I’m glad to be back here and that it’s great to be wrestling in front of all of you…”

Turning away from the mic, Melchiott dry heaves.

Alexander Melchiott: “Oh, I’m sorry, I just had a terrible taste in my mouth at the prospect of kissing your asses.  It seems that that is a thing a lot of wrestlers do these days and I want to make sure that you all understand that we’re not going to come out here and make you feel like you’re anything special.  For God’s sake, get it through your damn heads that this is nothing more than a transaction!  We give you something to watch and you watch it.  That’s it.  That’s the extent of our relationship.  We’re the talented, good-looking, celebrities and you are the peons who are lucky to be in our presence.  Do you understand?  We don’t give a shit about any of you!  We don’t need you, you need us!  You want to watch us, we don’t want to see you!  Realize your place and just be grateful that we even let you be in the same building as us!”

The crowd boos Melchiott, but I mean… it’s not anything they haven’t heard before.  This is the heel equivalent of a “cheap pop”.

Alexander Melchiott: “Now that you hopefully understand your role in this show, shut up and let me get on with it.”

Melchiott clears his throat in an attempt to get the crowd to pay attention.

Alexander Melchiott: “Tonight, Full Throttle Wrestling reopens it doors for one reason and one reason only: to put Alexander Melchiott over.  While I appreciate it, you really don’t need to put over the single best wrestler in the entire friggin’ world!  But if we’re being honest, that is all this “reopening” is for.  The Adam Vogel Invitational is simply a collection of wrestlers for me to beat on my way to yet another victory in this tournament!  Adam Vogel knows that I am the greatest wrestler on the planet, and that’s why he’s booked me to be here tonight.  Adam knows that I’m going to win this tournament.  He knows that it’s a foregone conclusion and he’s happy that it is, because it means that he gets to make some easy money.”

The crowd, unhappy with Melchiott’s boasting, boos him to little effect.

Alexander Melchiott: “No matter how “good” these other competitors claim to be, none of them can hold a candle to me.  I’m the best, and that’s why I’ve sold out this venue.  Everyone wants to see the best lose, am I right?”

Of course, the crowd lets it be known that yes, they would in fact like to see Melchiott lose.

Alexander Melchiott: “Yeah, that’s what I thought.  Everyone loves to see the King lose his crown!  But you lot will have to keep on dreaming, because this King doesn’t have any patience for usurpers.  And that brings me to the main order of business for tonight, my first usurper hopeful, Cecilia Christiansen!”

Melchiott gives a few fake claps for his soon to be opponent before rolling his eyes.

Alexander Melchiott: “Are you kidding me?  Look, I know that I’m going to win regardless of who is put in front of me, but seriously?  At least give me opponents who are worth a damn!  What has Cecilia done to warrant a place in this year’s Invitational?  She’s the current Women’s Champion of Ring of Chaos?  Wow!  What an accomplishment!  You are the champion of a division that may as well not exist!  Instead of wasting my time with her, Adam could have found me an opponent who, I don’t know, is a former World Champion or something.  Give me someone who people actually care about so that I can rub it into the World’s face that I beat all of its heroes!  The entire point-”

“Oh will you just give it a rest already!?”

Surprised by the interruption, Melchiott turns to see three figures on the entrance ramp.  A little girl stands front and center between the current Ring of Chaos Women’s Champion Cecilia Christiansen and one-half of the current Ring of Chaos Tag Team Champions in Erika Sonozaki.  Sonozaki holds the microphone, clearly the one who interrupted Melchiott’s speech.

Erika Sonozaki: “Melchiott, get over yourself!  You act like some kind of hotshot, but last I checked, you’ve been on something of a losing streak.  Before Full Throttle Wrestling closed, you weren’t a champion and you failed in your championship pursuits.  In Ring of Chaos, you keep failing in your bid to become champion.  Everywhere you go, you fail to be the champion.  So why are you out here proclaiming yourself to be the greatest to ever lace up a pair of boots when you’ve clearly run out of luck?  And let’s face it, that’s all you ever made it on!  You were lucky that neither of us were in the business because we would have kept you out of the title picture.”

Erika gives a haughty smile as the little girl chuckles at Melchiott.  Smiling, Cecilia lays a hand on Erika’s shoulder.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Melchiott, we’ve had our encounters in the past and I’ve been on the winning side of them.  But how rude of us not to introduce ourselves!  This charming giant is one-half of the current Ring of Chaos Tag Team Champions, Erika Sonozaki!”

Taking a knee, Cecilia puts a hand on the little girl’s shoulder.

Cecilia Christiansen: “And this little one is Paru.”

Standing back up, Cecilia gestures to herself.

Cecilia Christiansen: “And I’m the Princess of the Professional Wrestling World, the Queen of Ring of Chaos and the Ring of Chaos Women’s Champion… Cecilia Christiansen!  But all of you fans know exactly who we are.  How couldn’t you!?  We’ve taken the wrestling world by storm, which is why I received an invitation to this tournament by none other than Adam Vogel himself!  He was so impressed with the rising stars of women’s wrestling that he personally invited all of us to this event.  While only one of us could take the tournament spot, we all are here to prove that we are the future of this industry.  Speaking of futures… you’re looking at your future Queen of Full Throttle Wrestling and the winner of the 2017 Adam Vogel Invitational right here!  I’ve proven that I can beat you and I’ve proven that I can take on the top competition that this industry can offer!  I’m the total package, and tonight Melchiott, you find that out the hard way.”

Paru points to Melchiott before giving him a thumbs down, stating that his luck is up.

Cecilia Christiansen: “Women are just as good, if not better, than men!  This industry has been male dominated for far too long and it is time that someone showed women everywhere that we can compete in this world!  Tonight, I take the first step in my quest to revolutionize professional wrestling when I defeat you in the middle of that ring.  And unlike you Melchiott, I’m not only doing this for myself, I’m doing it for all of these people here.  They all want you to shut up!”

The fans cheer, showing their support for Cecilia, (or their opposition to Melchiott).

Cecilia Christiansen: “I have cleaned out the Ring of Chaos women’s division, which is more of an accomplishment than you can ever claim to have done in your title reigns.  Let’s face it Melchiott, you have a penchant for losing titles right after you fluke your way to victory.  Unfortunately for all of us, that fluke still gives you bragging rights and something to harp about until you manage to find something better to talk about.  Honestly Melchiott, you are a broken record.  You fixate on one moment in your career until you can manage to get some other marquee accomplishment to move on to, but you’re not going to find that accomplishment tonight.  I don’t think that we should waste anymore time, so what do you say we just get this started?”

Dropping her microphone, Cecilia begins walking down to the ring with Erika and Paru in tow.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Alexan12  VS  Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Zero_i10

Dale McCoy: “And here is our first round one contest in this year’s Adam Vogel Invitational!  This has always proven itself to be an ultra competitive tournament, so I’m excited to see what happens this year!”

Oliver Evans: “In our opening match for the tournament, we have quite the start with former World Champion and former Adam Vogel Invitational winner Alexander Melchiott taking on the current Women’s Champion of Ring of Chaos, Cecilia Christiansen!”

Dale McCoy: “This promises to be a great match!  Two champions in the prime of their careers with such a prestigious title at stake?  You know that both of these competitors will be giving their all here tonight.”

Oliver Evans: “Indeed they will.  Let’s get this thing started!”

Taryn Shay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a round one match in the Adam Vogel Invitational!  Introducing first, hailing from The Principality of Monaco... Hotspur... Alexander Melchiott!"

“Ultra Numb” by Blue Stahli blasts over the arena as Alexander Melchiott steps out from the back. Stopping at the top of the ramp, Alexander slides a finger horizontally across the metal before tossing off his vest and walking down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: "And introducing his opponent, hailing from Domrémy-la-Pucelle, France... The Princess of the Professional Wrestling World and the Queen of Ring of Chaos... Cecilia Christiansen!"

Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major begins playing in the arena as Cecilia steps out from the back with a parasol out. Carrying the parasol, Cecilia leisurely walks down to the ring. Arriving at the ring, Cecilia folds in her parasol and sets it by the steel steps before climbing onto the apron and entering the ring.


Dale McCoy: “Cecilia has both Erika Sonozaki and… her child?  I don’t fully understand the relationship between Paru and Erika, but the two are out here to support Cecilia.  One has to wonder if that will be a bit of a distraction for Alexander Melchiott.”

Oliver Evans: “Let’s not forget that Alexander has proven himself to be a bit hot-headed in the past.”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia and Alexander lock up.  Cecilia tries to take Melchiott’s back, but Melchiott slips free and gets behind her.  Melchiott lifts Cecilia into the air, but Cecilia manages to slip free and pulls Melchiott to the mat with an arm-drag.  Melchiott looks a bit annoyed as he gets back to his feet, only to walk right into a dropkick that sends him tumbling to the floor!”

Oliver Evans: “Cecilia is proving herself to be faster than Alexander, which may pose a bit of a problem to him.  Melchiott has more experience competing against larger athletes who he can outmaneuver.”

Dale McCoy: “Melchiott decides that he wants to take a break and turns his back to Cecilia.  Cecilia jumps over the ropes, but Melchiott moves out of the way!  Wait!  Cecilia shows amazing agility as she lands on the ropes.  Melchiott points to his head, thinking he’s outsmarted his opponent before turning right into a huge running kick from Cecilia!  A stunned Melchiott uses the barricade to pull himself to his feet, only to be taken out by a senton from Cecilia!”

Oliver Evans: “Cecilia gives a young fan a high-five before rolling Melchiott into the ring.  Cecilia poises herself on the ring apron.  As Melchiott gets to his feet, she leaps onto the ropes before jumping and landing on Melchiott with a crossbody!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Melchiott isn’t going down that easily as he forces Cecilia off at two.  Melchiott’s back up, but he misses with a clothesline.  Pelé Kick from Cecilia!  Melchiott stumbles into the corner.  Cecilia comes charging in, but Melchiott steps out of the corner and side-steps her.  Cecilia leaps onto the second rope before spring back and knocking Melchiott to the mat with a back elbow!”

Oliver Evans: “Cecilia’s got Melchiott all out of sorts here!  Melchiott looks to grapple with Cecilia, but the smaller competitor slips underneath the arms and grabs Melchiott in a cobra clutch attempt, but Melchiott manages to throw her off and over.”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia takes a kick to the gut before being driven into the mat with a DDT!  That’s one way to stop your opponent’s momentum.  Melchiott sends Cecilia into the ropes before taking her out with a clothesline as she comes back.  Melchiott looks to have finally found his rhythm in this bout.”

Oliver Evans: “Melchiott drops an elbow onto Cecilia’s chest before grabbing her into a chinlock.  Cecilia forces her way to her feet, but Melchiott changes his grip before slinging her over his back and to the mat with the inverted headlock takeover.  Melchiott’s got a bridging reverse chinlock locking in!”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia manages to drag Melchiott close to the ropes before stretching out a leg and getting the foot on the rope.  Melchiott is forced to break the hold, much to his chagrin.  Melchiott pulls Cecilia away from the ropes before lifting her into the air and slamming her to the mat with a bodyslam.  It looks like Melchiott wants to end this match early!  Melchiott moves to the turnbuckle and climbs onto the first rope before flipping back and onto Cecilia with a moonsault.  Alexander quickly gets back to his feet before jumping onto the second rope and going for a second moonsault, but Cecilia gets a boot up and catches Melchiott right on the chin!”

Oliver Evans: “That had to hurt!  That first moonsault sure woke Cecilia up!”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia spins before jumping and catching Melchiott on the jaw with a kick!  The Luminous Strike connects!  Melchiott’s down!  Cecilia quickly dives on top and hooks both legs!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Melchiott’s out just before the three!  Cecilia looks shocked!”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia heads to the ropes before springboarding off of them and landing on Melchiott with a leg drop.  Quickly back to her feet, Cecilia turns her back to Melchiott before jumping backwards and landing on him with the standing moonsault!  Cecilia gets back to her feet and walks backwards to the ropes.  She bounces off of them before jumping onto Melchiott with the shooting star press!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Melchiott again manages to kick out, but he’s been soaking up a lot of damage in this one.  He needs to do something fast to turn this one around.”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia lifts Melchiott onto her shoulders, but Melchiott slips down her back before pulling her to the mat with a reverse DDT.  Melchiott hits the ropes as Cecilia gets to her feet and takes her out with a calf kick!  Cecilia quickly gets back to her feet and walks right into an enzuigiri!  Melchiott quickly gets behind his stunned opponent before lifting her into the air and dropping her on her head with the german suplex!  The momentum carries a confused Cecilia to her knees, allowing Melchiott to catch her on the jaw with a superkick!  What an explosion of offense!”

Oliver Evans: “The crowd is showing their appreciation for the quick turnaround.  Melchiott quickly hops onto the turnbuckle before leaping off with the frog splash!  This could be it!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “But Cecilia kicks out just before the three!  The crowd seems to be just as surprised as Melchiott!  Melchiott measures Cecilia… and charges in for a spear, but Cecilia sidesteps and pushes Melchiott face-first into the second turnbuckle!  A stunned Melchiott bounces out of the turnbuckle and right into a german suplex from Cecilia!”

Oliver Evans: “Can someone say “payback”?”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia doubles Melchiott over with a kick to the gut before kicking him in the face.  Cecilia goes to follow up with the Luminous Strike, but Melchiott ducks underneath it before hitting the ropes.  Melchiott charges at Cecilia and goes for another spear, but Cecilia manages to get a knee up just in time!  Melchiott just went face-first into Cecilia’s knee!”

Oliver Evans: “OUCH!  That had to hurt both competitors, but I think that Melchiott probably got the worst of it.”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia gingerly gets to her feet before grabbing Melchiott from behind.  Cecilia grabs Melchiott’s arms and wraps them around his neck before suddenly spinning and dragging Melchiott to the mat with the Dead Butterfly!  Cecilia quickly into the cover!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thre…”

Oliver Evans: “Melchiott’s out just before the hand hits the mat!  It doesn’t get much closer than that!  Cecilia is wondering what she has to do to finish this one.”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia tries to lock up the Silver Dragon, but Melchiott manages to pull her to the ropes, forcing the break.  Cecilia tries to pull Melchiott to his feet, but Melchiott suddenly lifts Cecilia onto his shoulders before throwing her legs back and falling to the mat, driving Cecilia face-first into the mat with the Moonlight Drive!”

Oliver Evans: “If only Melchiott could follow up this match might be over.”

Dale McCoy: “Melchiott is too beat up to immediately follow-up and he realizes that it’s probably too late to get the cover.  Getting to his feet, Melchiott waits for Cecilia to get up before running and bouncing off the ropes and nearly cutting her half with the Moonlight Slice!  Melchiott finally gets it!  He hooks a leg here.”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “But Cecilia’s out at two!  Melchiott looks flabbergasted!  These two are hitting one another with their best shots, but it’s just not enough to keep one of them down.”

Dale McCoy: “Melchiott signals to the crowd that it is time to finish this.  Alexander Melchiott crosses Cecilia’s arms before swinging his legs over the crossed arms while falling onto his back.  Forming an "X" shape with his legs, Alexander begins pushing against Cecilia's neck while also pulling on her arms to maximize the pressure.  The Moonlight Goodnight is locked in!  Cecilia kicks her legs, desperately trying to escape the hold to no avail!  She’s starting to fade!  Oh!  But with one last gasp effort, Cecilia manages to kick her legs out and move Melchiott just close enough to the ropes to get the break!”

Oliver Evans: “Melchiott looks fed up with Cecilia.  He pulls her to the center of the ring and tries to go for the Moonlight Goodnight again, but Cecilia manages to slip her arms free before rolling Melchiott to his feet and catching him with a surprise Twist of Fate!”

Dale McCoy: “Cecilia doesn’t waste any time.  She lifts Melchiott into the air before dropping forward and slamming Melchiott into the mat with a powerbomb!  That took a lot out of Cecilia, but it might be just what she needs!  Cecilia stands next to her downed opponent.  Jumping a few times to gain momentum, Cecilia tucks and rotates forwards before landing on top of Melchiott!  Unilateral Contact!  Cecilia for the win!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Three-”

Oliver Evans: “No wait!  Melchiott’s foot is on the bottom rope!  Bull managed to catch it just in time!”

Dale McCoy: “The crowd isn’t happy and are chanting “that was three”, but Bull made the right call.  Melchiott was just a little too close to the ropes and had the wherewithal to take advantage of that fact to stay alive in this match.  With Erika and Paru urging her on, Cecilia doesn’t dwell on the kick out for long.  She lifts Melchiott onto her shoulders into a fireman's carry before throwing him forward while falling into a sitting position, planting him with the Starlight Typhoon!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Three!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall and advancing into the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational… Cecilia Christiansen!”

Oliver Evans: "This is going to be a tough pill for Alexander to swallow.  He was confident that he was going to win this tournament, but he couldn't even manage to get through the first round!"

Dale McCoy: "Cecilia is a tough draw for any competitor, and Melchiott did himself no favors by underestimating her.  Beating Alexander Melchiott in your debut is a huge accomplishment.  Cecilia just showed everyone that she's someone to watch in this tournament."

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Backstage, the camera closes in on Antonio Del Veccio.  Judging by his bags, he’s only just arrived.  As he notices the camera, Antonio sets down his bags and waits for the camera to approach him before speaking.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Another year, another Adam Vogel Invitational.  They should really rename this tournament to the Del Veccio Invitational since I’ve always been the main attraction.  Tonight will be no different as I headline the show!  Or rather, I SHOULD headline the show, but instead I’ve been stuck in the middle of the show and faced with a worthless opponent.  Christopher Vogel is nothing special and tonight he shall fall to Antonio Del Veccio!  It’s about time someone ended his little run in the top 10.  Maybe if he wasn’t babied by his daddy, he would have already learned the harsh reality -- he’s not anywhere near my league.”

Getting a little more fired up at the idea of facing Christopher Vogel, Antonio angrily being pointing at himself.

Antonio Del Veccio: “I’m a former World Heavyweight Champion and the winner of the largest Adam Vogel Invitational in history!  I’ve earned my place in the annals of history and I deserve to be treated with respect!  I deserve to be headlining this show!  I deserve a serious opponent, not some coddled little brat who doesn't know the first thing about wrestling!”

Settling down, Antonio shakes his head in disgust.

Antonio Del Veccio: “Whatever.  Tonight, I will easily dispatch of Christopher in route to claiming the accolade of having won the Adam Vogel Invitational yet again.  Once I’m done with Christopher, I will look to cement my name as the best wrestler on the planet!  I hope Alexander Melchiott makes it to the second round so I can drop him and show that he is NOTHING compared to me!  I hope Adam Vogel makes it to the finals so that I can defeat him and prove that I am far better than he ever was!  He’s a midcard talent who has gotten lucky his whole career, he doesn’t have what it takes to play in the main event.  This tournament is mine to win, and mark my words, I will win.  It’s about time the King took his crown.  Now get lost.”

Waving the camera away, Del Veccio grabs his bags before entering his locker room.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Antoni11  VS  Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Zero_i10

Dale McCoy: "It's time for our second match from the first round of the Adam Vogel Invitational!  We just saw Cecilia Christiansen defeat Alexander Melchiott to advance into the second round, but the question is which one of these two men will be facing her?  Will it be a former World Champion and Adam Vogel Invitational winner in Antonio Del Veccio?  Or will we see an upset as Christopher Vogel advances?"

Oliver Evans: "Do you want my honest opinion or do you want me to try and hype this match up?  Antonio Del Veccio is going to win this one with ease."

Dale McCoy: "I knew you were going to say that.  This one looks like a mismatch, but anything can happen in that ring.  Christopher Vogel is a talented competitor-"

Oliver Evans: "But he's nowhere near the level of Antonio Del Veccio.  Antonio's grappling is leagues ahead of Christopher's.  On top of that, Antonio has an enormous advantage in big match experience."

Taryn Shay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a round one match in the Adam Vogel Invitational! Introducing first... The da Vinci of Submission... Antonio Del Veccio!"

As "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall blasts throughout the arena, the Italian wrestler, Antonio Del Veccio, walks out onto the stage. He holds a finger into the air before walking down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: "And introducing his opponent... Christopher Vogel!"

Christopher Vogel makes his way down to the ring.


Dale McCoy: “Antonio with a quick kick to the gut.  He sends Vogel into the ropes before knocking him down with a back elbow.  Antonio waits for Vogel to get up before catching him with the enzuigiri!  Antonio grabs the leg, but Christopher scrambles to the ropes to prevent the submission attempt.”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio mocks Christopher before locking up with him.  Antonio easily takes the arm into a hammerlock.  Vogel manages to walk Antonio to the ropes to break up the submission.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio mocks Vogel yet again for running to the ropes.  An annoyed Vogel makes the bad decision to grapple with Antonio again.  Antonio easily takes his back before lifting him up and dropping him on the mat with the takedown.  Antonio quickly spins around to the front of Christopher and keeps hold of his head.  He might be looking for a guillotine here.  Christopher tries to slip free, but this just lets Antonio get a better position and pull Christopher’s head in deep for the guillotine!”

Oliver Evans: “Christopher’s hand is hovering over the mat.  He might tap out right here!”

Dale McCoy: “Vogel just barely manages to get a foot to the bottom rope to break the hold.  Antonio continues mocking Vogel and slaps him across the head.  The referee forces Antonio back before checking on Vogel to see if he can continue.  Vogel seems to have recovered after nearly being choked out and is waving the ref away.”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio laughs before advancing on his opponent.  The two men go to lock up yet again, and once again Antonio manages to advance position into the arm wrench.”

Dale McCoy: “Christopher tries to roll through, but Antonio sweeps the leg and wrenches the arm as Vogel hits the mat.  Keeping his grip, Antonio puts his knee on Vogel’s shoulder before putting his hand into the back of his knee.  With the arm trapped, Antonio reaches across and grabs the far arm.  Stepping over with his free leg, Antonio uses the position to pull the arm in a very awkward direction.  Christopher kicks his legs, desperately trying to disrupt Antonio’s position.”

Oliver Evans: “Christopher manages to slip his hand free from Antonio’s leg and reaches up to grab his twisted arm, pulling on it to help alleviate some of the pressure.  He continues kicking his legs out, slowly angling closer to the ropes.”

Dale McCoy: “And he gets there!  Antonio looks a bit annoyed as he gives the arm one final wrench before releasing the hold.  Vogel had another close call here, but how much damage was done to the arm?  And how much does this throw off Vogel?  He’s been dominated so far in this match and has been nearly submitted twice now.  He’s going to have to figure out a new gameplan and fast if he wants to win this.”

Oliver Evans: “Do you think that the fans would be annoyed if we continued to talk about what Vogel needs to do instead of calling the match?”

Dale McCoy: “I’m pretty sure that they would indeed be annoyed by that, Oliver.  Wouldn’t you be annoyed if the match just spontaneously ended while we talked about something else?  Luckily, that won’t happen because Vogel just locked up yet again with Antonio.  Antonio quickly sweeps the leg out from under Vogel, tripping him to the mat with ease.  Antonio bows to the crowd, enjoying having once again bested Vogel in the grapple.”

Oliver Evans: “Vogel looks pissed at being embarrassed!  Antonio just laughs at Vogel before motioning for him to bring it on.”

Dale McCoy: “Christopher lets his pride get the best of him and locks up yet again with Antonio Del Veccio.  Del Veccio gets a foot behind Christopher’s leg before tripping him back down to the mat.  Antonio turns and plays to the crowd yet again… but Christopher jumps, grabs Antonio’s head from behind, and pulls him to the mat with the End Scene!  Christopher hooks both legs!”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Thre-”

Oliver Evans: “That’s about as close as close gets!  Antonio manages to stay alive and Christopher can’t believe it!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio groggily rolls out of the ring.  Christopher asks the referee if it was really only two before shaking his head in disbelief.  Seeing Antonio pulling himself on the guard rail, Christopher turns and hits the opposite set of ropes before running across the ring and diving through the ropes, but Antonio sidesteps!  Christopher just slammed head-first into the guardrail!”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio rolls back into the ring and takes this time to recover.”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two!  Three!  Four!  Five!  Six!”

Dale McCoy: “Christopher looks pretty dazed.  He tries to pull himself up using the guardrail, but stumbles and falls back to the floor.”

Michael Bull: “Seven!”

Oliver Evans: “Vogel crawls over to the steel steps and again tries to pull himself to his feet.”

Michael Bull: “Eight!”

Dale McCoy: “He stumbles a bit but manages to catch himself against the ring apron.”

Michael Bull: “Nine!”

Oliver Evans: “Vogel grabs the bottom rope and uses it to finally pull himself into the ring!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio Del Veccio grabs Vogel and lifts him onto his shoulders, but Vogel knees Del Veccio on the jaw before landing behind him.  Vogel pushes Veccio forwards before spinning and catching Veccio on the temple with an elbow!  Both men struggle to get to their feet… Vogel goes for an enzuigiri, but Veccio ducks it and lets Vogel land on the mat.  Grabbing Vogel’s leg, Antonio steps on the back of the knee and wraps Vogel’s foot around his leg, but Vogel manages to get to the ropes.”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio looks annoyed as he backs away from Vogel… but as soon as the referee gets out of the way, Antonio catches Vogel with a vicious kick!”

Dale McCoy: “Vogel never even saw that one coming!  Veccio quickly drags the dazed Vogel to the center of the ring.  Antonio places his legs around one of Christopher's legs while placing Christopher's foot under his armpit. Holding Christopher's heel with his forearm, Antonio uses his entire body to twist the ankle!  The Match Killer is locked in!  Vogel taps out!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and by submission and advancing to the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational… Antonio Del Veccio!”

Oliver Evans: "And as predicted, Antonio Del Veccio walks away with the victory.  Before you say it, yes, this was closer than I thought it would be.  Antonio underestimated Christopher Vogel and he almost paid the price for it."

Dale McCoy: "Well, at least you can admit when you are wrong... sometimes.  It's a shame that Antonio won't do the same."

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Beneath the dimly lit locker room, The Charismatic Crippler is seen preparing himself for his upcoming match.  He closes his locker door and notices the camera focused on him.  Slowly he turns towards the camera, chuckling under his breath.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "I guess this is the time I must say something about my opponent tonight..."

Cobb composes himself a bit before continuing...  Then shrugs indifferently.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "But what is there to say about an insignificant gnat?  Heck I can't even remember his name...  Who is he again?"

C4 goes into deep thought, clearly as a mocking gesture.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb:  "Well it doesn't matter what his name is, at the end of the day, when the dust settles in the ring, the only thing that matters is that I, Colton Charles Cai Cobb once again stand victorious over the broken form of another forgettable wrestler who thought he could make a name for himself against me."

C4 throws his head back in mock laughter as he reaches out and covers the camera lens before the scene ends.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Shiloh10  VS  Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Colton10

Dale McCoy: "Our apologies to those of you who are watching at home.  You just missed a first round match between Ace Hawkins and Michael Jones that ended far more quickly than anyone could have imagined."

Oliver Evans: "It literally lasted all of twenty seconds..."

Dale McCoy: "Ace Hawkins has advanced into the second round, but who will he be facing?  Will it be Colton Charles Cai Cobb or will it be Shiloh Jones?  Colton has been a World Heavyweight Champion in other federations, but Shiloh is accomplished in his own right.  Both men are looking to hammer home the fact that their careers are far from over."

Oliver Evans: "For those of you who don't know, both of these men went through a slump for a considerable length of time.  They've both since been coming out of that with strong win after strong win, but only one man can advance here tonight."

Taryn Shay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a round one match in the Adam Vogel Invitational! Introducing first, hailing from Independence, Ohio... Shiloh Jones!"

“Tarantula” by the Smashing Pumpkins suddenly begins playing over the loudspeakers as Shiloh Jones steps out onto the ramp. He poses for a few moments before walking down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: "And introducing his opponent, hailing from Boston, Massachusetts... C4... Colton Charles Cai Cobb!"

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.


Dale McCoy: “Colton Charles Cai Cobb wastes no time and quickly begins hammering Shiloh with punches.  Shiloh throws back, but the larger man is getting the better of this one.  Colton sends Shiloh across the ring with an irish whip before charging in and clotheslining him.  A groggy Shiloh stumbles out of the corner, only to be whipped into the ropes.  Shiloh comes back… Oh God!  He just dropkicked Colton’s knee out from under him!  That looked terrible!”

Oliver Evans: “That didn’t look good at all.  This might not stop the match, but it may have just won this for Shiloh.”

Dale McCoy: “Colton elects to keep going, so Shiloh shrugs before stomping on the knee.  He drags Colton to the ropes and wraps the leg around the bottom rope before jumping into the air and landing on it with a big stomp.  Not satisfied, Shiloh grabs the leg and rolls out of the ring.  Wrapping it around the bottom rope, Shiloh places a boot on the apron and really wrenches on the leg!  Colton is shouting in pain as the referee threatens an immediate disqualification.  Shiloh releases the hold, but what damage has been done?”

Oliver Evans: “Colton might want to just give up.  Shiloh is just going to keep working on the leg until he wins.”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh drags Colton away from the ropes before dropping an elbow onto the knee.  Getting back up, Shiloh drops a second elbow on the knee.  Sensing victory, Shiloh locks in the figure four leglock!  This is bad for Colton, but he’s gritting his teeth and dragging Shiloh towards the ropes… and he gets the break!”

Oliver Evans: “Colton uses the ropes to get to his feet, but Shiloh grabs him from behind and takes him to the mat with a jumping neckbreaker!  Shiloh hooks the leg.”

Michael Bull: “One!  Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Only a two count there for Shiloh.  He waits for Colton to again use the ropes to get to his feet before going for the backstabber, but Colton hangs onto the ropes and shrugs off the attempt!  Shiloh comes charging in, but Colton throws himself at Shiloh and levels him with a huge lariat!  Colton sits on Shiloh's back. Grabbing both of Shiloh’s arms, Colton Charles Cai Cobb pulls them across Shiloh’s neck in a "X"!  The RDX!”

Oliver Evans: “And just like that, Shiloh is out!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match and by submission and advancing to the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational… Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Dale McCoy: "Colton gets the gritty victory here in this one.  He has some time until the next show to recover, but I wouldn't be surprised if that leg was still hurt coming into the second round."

Oliver Evans: "I know if I was his next opponent, that leg would be the first thing I went after.  Even when he's hurt though, Colton is dangerous.  All he needs is one opportunity and he can lock in that RDX of his and put you out."

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Smoke gently wafts through the air as the scene opens.  Kazu Nagai is seen leaning against the side of the building with a cigarette in his mouth.  Noticing the camera, Kazu takes the cigarette out of his mouth and addresses the camera.

Kazu Nagai: “It’s time for another tournament… every one of these is always the same.  You get a few real wrestlers and then you get a bunch of flippy little boys.”

Kazu takes another puff of his cigarette before continuing.

Kazu Nagai: “There are some of us who actually spend the years learning the craft.  There are some of us who are actually able to “take a licking and keep on ticking”.  I’m just about as legitimate as it gets in this business, and yet all people ever talk about are these little guys who do the fancy flips.  You have a guy like me who can take anything that’s thrown at him and return it twofold and yet nobody sings my praises.”

Kazu lets out a sharp breath before taking another puff of his cigarette.

Kazu Nagai: “These little guys might be “exciting” with their flashy moves, but their flashy moves are exactly what stops them from being real competitors.  They hope to deal just a little more damage to their opponent than they do to themselves to secure a win, but against someone as tough as I am?  It just isn’t going to happen.  These guys throw themselves all over the ring and up end doing half of the work for us real wrestlers.  Once these kids bang themselves all up, it’s easy for us to pick up the win, but then we’re vilified for it.  Everybody loves the moron who broke his rib with a flip, but when you drop him on his head and pin him, you’re “the bad guy”.  It’s nonsense.”

Nagai takes a moment to snuff his cigarette out on the bare flesh of his arm before flicking it into a nearby trash can.

Kazu Nagai: “I’m the bad guy because I actually wrestle in that ring.  I’m the bad guy because I don’t play to the fans and I don’t let my opponent play to them either.  I’m the bad guy because I’m tougher than their heroes and can outlast them.  I’m the bad guy because I beat their heroes.  No matter what, I’m the bad guy.  It doesn’t matter how good I am, because I’m apparently too serious about this industry for the fans to get behind me.  If I have to be the bad guy because I don’t do stupid flips or waste time posturing, then I’m going to be the bad guy.  I’m going to show this business the respect it deserves by actually wrestling, not by pissing about and doing flips.”

With a sigh, Kazu steps away from the wall and walks up some nearby stairs.  Stopping in front of the door to the arena, Kazu turns to face the camera.

Kazu Nagai: “Tonight in the first round of this year’s Adam Vogel Invitational I drew Angel.  Angel embodies all that is wrong with this industry.  He’s a spectacle who is too focused on advancing his image to ever be a strong contender in this tournament.  He’s nothing special as a wrestler, so he’s focused all of his time and energy into being the weirdo that he is today just so that he can stand out.  He’s a fool, and tonight I am going to out wrestle him on my way to the second round.  He’s going to have a tough time looking “pretty” after this match is over.”

With a grunt, Kazu turns away from the camera and opens the door to the arena.  Without a second look, Kazu enters the building and leaves the camera alone outside.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Walking through the hallway, Angel notices the camera and gives a slight laugh.

Angel: “The Prettiest Wrestler in the Professional World has come back to Full Throttle Wrestling!”

Angel lightly brushes his bangs to the side as he gives a conceited smile.

Angel: “Full Throttle Wrestling has reopened its doors for the Adam Vogel Invitational.  Well, the Prettiest Wrestler could hardly miss out on this chance to dazzle the world!  All of those people in TV land need a Star, and I’ll be that Star!  I’m going to be the biggest attraction of the night!  I’m going to be the one the people remember most and I’ll be the one the kids aspire to be like!  Why?  Because I’m the Prettiest Wrestler here!  I’ve said that a few times now… are you dense?”

Angel gives a disapproving shake of the head before continuing.

Angel: “Moving on, let’s talk about my match.  Tonight, I have to face that big, dumb, mindless loser Kazu Nagai.  What has he done without Aaron Blake?  Not much.  Is Blake in the building tonight?  I assume he is and that he will direct his goon on the battlefield.  Kazu calls himself a man, but he’s nothing more than a low-life grunt -- an ugly low-life grunt.  I mean really, how can someone so strong be so unattractive?  Well, maybe it’s just me…”


Angel: “Anywho, Kazu can talk about how good he is all he wants, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s nothing without Aaron Blake.  Am I trying to goad him into leaving Blake in the back?  Yes, yes I am.  I would love to see Kazu wrestle me without any sort of assistance so that we can keep this fair.  But that’s probably wishful thinking.”

Letting out a sigh, Angel shakes his head in exasperation.

Angel: “And to make this all worse, Kazu Nagai has called me a joke.  He doesn’t respect my work in that ring and he thinks that tonight will be a breeze for him.  He doesn’t respect the showmanship and glamour that some of us bring to this industry.  It’s a little bit disappointing that he just doesn’t realize that it makes for good entertainment.  The goal of this industry is to put on a good show for the fans, and if we don’t do that, we’ll be out of a job.  Besides that, you can be the most successful wrestler on the planet, but if you’re boring, who’s going to want to book you?  The people clamor for stars, and none shine brighter than me!  Glamour and charisma are what get you booked, and more importantly, cement your name in history.  But don’t think that I’m a one-trick pony!  I’m not just about flash, I’m also about winning.  Kazu, you overlook me.  Tonight, I’m going to make you and everyone else realize that I’m a serious threat in that ring.  And after I win the Adam Vogel Invitational, there will be no one who can deny that.  Mwah!”

Blowing a kiss at the camera, Angel walks down the hallway.  He gives a wave as the scene fades.

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Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Kazu_n10  VS  Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Angel_10

Dale McCoy: “Up next we have Kazu Nagai taking on Angel in the opening round match.  It’s no secret that these two do not like one another, but neither of these men are the sort to go easy on an opponent regardless of whether they are friends or not.”

Oliver Evans: “This will be an interesting bout for a variety of reasons, but the most striking one is Kazu Nagai’s performances in singles competition.  We’ve seen him do just what you’d expect from him in singles competition, but we’ve also seen him fall short of his goals time after time.”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu Nagai certainly has had trouble winning the big one.  He has the talent to be a huge star in this business, but he has to work on staying focused on the task at hand.  This tournament is a great opportunity for Kazu to show that he’s done being the bride’s maid.”

Oliver Evans: “Let’s see if he can get past Angel or if he gets upset in yet another high profile match.”

Taryn Shay: "Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a round one match in the Adam Vogel Invitational! Introducing first, hailing from Tokyo, Japan... Kazu Nagai!"

As Kazu Nagai steps out onto the entrance ramp along with his manager, Aaron Blake, the song "Kokoro Kayowasete" by the Homesicks begins to play. Nagai takes the cigarette he was smoking and puts it out using the bare flesh of his arm. After nonchalantly flicking the cigarette away from him, Kazu walks down to the ring for his match.

Taryn Shay: “And introducing his opponent... The World's Most Beautiful Professional Wrestler... Angel!"

I'm in Heaven (When You Kiss Me) by ATC begins to play throughout the arena. After allowing it to play for a few seconds, the lip-gloss and eyeliner wearing flamboyant male named Angel prances down to the ring. He rolls in before blowing a kiss to the crowd and giving them a suggestive wink.


Dale McCoy: “Angel ducks away from a lock up attempt before blasting Kazu with a dropkick.  Kazu shakes it off, looking pretty insulted by the move.  Angel connects with a second dropkick, which only serves to irritate Kazu further.  Angel jumps and lands another dropkick to Kazu’s jaw, but Kazu shakes it off and dives into Angel as he gets to his feet, driving him into the mat with a heavy takedown.”

Oliver Evans: “Angel tries to slip free, but Kazu keeps hold of him and pulls him to the feet before slamming him back to the mat with a belly to back.”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu again yanks Angel back to his feet before lifting him into the air and slamming him onto the mat with another belly to back.  No rest for the weary as Kazu again pulls Angel to his feet.  Angel grabs the ref to prevent himself from being taken for another ride!  Oh!  The ref got clubbed by an inadvertent elbow!  Angel takes advantage of the ref being down and kicks Nagai in the groin!”

Oliver Evans: “Sneaky!”

Dale McCoy: “Angel bounces off of the ropes looking for the Swansong, but Kazu runs forwards and knocks Angel down with a back elbow.  Kazu holds his groin and yells at the referee for being an idiot before grabbing Angel by the hair.  He tries to pull Angel up, but Angel pulls Kazu’s legs out from under him and quickly gets into a jackknife cover!  But Kazu pushes him off before the one count.”

Oliver Evans: “Enzuigiri!  Angel tries to follow up with an irish whip, but Kazu pulls him back in and drops him with a clothesline.”

Dale McCoy: “Angel shakes off the move.  Kazu loads Angel onto his shoulders, but Angel fights out of it with elbows before pulling Kazu to the mat with a neckbreaker.  Angel connects with a low dropkick to the side of Kazu’s head.  Kazu ignores the blow, but a sharp knee from Angel finally has an effect.  Angel connects with another enzuigiri before grabbing Kazu and trying to power him down with the STO, but Kazu rolls his eyes at the attempt.  Realizing the attempt isn’t going to work, Angel stomps down on Kazu’s foot, prompting Kazu to knock him down with a hard elbow to the side of the head.  Kazu is not happy.”

Oliver Evans: “He feels disrespected at the drop of a hat, of course he feels disrespected by this offense!  Kazu grabs his stunned opponent and quickly spins behind him before tossing him to the mat with a german!”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu grabs Angel and drives him into the mat with a northern lights suplex before floating over.  Kazu lifts Angel into the air before slamming him to the mat with a suplex.  Rolling over, Kazu pulls Angel back to his feet before hitting a second suplex.  Kazu maintains the grip and pulls Angel back to his feet before lifting him into a stalling suplex.  Kazu holds him in the air for a moment before throwing him forwards and into a falling powerbomb!”

Ray Johnson: “One!  Two!  Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Angel gets the shoulder up before the three.  Kazu grabs Angel and pulls him for a piledriver, but Angel manages to slip free and rolls out of the ring.”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu exits the ring after Angel, but Angel is quick to get some room between him and Kazu.  Kazu pursues… Angel tries to get back into the ring, but Kazu grabs him and yanks him back out.  Kazu lifts Angel onto a shoulder, but Angel weasels his way down before connecting with a dropkick to the back that sends Kazu face-first into the turnbuckle post!  Angel climbs onto the ring apron before leaping and driving a knee into Kazu’s back, sending him colliding into the guardrail!  Kazu stumbles away from Angel before rolling back into the ring, but that really only saves Angel the trouble of having to get him into the ring himself.”

Oliver Evans: “Angel climbs onto the turnbuckle before leaping and connecting with a missile dropkick.”

Dale McCoy: “Angel drives Kazu into the corner with a dropkick before turning and running to the opposite side of the ring.  With a full head of steam, Angel charges in and connects with a vicious shining wizard!  Kazu tries to shake off the blow, but Angel kicks him in the gut and drives him into the mat with a DDT.  Angel into the cover!”

Ray Johnson: “One!  Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Kazu pushes Angel off at two.  Kazu again tries to shake out the cobwebs, but Angel continues the attack with a super- no!  Kazu caught it!”

Dale McCoy: “Kazu pulls Angel into a huge powerbomb!  That’s one way to turn a match around.  Kazu grabs Angel by the hair and pulls him to his feet.  Kazu grabs Angel from behind and puts his head under Angel’s arm. Wrapping his arms around Angel's torso, Kazu lifts Angel into the air and falls backwards and drives Angel into the mat head and neck first with the Nagai Driver!”

Ray Johnson: “One!  Two!  Three!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall and advancing into the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational… Kazu Nagai!”

Oliver Evans: “And that’s how quick things can change!  That was a vicious powerbomb and it was all Kazu needed to seal the deal.  As soon as Angel let Kazu get time to regroup, this one was over.”

Dale McCoy: “Angel did a great job of stunning Kazu and putting the pressure on, but Kazu is… well, he’s a freak of nature.  It takes a lot to really hurt him, and unfortunately for Angel, he just didn’t do enough.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Standing in front of the camera is Full Throttle Wrestling’s interviewer Luke Forrester.

Luke Forrester: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome my guest tonight… Ethan O’Reilly!”

The camera pans out to reveal Ethan standing next to Luke.  Luke goes to begin the interview, but Ethan reaches over and puts a hand on the microphone.  Taking it out of Luke’s hand, Ethan begins.

Ethan O’Reilly: “Sorry Luke, but I think I know what you’re going to ask about so let’s just get this thing moving.  I don’t want to take up too much of the people’s time.”

Clearing his throat, Ethan stares into the camera.

Ethan O’Reilly: “The last time you saw me was before Full Throttle Wrestling closed its doors.  I was your Television Champion and I defended the belt against some tough competition.  I’ve shown that I’ve got the skill-set to defeat anyone, whether it be in tag team competition or singles.  I hold notable wins over the majority of participants in this tournament, and I plan on adding to that resume tonight when I face Adam Vogel in the first round of his own tournament.”

Ethan nods his head at the prospect, getting a little bit psyched up for his upcoming match.

Ethan O’Reilly: “This might just be my biggest challenge to date, but it’s time that I step out and show that I AM a main event star.  The FTW World Championship has eluded me for too long.  Winning this tournament has eluded me for too long.  Winning this tournament will mean everything to my career… it will be the culmination of all of my hard work.  Adam Vogel is arguably the most successful wrestler on this roster, both in terms of his career here in Full Throttle Wrestling and in his entire wrestling career.  If I can get past him, then I can get past anyone.  If I can get past him, I’ll prove that I DESERVE to be the World Heavyweight Champion!  I’m ready.  I’m ready to have my breakout moment and I’m ready to do it right now!”

Tossing the microphone, a motivated Ethan O’Reilly heads down the hall.  No doubt, he’ll be ready when it comes time for his match

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ethan_10  VS  Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Adam_v10

Dale McCoy: "And here we are at our Main Event of the evening!  We have the final first round match in the Adam Vogel Invitational!  The man this tournament is named after and one of the most successful competitors in the world prepares to take on the lethally strong Ethan O'Reilly."

Oliver Evans: "Adam Vogel might like to think of himself as being near-invincible, but he's still human.  Ethan could rock him at any moment before finishing Vogel to pick up the win."

Taryn Shay: ""Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a round one match in the Adam Vogel Invitational! Introducing first, hailing from from Ontario, Quebec, Canada... The Wolf... Ethan O'Reilly!"

"Living in Dog Years" by Neurotica begins playing throughout the arena as Ethan O'Reilly steps out onto the ramp. He looks over those in attendance before dismissing their existence and walking towards the ring. After rolling into the ring, Ethan takes off his silver vest and hands it to a ring hand before awaiting the start of the match.

Taryn Shay: "And introducing his opponent... Adam Vogel!"

"Time to Shine" by Saliva blasts over the speakers as Adam Vogel steps out from the back. He looks over the audience in attendance before smiling to himself, knowing that he's the reason those asses are in the seats. He walks down to the ring before sliding in and waiting for the start of the match.


Dale McCoy: “Ethan goes to lock up with Vogel, but receives a kick to the gut.  Adam tries to whip Ethan into the corner, but Ethan reverses and sends Adam into the corner instead.  Ethan comes charging in, but receives two boots to the mush.  Vogel climbs the turnbuckle and takes Ethan down with a missile dropkick.”

Oliver Evans: “Vogel grabs Ethan into a headlock, but this proves to be a mistake as Ethan slams him to the mat with a back suplex.  Vogel keeps the head locked though, forcing Ethan to pull him back to his feet.  Ethan backs into the ropes and tries to use the momentum to send Vogel across the ring, but Vogel takes a knee and yanks Ethan down with him.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan looks a little frustrated with this nonsense and elbows Vogel a few times in the stomach to break the hold.  Scoop slam by Ethan.  Vogel gets up and walks into a second scoop slam.  Ethan quickly follows this up with an elbow drop to Vogel’s chest.  And a second elbow!  And a third!  And a fo- no, Ethan is posing… and there’s a leg drop!”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan forces Vogel to his feet before pulling him into a clothesline.  After yanking Vogel to his feet, Ethan whips him into the ropes before sending him high into the air with a back body drop.”

Dale McCoy: “Vogel rolls out of the ring to try and regroup.  Ethan hits the opposite set of ropes before running at Vogel, diving through the ropes, and taking him out with the suicide dive!  Ethan rolls Vogel back into the ring before climbing the turnbuckle, but Vogel knocks Ethan’s leg out from under him, sending him crotch-first onto the turnbuckle.  Vogel climbs onto the turnbuckle… superplex!  Ethan groggily gets to feet as Vogel hits the rope… and Vogel nearly takes Ethan’s head off with the Vogel Kick!  Vogel hooks both legs.”

Mark Davis: “One!  Two!  Thr-”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan kicks out!  Vogel looks stunned!  That should have been it right there!”

Dale McCoy: “Like the veteran he is, Vogel doesn’t allow himself to be distracted for long.  He waits for Ethan to get back to his feet before blasting him with the superkick!  Vogel tries to grab Ethan into the Credit Check, but Ethan forces him off before leaping into the air and catching Vogel with a reverse spinning roundhouse!  Ethan takes a moment to recover, allowing Vogel to get back to his feet.  And Ethan decks him with the clothesline!”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan loads Vogel onto his shoulders, but Vogel fights out of it with elbows.  Landing behind Ethan, Vogel pushes him into the ropes.  Ethan bounces back and Vogel tries for the Vogel Kick, but Ethan manages to sidestep.  Ethan goes for the clothesline, but Vogel ducks underneath and catches the arm.  He quickly locks up the cobra clutch before dropping to the mat and wrapping his legs around Ethan's midsection.  The Lethal Injection is locked in!”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan struggles and tries to power his way out of the hold, but Vogel’s grip doesn’t break.  Ethan makes attempts to roll and get up, but Vogel keeps him on the mat.  Ethan’s starting to fade, his attempts at escape are getting weaker and weaker.  Ethan notices how close he is to the ropes and manages to drag Vogel just close enough to get his foot on the bottom rope.”

Oliver Evans: “That was a close call for Ethan.  Vogel knows he almost had the match right there… this one might be as good as over.”

Dale McCoy: “Vogel starts to pull Ethan to his feet, but Ethan suddenly grabs hold of one Vogel's arms before wrapping his legs around the arm and Vogel's throat in the shape of a figure four and squeezing.  The Intrare Obscura!  Vogel keeps a calm head as he tries to work his way out of the hold, but it’s in tight!  Feeling the match slipping out of fingers, Vogel begins to panic as he kicks his legs out, trying desperately to escape.  But even in danger, Vogel manages to stay aware of his surroundings!  His kicking managed to move Ethan just enough to get his toes on the bottom rope!”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan looks to be dismayed by the near miss.  He grabs Vogel before he can recover and tosses him with the fallaway slam.”

Dale McCoy: “Following up, Ethan grabs Vogel and plants him to the mat with a uranage.  Ethan climbs the turnbuckle.  He takes a second before swan diving off of the top turnbuckle, but Vogel rolls out of the way of the Incursio!  Vogel quickly runs and bounces off of the ropes before connecting with a second Vogel Kick!”

Oliver Evans: “This is it!”

Mark Davis: “One!  Two!  Three!”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match by pinfall and advancing into the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational… Adam Vogel!”

Dale McCoy: "And Adam Vogel does it yet again!  Vogel advances into the second round of the tournament and is set to face Kazu Nagai.  Will Vogel be able to make this tournament be his sixth victory?  This match certainly says that Vogel has a good chance of doing just that."

Oliver Evans: "Vogel always seems to find a way to win, but Kazu is another of those freak athletes that you just can't plan for."

Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017) Ftwsep10

Dale McCoy: "What a night!  We had some great matches and now we know which competitors will be advancing into the second round of the Adam Vogel Invitational.  Things are certainly heating up around here, but for now, I'm Dale McCoy."

Oliver Evans: "And I'm Oliver Evans, saying so long."
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Wrestletopia Night 1 (March 13, 2017)
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