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 Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)

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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Empty
PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 1:39 am

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Fullth10

Fireworks and pyro light up the darkened building. Fans roar with the explosions, waving signs and mugging for the cameras. The camera finally sets upon a table where an older gentleman and a young, good looking, man sit.

Dale McCoy: "Hello and welcome to another edition of FTW Velocity! A packed crowd is anticipating a night that shouldn't disappoint!"

Oliver Evans: "I couldn't agree with you more, Dale. With a main event like Ethan O'Reilly vs. Dmitry Petrovich, how could this show be anything less than awesome?"

Dale McCoy: "I have no idea, Oliver. We'll also be seeing Jean-Pierre Renoir and The Executive Brooklyn Producer in action tonight."

Oliver Evans: "Let's get this party started!"

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

In Treachery's locker room, Aaron Blake is standing in front of Jean-Pierre Renoir, Kazu Nagai, and Dmitry Petrovich. It seems he has just finished a group meeting with his clients.

Aaron Blake: "So are we all on the same page now? No more walking out on one another?"

Kazu Nagai: "I still don't like this Frenchie."

Jean-Pierre Renoir: "Je ne vous aime pas non plus, connard."

Kazu Nagai: "Did you just insult me you little French bitch? Why don't you speak English? I'll tell you why, it's because you're a coward."

Jean-Pierre Renoir: "Pourquoi devrais-je parler anglais? Ainsi, certaines de porc japonais peut me comprendre? Que diriez-vous d'apprendre à parler français?"

Kazu Nagai: "Keep it up Frenchie, and your head will be threw that wall."

Jean-Pierre Renoir: "Tous les écorces, aucune morsure."

Aaron Blake sighs as Dmitry rolls his eyes. It seems the issues between Nagai and Renoir are still unresolved.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

Groans and moans are heard (in a non-sexual way) as bodies lay bruised and broken. Standing alone in the center of the training ring, Colton Charles Cai Cobb looks around content at what he sees. Confidence is emanating from his pores as he pulls a towel hanging on the ropes and wipes off the sweat from his face.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "Ten men in two minutes and thirty... It seems that I have again bested myself. You boys did good, you gave it your all but again the magnificent excellence that is I, Colton Charles Cai Cobb stands supreme. In your defeat, I am able to release the stress of losing the tag titles, I also proved that I could really have won the tag titles alone if not partnered with a half-man named Paredyse. Of course I shall compensate you all for your time."

C4 exits the training ring and heads for his gym bag. He opens the zipper and pulls something out. Heading towards his injured sparring partners, C4 begins to distribute autographed photos of himself to the aching wrestlers much to their chagrin.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "That's right, be elated at the fact that you have received a gift that people line up for hours and hours for. A signed picture of yours truly, something that will fetch a hefty price online. Now, I must look for a proper tag team partner and win back those tag titles which has eluded me so I shall take my leave. That and find a way to get back at Paredyse, the one who is responsible for costing me the tag gold."

With that, the arrogant wrestlers slings his gym bag over his shoulders and walks out of the training room.

Sparring Partners in Conjunction: "ASSHOLE!"

Feelings of hate and disgust are shared as the sparring partners rip and crumple the autographed photos and the scene slowly fades.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

The French superstar known by the name of Jean-Pierre Renoir walks with a quick step through the hallways of FTW. It’s clear to all that Renoir’s meeting with the rest of Treachery didn’t end in a way that he wanted. As Renoir turns a corner, he is suddenly met by Aaron Blake, who walks with his client while trying to curb Renoir’s anger. Before they get far, Luke Forrester suddenly appears in front of them.

Luke Forrester: “Jean-Pierre, may I have a word?”

Renoir isn’t given a chance to speak, as Aaron Blake is quick to respond to Luke’s request.

Aaron Blake: “Jean-Pierre Renoir is not willing to field any questions at this time.”

Aaron Blake goes to walk past Luke, but Renoir grabs him by the shoulder and spins him back around.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Que faites-vous? Je vous embauche, vous ne m'avez pas embaucher. J'ai choisi quand je parle, pas vous.”

Aaron Blake: “Jean-Pierre, I am your manager. You hired me to help make you a star, and that’s what I am doing. I have your best interests at heart Renoir, and right now, talking to Luke Forrester is not in your best interest.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Et pourquoi serait-ce?”

Aaron Blake: “I believe you will say something about what happened earlier, or that you’ll insult Kazu Nagai. Both of which will only make things more difficult for you, Renoir.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Etes-vous me menaçant, Aaron? Rappelez-vous que je suis celui qui vous paie.”

Aaron Blake: “Maybe you should remember that I am the only reason that you are even here. Maybe you should remember that you are only worth a damn because of me. Without me, you are nothing, and you know it.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Non, sans vous, je suis toujours Jean-Pierre Renoir. Je suis toujours le meilleur. Sans moi, c'est vous qui n'est rien.”

The two men stare one another down before Renoir begins to speak again.

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Si vous souhaitez conserver moi comme un client, vous feriez mieux de traduire pour moi. Sinon, nous sommes à travers. Vous pouvez revenir à n'avoir que deux clients dans FTW pour tous les soins que j'ai.”

Aaron Blake rolls his eyes but stays put. With an approving nod, Jean-Pierre Renoir turns to Luke Forrester.

Luke Forrester: “Mr. Renoir, what is your current status with Treachery?”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Nous ne sommes pas tous s'entendre. Dmitri et je m'entends très bien, mais je ne m'entends pas avec quelqu'un d'autre. Kazu Nagai pense qu'il est meilleur que moi parce qu'il est plus grand que moi. Il se croit au dessus de moi, et que je ne devrais pas être dans le groupe. Bien sûr, je suis en désaccord, qui est où la confrontation se fait sentir.”

Aaron Blake: “Jean-Pierre says that while he gets along well with Dmitry, he has a few problems with Kazu Nagai.”

Renoir looks annoyed as he nudges Aaron to say the rest, but Aaron shakes his head to tell Renoir “no”. Before Renoir can make an issue of it, Luke asks another question.

Luke Forrester: “It appears that Treachery is on the verge of imploding, will you and Kazu try and work out your differences, or will one of you have to be removed from the group?”

Jean-Pierre Renoir: “Idéalement, nous aimerions ça marche, mais je ne pense pas que cela se produira. Si elle se résume à me battre Kazu, je peux vous assurer que ma place dans le groupe est sûr.”

Aaron Blake: “Renoir says that he’ll try his best to resolve his differences with Kazu and keep the group together. He also thanks you for the interview, but he really has to get ready for his match tonight.”

Jean-Pierre Renoir goes to complain about the mistranslation, but isn’t able to before Luke thanks him for the interview and walks away. Renoir and Blake begin arguing again as the scene fades.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Shiloh Jones!”

“Tarantula” by the Smashing Pumpkins suddenly begins playing over the loudspeakers as Shiloh Jones steps out onto the ramp. He poses for a few moments before walking down to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, Jean-Pierre Renoir!”

Noir Désir's "Le Vent Nous Portera" blares over the speakers as Jean-Pierre Renoir walks out onto the entrance ramp. Holding his fist high into the air, Jean-Pierre walks down to the ring. He climbs onto the apron, turns, and throws the fist up into the air again for a few moments before climbing into the ring and walking towards the turnbuckle. Climbing up, Espy holds his fist up into the air again before back flipping off of the turnbuckle and back into the ring. Jean-Pierre Renoir removes his jacket and hands it to a ring hand before waiting for the bell.

Dale McCoy: “Our first match tonight will feature none other than Shiloh Jones and Jean-Pierre Renoir engaging in singles competition.”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh’s been attacked and ridiculed by Treachery. His brother Michael was put on the shelf by Treachery, too. Tonight is Shiloh’s night to get some revenge.”

Dale McCoy: “And he has a pretty good chance of it. Renoir is out here along, no Blake, no Petrovich, and certainly no Nagai. He has no one to help him tonight, so Shiloh has a great chance of winning this bout.”

Oliver Evans: “What? Shut up Dale. Renoir’s a great wrestler, he doesn’t need help to win; no one in Treachery does.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh Jones catches Renoir with a hard right hand as the bell sounds. Renoir stumbles back into the corner and Shiloh stays on him with right after right.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Three! Four!”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh Jones almost gets himself disqualified right off the bat. Shiloh sends Renoir across the ring and into the corner with an irish whip. Shiloh goes for a running turnbuckle thrust, but Renoir quickly pulls himself over Shiloh, letting him smash into the steel post before rolling him into a pin.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh pushes Jean-Pierre off at two. Jean-Pierre pulls Shiloh to his feet before sending him into the ropes with an irish whip. Renoir goes for a clothesline, but Shiloh ducks it! Shiloh bounces off the ropes and comes running towards Renoir. Renoir goes for a back elbow, but Shiloh ducks that too! As Shiloh bounces off of the other set of ropes, Renoir rushes forward for a clothesline, but Shiloh outmaneuvers him and pulls him to the mat with the spinning sleeper slam!”

Oliver Evans: “Shiloh Jones quickly climbs onto the turnbuckle and leaps onto Renoir with a senton! Shiloh hooks the legs for a cover.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Jean-Pierre Renoir kicks out at two. Shiloh goes to climb onto the turnbuckle again, but Renoir rolls out of the ring before Shiloh can even get onto it. Jumping off the apron, Shiloh Jones runs after Renoir, who quickly slides back into the ring. Shiloh tries to follow, but as he slides in Renoir kicks him in the face with the low dropkick, knocking him back down onto the floor.”

Oliver Evans: “Jean-Pierre runs to the ropes and bounces off of them for momentum before flying over the ropes and corkscrewing down onto Shiloh!”

Dale McCoy: “Jean-Pierre Renoir slams Shiloh’s head into the crowd barricade before throwing him back into the ring. Renoir climbs onto the turnbuckle before leaping and coming down onto Shiloh’s midsection with a double foot stomp! Renoir goes for the cover.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Despite the kick out, Renoir got close to the win. He climbs onto the ropes and goes for the split-legged moonsault, but Shiloh manages to roll out of the way!”

Dale McCoy: “Renoir gets up, only to get a kick to the gut. Irish whip sends Renoir into the ropes. As he comes back, Shiloh charges into him and knocks him down with an elbow. Fist drop! Shiloh holds the shoulders down for the cover.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Renoir kicks out at two. Renoir gets to his feet, but doesn’t see Shiloh bounce off the rope. Knee to the face! Shiloh keeps running. Bouncing off of the ropes, Shiloh decks Renoir with a clothesline before dropping down for a cover.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Renoir again kicks out at two. Shiloh lifts Renoir up for a powerbomb, but Renoir counters into a hurricanrana! Shiloh walks right into a deep arm drag! Renoir goes for a hip toss, but Shiloh manages to counter into a hip toss of his own…but Renoir lands on his feet! Renoir pulls Shiloh in by the arm for a belly to belly slam! Renoir hooks the leg!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “It’s Shiloh’s turn to kick out at two. As Shiloh gets to his feet he turns and tries for a punch, but Renoir ducks it and pulls Shiloh into a reverse STO! Renoir goes for another cover!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Renoir only gets two on that pin attempt. Renoir sends Shiloh into the corner with an irish whip before hitting him with a jumping knee. As Shiloh stumbles out of the corner, Renoir kicks him on the temple with a springboard roundhouse kick! Renoir hooks the leg once again.”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “And somehow Shiloh manages to kick out again. Renoir knocks Shiloh into the corner with a dropkick. He puts Shiloh onto the turnbuckle before also climbing up. Renoir goes for the super frankensteiner, but Shiloh hangs on! As Renoir groggily gets to his feet, Shiloh dives into him with the crossbody!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Thr...”

Dale McCoy: “Renoir still manages to kick out before the count of three. Shiloh looks frustrated, but pulls Renoir to his feet regardless. Shiloh goes for the backstabber, but Renoir hangs onto the ropes! Before Shiloh can get up, Renoir backflips into him with the Trendsetter! Renoir climbs on top of Shiloh for the cover!”

Ray Johnson: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, Jean-Pierre Renoir!”

Oliver Evans: “And he got him! Renoir proves here tonight that he can get the job done on his own.”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh’s losing streak continues with this loss. No matter how close he comes, he always seems to fall short.”

Oliver Evans: “There are some guys who are made for this business, and then there are some guys who aren’t. Shiloh is one of those guys.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 1:48 am

Aaron Blake steps into the office of Adam Vogel with a very serious expression on his face. Behind him is the big Russian, Dmitry Petrovich. Stopping in front of Vogel’s desk, Blake begins to speak.

Aaron Blake: “Mr. Vogel, my client and I are in a quandary. The problem, Mr. Vogel, is that status of Dmitry’s schedule. He’s scheduled to face William LaCroix at our next Pay Per View, and so should not be forced to compete here tonight. I don’t see William LaCroix competing at every event, so why should Dmitry be forced to compete and risk potential injury where LaCroix is not? William LaCroix is undefeated right now, and it may seem to the fans as if you are trying to keep it that way if Dmitry gets hurt here tonight in his match. It’s to everyone’s benefit if Dmitry does not compete here tonight. Dmitry stays fit enough to win the FTW World Heavyweight Championship off of William LaCroix and you stay out of the political backwash. Not to mention your Main Event for November to Remember remains intact.”

Adam Vogel frowns at Aaron Blake, obviously annoyed at being bothered by the manager.

Adam Vogel: “So you want me to call off the Television Championship match that was scheduled for tonight?”

Although Vogel intended for that to be a rhetorical question, Blake nods his head.

Adam Vogel: “The answer is no. Dmitry Petrovich will be defending his title tonight against Ethan O’Reilly. And Dmitry had better not turn this into another instance where the fans get screwed out of watching a match take place. I expect for Dmitry to not only show up for the match, but to also keep the match fair. I will not have this match fall apart like his match with Alexander did, do you understand me?”

Despite asking a question, Adam Vogel gives Aaron Blake no chance to answer.

Adam Vogel: “There are going to be a few stipulations in place for this match. If either Kazu Nagai or Jean-Pierre Renoir so much as walk down to the ring, then Dmitry will be immediately stripped of the Television Championship and of his number one contendership. The same thing will happen if Dmitry gets disqualified or if you get physically involved. Dmitry had better defeat Ethan O’Reilly cleanly tonight because you and he are on some very thin ice.”

Aaron Blake throws up his hands at this news before looking at Adam Vogel with an astonished look.

Aaron Blake: “Thin ice? This coming from you? You, who used to make cheating look like an art form, are now telling me that I am on thin ice after doing what you made be standard procedure?“

Dmitry Petrovich puts a hand on Blake’s shoulder, causing him to cease speaking.

Dmitry Petrovich: “Little man is little problem.”

With the look that Dmitry has given Vogel, it becomes apparent to Tommy Gunn that that was a threat. Tommy Gunn moves closer to the champion, preparing to remove him from the office by force if necessary.

Aaron Blake: “No Dmitry. We have bigger fish to fry. Let’s leave this hypocritical old fool to wallow in his own guilt and self-pity.”

Blake ushers Dmitry out of the room before turning back to face Vogel.

Aaron Blake: “Don’t worry Vogel, Dmitry will do something you could never do; win legitimately.”

Blake exits the office, slamming the door behind him. Vogel shrugs his shoulders, clearly not bothered by this event.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

Standing before a camera backstage, Ethan O'Reilly sets his FTW World Tag Team Championship on his shoulder as he prepares to talk about his match that will be taking place later on in the night.

Ethan O'Reilly: "Petrovich! You'd better start running, because this Wolf is out for blood! Tonight will be the first time in Full Throttle Wrestling that anyone has held two titles. I'm going to be FTW's first double champion after I relieve you of that belt, Dmitry. And who knows? I may just injure you and take your place in the championship match at November to Remember to become a triple champion."

A smug look appears on Ethan's face as he considers the possibility.

Ethan O'Reilly: "You were right to try and get out of this one, Petrovich. Not only am I better than you, but I am smarter than you. Who isn't smarter than you though? You're just a big dumb Russian who has to be told what to do by some British bitch. Opps, I mean Aaron Blake. You only beat Alexander because you had Blake and his cronies watching your back, but tonight, Vogel's stopping any shenanigans that you might try and pull. What are you going to do now, Dmitry? Nothing, because you can't do shit on your own. I smell Russian blood on the snow; it's time for the hunt to begin."

The scene starts to fade, with Ethan's twisted smile being the last thing that we see.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

A particularly prickly Paredyse is standing before the camera. The usually flamboyant and fabulously dressed Paredyse is actually already dressed to compete. Staring into the camera with a look of contempt, Paredyse begins to speak.

Paredyse: “Of course we wouldn’t win the tag titles; it should have been obvious from the start that we wouldn’t win. That egotistical bastard of a man, Colton Charles Cai Cobb, couldn’t just work with me for our common good. No, not at all, that punk just had to try and prove a point, and ended up getting his ass kicked from match start to match finish. He would have been pinned what? Three times? But all of those were broken up. He would have tapped out to Conway a lot earlier, but I prevented it from happening. And yet what does Colton do? He punches MY flawless face before kicking MY precious package. Colton, if you wanted to touch my passion rod, you should have just asked.”

The seriousness of Paredyse fades for a second as he winks to the camera.

Paredyse: “But seriously Colton, you touched what you shouldn’t have touched, you cost me what you shouldn’t have cost me, and now you have to pay the consequences. I’m on my way to Adam Vogel’s office Colton, and when I get there, I will convince Vogel to give me a match with you tonight. In this match, I’m going to show you what a real wrestler is capable of, unlike what you showed during our tag team match at Breaking Point. And no sparring sessions with random untrained wrestlers will help you to prepare for this match either, so you may as well try to not embarrass yourself any further before our match. See you out there Colton, and remember, don’t turn your back to Paredyse.”

With a flick of his hair, Paredyse turns and struts away from the camera, ending the scene.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the FTW Television Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Ethan O’Reilly!”

"Living in Dog Years" by Neurotica begins playing throughout the arena as Ethan O'Reilly steps out onto the ramp. He looks over those in attendance before dismissing their existence and walking towards the ring. After rolling into the ring, Ethan takes off his silver vest and hands it to a ring hand before awaiting the start of the match.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, the FTW Television Champion, Dmitry Petrovich!”

Svyaschennaya Voyna, composed by Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov, plays throughout the arena as Dmitry Petrovich steps out onto the ramp followed closely by his manager, Aaron Blake. Dmitry ignores the audience completely as he walks down to the ring. After climbing into the ring, Dmitry waits patiently for the bell to ring as Aaron Blake gives him some last minute advice.

Dale McCoy: “Ethan O’Reilly gets the opportunity tonight to become the first double champion in FTW history if he can defeat Dmitry Petrovich.”

Oliver Evans: “Too bad he won’t defeat Dmitry tonight. After winning here tonight, Dmitry will go on to defeat William LaCroix at November to Remember, and he’ll win the honor of being our first double champion.”

Dale McCoy: “That may happen, but the bottom line is Dmitry has to defeat Ethan. Unfortunately for him, no member of Treachery is allowed to interfere in the match tonight or else Dmitry not only gets stripped of his Television championship, but he’ll also be stripped of his number one contendership!”

Oliver Evans: “Jean-Pierre Renoir proved it earlier; these guys don’t need to cheat in order to win.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Ethan and Dmitry go to lock up, but Ethan sticks a finger into Dmitry’s eye instead! The referee admonishes him for doing so, but Ethan shrugs it off before stomping down onto Dmitry’s foot.”

Oliver Evans: “What the hell!?”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan grabs Dmitry’s leg and pulls it out from under him, causing Dmitry to fall to the mat. Ethan’s got an Indian Death lock! Dmitry quickly begins pulling Ethan to the rope, but he’s a long way away.”

Oliver Evans: “What the hell!?”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry pulls himself closer to the ropes, but Ethan applies even more pressure with the Indian death lock! Dmitry’s hand is hovering over the mat, could this one already be over? No, Dmitry refuses to actually tap out, instead reaching for the ropes and almost getting them.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry is still in a bad position, the rope’s just out of reach and Ethan is really putting on the pressure.”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry reaches out to the ropes once more…Blake leans into the ropes, subtly pushing them into Dmitry’s reach! Ethan is forced to break the hold. Instead of getting up, Dmitry complains to the referee about his leg. Ethan comes over to hear about the situation, but as he gets close, Dmitry kicks him on the knee before DDTing him into the mat.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry kicks Ethan in the gut as he gets back to his feet, doubling him over. Dmitry brings a hard forearm down onto Ethan’s back. Dmitry hits Ethan with another hard forearm before pulling Ethan into a short-arm clothesline.”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry pulls Ethan onto his shoulders before driving him into the mat with a samoan drop. Dmitry bounces off of the ropes at a walk before dropping onto Ethan with the elbow. Dmitry gets back up before hitting a leg drop and then following that up with a knee drop.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry pulls Ethan to his feet, but Ethan suddenly lifts Dmitry up onto his shoulders! Could it be time for the Excidio? Not yet says Dmitry as he slides down behind Ethan.”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry spins Ethan around and goes for a punch, but it gets blocked! Ethan hits Dmitry with a number of punches, backing him into the ropes before sending him across to the other set with an irish whip. Big spinebuster from Ethan! Ethan rolls over and into the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Kick out at two from Dmitry. Ethan pulls Dmitry up and sends him into the corner with an irish whip. Ethan charges into Dmitry with a clothesline. Ethan gets distracted by the referee, and pays for it in the form of a hard punch from Dmitry.”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry slams Ethan’s face into the turnbuckle before thrusting a shoulder into Ethan’s stomach. He continues with a few more turnbuckle thrusts before backing away as the referee almost gets to the count of five.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry tries to resume the attack, but Ethan catches him with a kick to the gut. Ethan hits a few elbows to the face of Dmitry before bouncing off of the ropes and knocking Dmitry to the mat with a clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan bounces off another set of ropes before knocking Dmitry down with a second clothesline! Suplex from Ethan! Ethan again lifts Dmitry onto his shoulders for the Excidio, but Dmitry slides down his back and pushes him into the turnbuckles! As Ethan bounces out, Dmitry runs to the ropes before kicking Ethan in the face with the running big boot! Dmitry drops down for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan pushes his shoulder up at two. Dmitry pulls him up and slams him to the mat with a big powerbomb! He hooks the leg for another cover!”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan again kicks out at two! Dmitry looks annoyed as he pulls Ethan off of the mat again. Back suplex from Dmitry! Dmitry sends Ethan into the ropes with an irish whip before scoring with the flapjack! Ethan quickly scrambles to his feet as Dmitry follows.”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry grabs Ethan from behind, but Ethan catches Dmitry with a surprise elbow shot. Ethan connects with a jumping reverse roundhouse kick! Ethan prepares to go for a powerbomb of his own, but Dmitry counters with the back body drop.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan struggles to get up. As he turns around, Dmitry grabs him by the throat before lifting him into the air and slamming him to the mat with the chokeslam! Dmitry drops down and hooks a leg for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan cut that one close, but managed to get his shoulder up just before the referee’s hand hit the mat for the third time.”

Dale McCoy: “Dmitry pulls Ethan O’Reilly to his feet before sending him into the ropes with an irish whip. Dmitry goes for a clothesline, but Ethan ducks it and bounces off of the other set of ropes to gain momentum for a huge spear! Ethan hooks both legs for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Dmitry kicks out at only two. Ethan pulls Dmitry to his feet before going for an irish whip.”

Dale McCoy: “But Dmitry reverses it, instead sending Ethan to the corner, but Ethan jumps onto the turnbuckle before back flipping over Dmitry’s head! Dmitry turns around…and walks right into a superkick!”

Oliver Evans: “Ethan lifts Dmitry up for a body slam, but Dmitry slips down behind Ethan. Dmitry bounces off of the ropes and goes for a running clothesline, but Ethan suddenly ducks it! Dmitry just clotheslined the referee!”

Dale McCoy: “Back elbow into Dmitry’s stomach from Ethan. Ethan quickly follows up with a knee lift into the face of Dmitry before running and bouncing off of the ropes to deliver a hellish big boot! Ethan O'Reilly lifts Dmitry onto his shoulders before twisting and slamming Dmitry Petrovich to the mat with a reverse thrown Death Valley Driver. The Excidio! Ethan rolls on top of Dmitry for the cover, but the referee is still out cold!”

Oliver Evans: “Another tough break for Ethan O’Reilly.”

Dale McCoy: “Aaron Blake’s got a steel chair, but I think he’s remembering the words of Vogel from earlier, and isn’t entering the ring. Wait a second, here come the Vogel Sons! John and Eric slide into the ring, and are both taken down by punches from Ethan! Ethan quickly tosses John out of the ring before pushing Eric into the corner and pelting him with punches.”

Oliver Evans: “John’s just taken the steel chair off of Blake! He slides back into the ring and hits Ethan on the back of the head with it! Tossing the chair onto the mat, John Vogel pulls Ethan up before driving his face into the steel of the chair with the Coronation!”

Dale McCoy: “The Vogels bail as Dmitry begins to stir. He works his way to his feet, and seeing that Ethan is down, attempts a cover, but the referee is still unresponsive. Dmitry violently shakes and slaps the referee until he comes to. Dmitry drops back down for another cover as the referee begins to make the count.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “WHAT!? How the!? What…but…HOW!?”

Dale McCoy: “Somehow Ethan managed to kick out! Dmitry pulls Ethan to his feet, but Ethan quickly lifts Dmitry onto his shoulders! He tries to hit the Excidio, but Dmitry manages to get down before quickly lifting Ethan up and spiking him into the mat with the Iron Curtain! Dmitry holds the shoulders down for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall and STILL the FTW Television Champion, Dmitry Petrovich!”

Oliver Evans: “And Dmitry manages to retain his title in a completely fair and very awesome battle!”

Dale McCoy: “Fair? The Vogels attacked Ethan in the middle of the match! With a steel chair!”

Oliver Evans: “Did Dmitry get DQed? No. He won. Therefore, he couldn’t have cheated.”

Dale McCoy: “So now that attack just never happened?”

Oliver Evans: “As far as we are concerned? No, it never happened. If the referee doesn’t see it, it may as well have never happened.”

Dale McCoy: “You have a very warped viewing of the rules, Oliver.”

Oliver Evans: “No Dale, I’m just smart. Maybe you will be too one day.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 1:57 am

Adam Vogel taps the desk in front of him impatiently with a pen. Sitting across from him is none other than Paredyse, who’s agitation from earlier has seemingly faded into boredom due to whatever he and Vogel are waiting for. After a few moments listening to the tap, tap, tap of Vogel’s pen, the door opens with a click. A look of hatred appears on Paredyse’s face as Colton Charles Cai Cobb enters the office.

Adam Vogel : “It’s about time you finally showed up, Colton. I was starting to think that you were going to blow this meeting off.”

Adam Vogel straightens in his seat before addressing the two feuding superstars.

Adam Vogel: “You two have been exchanging a lot of insults lately, and as I understand it, this is all over a shot to the groin.”

Both Colton and Paredyse open their mouths to speak, but Vogel waves away whatever it was that they were about to say.

Adam Vogel: “Not only have you two been insulting one another, but you both have screwed the other. You two had the opportunity to win the FTW World Tag Team Championships at Breaking Point, but you two couldn’t put your trivial differences aside long enough to even do that! Colton, you refused to tag Paredyse in, and Paredyse, you watched as Colton tapped out. What did this accomplish? Nothing, it only showed me that you two are unprofessional ingrates. So here’s what’s going to happen. Since Colton here likes to believe that he’s better than every other man on the roster, I’m going to schedule you two for a very special match. Tonight, in the main event, Colton Charles Cai Cobb will take on Paredyse in a lumberjack match!”

Paredyse smiles at Colton as Vogel continues.

Adam Vogel: “Every other man on this roster will surround the ring, and in the event that one of you leaves the ring, they’ll bring you back in. Anything they do to you on the outside is completely legal. So Colton, you know how you like to run your mouth? Well, now you have to deal with the consequences. But that shouldn’t be a problem for someone as great as you, right?”

Adam Vogel lets out a laugh before remembering one last detail.

Adam Vogel: “Oh, I almost forgot. The winner of this match gets to decide not only what kind of match you two will have at our Pay Per View, but he also gets to decide whether or not there will be any special stipulations in the match. However Paredyse, before you get excited, if you ask for Colton’s contract to be terminated in the event that he loses at the Pay Per View, you must be willing to put something of equal value on the line, such as your own contract. Are the terms of this match clear to the both of you?”

Adam Vogel looks questioningly at both men, waiting for their answers.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb never looked at the general manager but instead his dagger looks are pointed directly at Paredyse.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "As you said Mr. Vogel, a person as great as I am should not have a problem with your stipulation. Yes, I shall take your offer and beat this piece of human fecal matter standing before me. And your lumberjacks? I do not fear them, not one bit. This would be a perfect venue for me to prove that I am the superior wrestler. One against many... How would it look if despite their efforts I stand victorious?"

C4 finally tears his eyes away from Paredyse and looks into Vogel's.

Colton Charles Cai Cobb: "In this match, it may seem that I am the underdog, but I shall show you and everyone watching that that is a fallacy. Now if you'll excuse me Mr. General Manager, I'd rather not stand in the same room with that halfling over there."

With that, the arrogant wrestler spins around and leaves the GM's office, slamming the door on his way out.

Paredyse merely nods at Vogel before getting up and leaving the office.

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a Lumberjack match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Green Day's "Having a Blast" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, Paredyse!”

I'm in Heaven (When You Kiss Me) by ATC begins to play throughout the arena. After allowing it to play for a few seconds, the lip-gloss and eyeliner wearing flamboyant male named Paredyse prances down to the ring. He rolls in before blowing a kiss to the crowd and giving them a suggestive wink.

Dale McCoy: “The ring is surrounded by the rest of the wrestlers of the locker room for this lumberjack match, and man, is there some bad blood between these two. It started with a low blow, escalated to Paredyse letting Colton be beat at our last event, and now we have these two finally squaring off against one another.”

Oliver Evans: “I may not like Colton, but I feel bad for the guy. He finally gets Paredyse one on one, but it’s in a Lumberjack match! All of these men hate Colton! You can bet that they would love to get their hands on him and make him lose to that gay bastard tonight.”

Dale McCoy: “It’s not that bad. A lot of these guys would gladly throw Colton back into the ring without harming him if it meant watching him lose fairly to Paredyse. Besides, Treachery is out there too! They helped Colton out in our last event, why would tonight be any different.”

Oliver Evans: “Colton’s enemies outweigh his friends, that’s all I’m saying.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell sounds, the two men circle around one another. Paredyse ducks under a punch and grabs Colton by the waist before pulling him down to the mat for a cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse almost won this match right off of the bat. Paredyse ducks a clothesline and pulls Colton to the mat with a schoolboy!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton kicks out again. Paredyse goes for the victory roll, but Colton counters by dropping to the mat, slamming Paredyse’s head into the mat as he pins Paredyse’s shoulders to the mat.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “I’m not going to lie; I actually thought that Paredyse was knocked unconscious by that move. I’m surprised that he kicked out at two.”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse is still a bit dazed after having the back of his head slammed into the mat like that. Colton slams Paredyse’s face into the turnbuckle before delivering a multitude of punches, breaking off just before the count of five.”

Oliver Evans: “Colton lifts Paredyse onto the turnbuckle, but Paredyse kicks him in the face before he can climb up after him. Paredyse jumps back down to the mat before ducking a clothesline and bouncing off of the ropes. As he comes back, Paredyse jumps for a forearm, but Colton catches him!”

Dale McCoy: “Reverse atomic drop followed up by a belly to belly from Colton! Colton grabs Paredyse and lifts him for a body slam, but Paredyse slips behind Colton! A dropkick to the back from Paredyse sends Colton through the ropes, but Colton hangs on and stays on the apron.”

Oliver Evans: “Before Colton can get back into the ring, Paredyse jumps and connects with another dropkick sending Colton off of the apron! Colton was just caught by Dmitry Petrovich! And look at that, Petrovich sets Colton down and pats him on the back, giving Colton a few seconds to recuperate before he enters the ring.”

Dale McCoy: “As a lumberjack, Dmitry is supposed to send Colton back into the ring, not let him relax.”

Oliver Evans: “Colton slides back into the ring. Paredyse comes charging at him, but Colton sidesteps and sends Paredyse over the tope rope, but Paredyse hangs on!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton tries to knock Paredyse off of the apron, but Paredyse ducks between the ropes and thrusts his shoulder into Colton’s midsection. As Colton stumbles away, Paredyse tries to get into the ring, but Dmitry’s grabbed his ankle! Before Paredyse can get loose, Colton runs over and kicks him in the head. Colton hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse grabs the bottom rope at two, much to Colton’s annoyance. Colton whips Paredyse into the corner before following him in with a clothesline. Colton whips Paredyse into the ropes before hitting him with the big boot!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton approaches Paredyse before dropping a knee right into his face! Colton picks Paredyse up and slams him to the mat with a suplex.”

Oliver Evans: “This match has been all Colton so far. Maybe he isn’t just blowing hot air when he talks after all? Colton hooks the leg for the pin.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse continues to fight by kicking out at two.”

Oliver Evans: “Who the hell does he think he is? Freakin’ Rey Mysterio? Lose already!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton yanks Paredyse up off of the mat and throws him into the corner. He lifts Paredyse onto the turnbuckle before climbing up after him. Could it be superplex time? No! Paredyse hangs on tight to avoid taking that ride.”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse is biting Colton! Paredyse is biting Colton! What the hell!? Colton loses his balance while trying to get Paredyse off of him and falls to the mat! Colton’s bleeding from that!”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse spits a mouthful of blood down onto Colton! Diving fist drop! Paredyse hooks a leg for a cover.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “Colton kicks out and immediately rolls out of the ring holding his head. He’s just grabbed Andrew Hunter’s shirt and is using it to try and stop the bleeding. Andrew looks disgusted, but Colton is telling him to suck it up.”

Dale McCoy: “Andrew’s just grabbed Colton and has thrown him back into the ring. Paredyse sends Colton to the mat with an arm drag. Colton gets back up, only to walk into a second one! And now a hip toss! Colton staggers to his feet again, but gets pulled down to the mat by a sleeper slam! Paredyse hooks both legs for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Colton makes the kick out before the count of three. Paredyse pulls Colton onto his feet, but Colton throws Paredyse’s hands off of him before connecting with a few punches. Paredyse retaliates with a jumping enzuigiri that sends Colton threw the ropes and onto the floor!”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse vaults over the top rope and down onto Colton! Alexander Conway and Ethan O’Reilly grab Colton and toss him back into the ring. Eric Vogel and John Vogel approach Paredyse, but instead of throwing him back into the ring they begin beating him down!”

Oliver Evans: “Alexander and Ethan dive into Eric and John, and the two teams start brawling! Tommy Gunn comes over and tries to help the Vogels as the five men brawl to the back. We’re losing lumberjacks!”

Dale McCoy: “Shiloh Jones picks Paredyse up and rolls him into the ring. Colton is quick to get on the attack, stomping on Paredyse and driving knee after knee into Paredyse’s head. He briefly stops to check his forehead, but upon noticing that it is still bleeding, attacks Paredyse with a renewed vigor.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four! Back it up, Colton!”

Oliver Evans: “Mark Davis gives Colton some leeway, and instead of disqualifying him, Mark physically pulls him away from Paredyse. That lasts only a second though, as Colton is back on the attack!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton pulls Paredyse away from the ropes before dropping down for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “He just got his head practically stomped in, how did he kick out? Come on!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton goes to throw Paredyse out of the ring, but Paredyse breaks free of his grip and connects with another enzuigiri kick! Colton’s on wobbly legs! Paredyse bounces off of the ropes and comes back with a jumping high knee that knocks Colton to the mat! Front dropkick to the side of the head from Paredyse as Colton tries to get to his feet. Colton tries to get up again, but Paredyse bounces off of the ropes and goes for a shining wizard, but instead he hits a shining butt!”

Oliver Evans: “He just drove his ass into Colton’s face! That’s disgusting. Of course he goes for the pin after something like that.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse pulls Colton up and sends him to the mat with a snap suplex. Paredyse exits to the ring apron, but while the referee is distracted, Dmitry Petrovich pulls Paredyse off of the apron and hits him with a clothesline! Kazu and Dmitry stomp Paredyse into the flooring as Colton recovers in the ring! This is ridiculous!”

Oliver Evans: “They are only doing their job as lumberjacks, Dale. Look, see? They are putting Paredyse back into the ring. Cover by Colton!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Dale McCoy: “Despite constantly being beaten down, Paredyse continues fighting! Colton sends Paredyse into the corner with an irish whip. Colton charges in, but Paredyse sidesteps and Colton slams hard into the turnbuckle pads. Paredyse spins Colton around and somehow manages to lift Colton onto his shoulders for the samoan drop!”

Oliver Evans: “Paredyse climbs onto the top rope…diving front dropkick! I may hit this guy, but that was impressive! Paredyse hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Colton manages to get a shoulder up at two. Colton uses the ropes to help him get to his feet, but with his back turned to Paredyse, he is unable to defend himself from the dropkick that sends him tumbling over the top rope and down to the floor!”

Oliver Evans: “That one had to hurt…this may be Paredyse’s best opportunity to win this match if he can capitalize.”

Dale McCoy: “The Executive Brooklyn Producer grabs Colton to throw him back into the ring, but Kazu Nagai pulls EBP off of him before throwing EBP in the crowd barricade! Kazu and Dmitry are guarding Colton! The other lumberjacks warily try and edge closer to Colton, but no one sees Paredyse as he flies through the ropes! The suicide dive just knocked Colton into the crowd barricade! Before Paredyse can do anything, he gets decked with a clothesline from the big Russian.”

Oliver Evans: “And the other members of the roster take this opportunity to begin their attack, things are breaking down! Yuki and Kazu are brawling as William LaCroix goes to work on Dmitry. Antonio Del Veccio tries to stop LaCroix, only to be hit from behind by Acid! Kamaura and the Jones’s are also brawling. Antonio’s just thrown a chair, but Acid’s ducked it and it flies into the face of Andrew Hunter! He’s out! This is pandemonium!”

Dale McCoy: “Focus on Paredyse and Colton, Oliver! Both men have rolled into the ring and are now exchanging punches, but Paredyse kicks Colton in the gut to get the advantage. Paredyse sends Colton into the corner with an irish whip. Paredyse charges in for a dropkick, but Colton pulls the referee in front of him! The referee is out after that! Colton’s head clonked with the ref’s though due to the whiplash, and now he’s stumbling out of the corner. Paredyse connects with yet another enzuigiri to Colton’s head. He goes for the cover, but the referee is out and there’s no one to count the pin!”

Oliver Evans: “Tough break.”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse climbs onto the turnbuckle. He leaps and comes down ass-first onto Colton’s face! What do we call that? The diving butt bump to the face?”

Oliver Evans: “It doesn’t matter, because the referee is still out. It’s like that move never happened.”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse goes to work trying to revive the referee, but Jean-Pierre Renoir rolls out from under the ring! He slides into the ring and grabs Paredyse. Spinning him around, Renoir lifts Paredyse onto his shoulders in a fireman’s carry before throwing him over and onto a knee. Renoir flips backwards and drives both of his knees into Paredyse's head with the Trendsetter! He grabs Colton and pulls him onto Paredyse as he gets slaps the referee back to reality.”

Mark Davis: “One!… Two!… Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “WHAT!? HOW!?”

Dale McCoy: “Paredyse somehow kicks out before the count of three! Renoir can’t believe it! He goes to attack Paredyse, but Boy Bakla reaches into the ring and trips him up before pulling Renoir out.”

Oliver Evans: “If it wasn’t for the slow count, Colton would have won this match!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton works his way to his feet. Grabbing Paredyse, Colton lifts him onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack. He flips Paredyse over, but Paredyse lands on his feet! Paredyse digs his nails into the cut on Colton’s head before kicking Colton in the gut. Paredyse runs and bounces off the ropes. As he comes back, Paredyse grabs Colton's head before flipping forward and pulling Colton's head to the mat with a neckbreaker. The Swansong! Paredyse hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One!...Two!...Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via pinfall, Paredyse!”

Oliver Evans: “No! No! No! Colton should have won that match! He would have won that match had it not been for that slow count!”

Dale McCoy: “The referee counted slow for Paredyse’s pinfall too, Oliver. Colton had the same chance as Paredyse, but he wasn’t conscious to make the kick out.”

Oliver Evans: “Shut up, Dale. Colton would have at least picked a good match and stipulation for their confrontation at November to Remember. Paredyse is going to pick something gay, I guarantee it. Probably like a who shoots last match or something like that.”

Dale McCoy: “That’s really disgusting Oliver…”

Oliver Evans: “That’s my point!”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10

After the wild brawling has subsided, The Italian superstar Antonio Del Veccio greets the camera with a frown as his entrance theme, “Any Means Necessary” by Hammerfall, can be heard. Antonio has a microphone in hand and signals for his music to cut.

Antonio Del Veccio: “FTW Breaking Point was supposed to be my time to shine! It was supposed to be my moment! It was supposed to be the event where I won what was rightfully mine! But no! William LaCroix once again screwed me out of the FTW World Heavyweight Championship. At our first meeting, William only defeated me due to some masked punk running in and hitting me with a steel chair. At Breaking Point, LaCroix took advantage of my sportsmanship to steal the victory.”

The crowd’s boos nearly drown out Antonio’s voice. He rolls his eyes, but their booing only causes him to speak louder.

Antonio Del Veccio: “I can speak louder than you and I can speak longer than you, so you may as well shut the hell up and listen.”

The crowd continues to boo Antonio, refusing to see things his way. Antonio continues as if he was never interrupted.

Antonio Del Veccio: “As per the rules, I backed away from William LaCroix when the referee told me to. Thinking that LaCroix would show me the same level of sportsmanship, I turned my back to him. You can never trust a snake, because at that moment, LaCroix took advantage of the situation and hit me with a Riot Run to get his tainted victory. But what William really proved that night was that he couldn’t beat me in a fair bout!”

Antonio Del Veccio turns towards the ramp.

Antonio Del Veccio: “William LaCroix, you couldn’t beat me on your best day in a fair fight, and I want to prove it. I know I can defeat you, I know I can end your streak! I DEMAND one more match LaCroix. You and I both know that I deserve it.”

Antonio walks to the ropes while continuing to talk.

Antonio Del Veccio: “So get out here LaCroix. Get out here and give me a match tonight! If you don’t, you’ll only be proving to everyone in attendance here tonight how much of a coward you really are! You’ll be telling the world that you can’t beat me.”

After a few moments, “Sonne” by Rammstein blasts over the PA system as William LaCroix steps out onto the ramp with a microphone in hand. He walks down to the ring with the FTW World Heavyweight Championship in hand before climbing in and looking directly at Antonio.

William LaCroix: “So now you’re the good guy Antonio? You’re now the one who people cheat against and hold back? Are you kidding me? You have no room to complain about anything. You lost Antonio, plain and simple. You lost at Breaking Point just as you did on the last night of “We did it for the Hits”. The difference is, that you didn’t cheat this time around. You didn’t club me with a steel chair before being beaten by me, you were just beaten. Antonio, you don’t deserve anything from me, but I am going to give you something here tonight. I’m going to give you the ass kicking of a lifetime, and then you can go complain about that too! Let’s get a referee out here.”

As LaCroix turns to motion for a referee to come down to the ring, Antonio Del Veccio kicks him square in the crotch.

Oliver Evans: “Hahaha! He dropped LaCroix with that one!”

Dale McCoy: “Why are you celebrating that? Like the coward he is, Antonio had to wait for LaCroix’s back to be turned before low blowing him. And why would he even do that? LaCroix was about to give Antonio another match.”

Oliver Evans: “That’s a good question. Even if the match was non-title, if Antonio could have won, he would have been at the top of the list for another shot at the FTW World Heavyweight Championship.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio’s grabbed the FTW World Heavyweight Championship; he’s waiting for LaCroix to get up! As LaCroix turns, Antonio decks him with his belt! What is that man doing? And where’s the security at damn it!”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio’s making a statement here tonight, Dale, and I doubt that anyone wants to get in this man’s way.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio’s just grabbed a chair! LaCroix’s on his knees, he’s not going to be able to defend himself!”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio swings the steel chair into the side of LaCroix’s head! LaCroix’s out cold, I guarantee it!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio still isn’t done! He swings the steel chair into LaCroix’s back! And he does it a second time! It doesn’t look like he has any intention of stopping, where’s the damned security!?”

Oliver Evans: “Damn! It sounds like someone’s shooting a .30-06 in here! Antonio’s really letting LaCroix have it, much to the displeasure of this crowd.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio finally throws the mangled steel chair out of the ring, but doesn’t let up. He continues the attack with stomps to LaCroix's back. With how that chair looked, one can only wonder what kind of shape LaCroix’s back is in.”

Oliver Evans: “I’m not wondering. I know it’s in bad shape, and in wrestling, that means LaCroix’s already slim chances of defeating Dmitry at November to Remember have just become less.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio finally quits stomping on LaCroix’s back, but now he’s got LaCroix’s leg! Antonio places his legs around LaCroix's leg while placing LaCroix's foot under his armpit. Holding William LaCroix's heel with his forearm, Antonio uses his entire body to twist the ankle with that nasty Match Killer submission! He’s trying to injure LaCroix!”

Oliver Evans: “Trying? I’m pretty sure he’s succeeding.”

Dale McCoy: “I don’t know where Tommy Gunn or any of our other security is, but here comes Adam Vogel! He slides into the ring and tries to pull Antonio off of LaCroix’s leg, but Antonio isn’t letting go! Adam Vogel kicks Antonio on the temple to break up the Match Killer.”

Oliver Evans: “Vogel had to personally take care of this issue, but I think he may have come down a little too late.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio tries to get back to LaCroix, but Adam pushes him back.”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio Del Veccio looks a bit annoyed with Vogel’s interference.”

Dale McCoy: “What is Aaron Blake doing out here? He just handed Antonio a briefcase! This was a paid attack!”

Oliver Evans: “You don’t know that. Don’t spread rumors, Dale.”

Dale McCoy: “Vogel tells Antonio to get out of the ring, but Antonio turns around and hits Vogel on the head with that metal briefcase! I have to think that was a special message from Blake to Vogel.”

Oliver Evans: “Antonio was probably just pissed off about Vogel kicking him on the head earlier. He was just returning the favor.”

Dale McCoy: “Aaron Blake stoops down and says a few words to Vogel before slapping him across the face. Antonio and Blake both exit the ring, leaving both Adam Vogel and William LaCroix down and out.”

Oliver Evans: “I guess the lesson to be learned here is to not mess with Antonio, because he will mess you up in return.”

Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) Redarr10
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySat Nov 19, 2011 2:03 am

Sorry for the uber late show, this week has been hectic; I never got a chance to post this thing.

I would be more sorry, but it's not like anyone reads this anyway Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 5:04 pm

What? I'm a nobody to you now, Vogel?

Andrew Hunter flips Adam Vogel the bird, which also happens to be the word.
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptySun Nov 20, 2011 7:13 pm

That's it, you're going back to being a jobber!
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptyThu Nov 24, 2011 6:40 am

Wait, I'm not already a jobber?
Well then, I'm sorry that Alexander took control of my body and made me flip you a bird. He's just going through a rough time right now and...
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)   Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011) EmptyFri Nov 25, 2011 5:27 pm

Don't blame for you inability to not flip the bird at people.

And of course you're not a jobber, you've won matches! Jobbers don't win matches.
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Velocity (November 13, 2011)
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