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 Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)

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Adam Vogel

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PostSubject: Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:41 pm

Acid is seen leaving the building. A timestamp in the bottom corner of the video says April 1, shortly after the 30 man Royal Rumble. As Acid walks in the parking lot, a mysterious figure comes up behind him and pushes him into a nearby car window. As Acid's face bounces off the window, the mysterious man grabs his head and shoves it through the window on his second attempt. As Acid falls to the concrete, the figure pulls his mask off before stomping on the back of Acid's head and leaving him face-down in the parking lot. As the mysterious figure leaves, another wrestler arrives in the parking lot and sees Acid and goes to find help.

Fireworks and pyro light up the darkened building. Fans roar with the explosions, waving signs and mugging for the cameras. The camera finally sets upon a table where an older gentleman and a young, good looking, man sit.

Dale McCoy: "Hello and Welcome to Full Throttle Wrestling Triumph and Tragedy! Tonight we've got a bunch of big matches for you folks. We'll be seeing the top ranked wrestler Alexander Ravensdale in action and we'll even be seeing you in action tonight."

Oliver Evans: "No, no we won't. I'll be sitting on the apron the entire match, Antonio Del Veccio doesn't need my help to defeat Ethan O'Reilly."

Dale McCoy: "We'll see how that goes later. But also tonight we'll see Colton Charles Cai Cobb in action against David Strongcock as well as a six-man tag team match."

Oliver Evans: "Speaking of the six-man tag team match, how about we let that get started? I'm itching to see The Fortunate Sons win with Blake's leadership."

Michael Jones, Shiloh Jones, and Acid are all gathered into one locker room. Acid is leaning up against the wall, his mask hiding his emotions, while Michael is sitting on a chair looking rather excited. Shiloh, however, is sulking.

Michael Jones: “This is it! Tonight is the night that we get our win, Shiloh! The Fortunate Sons aren’t better than us and they certainly aren’t bigger than us. We can defeat those two, and Bakla shouldn’t be much of a problem either, especially considering how we have Acid on our team. I have no doubts that we will be able to work better as a team than the two members of Treachery who are teaming with a transgendered girl who they probably don’t like. Besides that, who have our opponents even beaten? The Fortunate Sons won two matches, one of which was basically a handicap match against The Executive Brooklyn Producer, and the second was against Bakla and Yuki. The only match Bakla has won so far was against Allister, who lost because he was kicked in the balls.”

Shiloh looks over at his brother, but doesn’t share in his enthusiasm.

Shiloh Jones: “It’s funny that you are so confident, considering that we have never won a match as a team and that you have only won match so far…against The Executive Brooklyn Producer. You shouldn’t assume a victory so quickly when you are actually worse than your opponents. We have nothing with which to claim any assurance of victory with here tonight.”

Acid, having listened to a pessimistic side and an optimistic side, pushes himself off of the wall and walks towards the door. Opening it, he looks back at the men he is to team with here tonight.

Acid: “How about instead of claiming that you can or cannot win, you get out to that ring and simply win? Anyone has the ability to win on any given night, but your mental game will render your fate. Tonight, I am not taking a loss. I know that I hold the ability to defeat any man inside of that ring, and so I will. Tonight, I am going to show Adam Vogel why it is that I should be in the Main Event of our shows. I’m tired of being an extra in Full Throttle Wrestling; I want to be one of the people who actually matter. I’m sick of being left off shows and only being used sparingly, so tonight I will change that. You two can feel free to tag along if you like.”

The door slams closed as Acid leaves the locker room.

Michael Jones: “What is his problem? He doesn’t usually act like that.”

Shiloh Jones: “What do you think is his problem? Could it be the fact that none of us are important to this company because we can’t win matches? While Acid thinks it’s the mental game and while you think it’s a matter of not being skilled enough, I know what the real reason for my failure is. It’s actually quite simple, the reason I fail is because I am constantly anchored down by a worthless nobody, and that nobody is you. Ever since my debut, you have held me down and failed to watch my back in that ring. Why should someone like me, who actually has talent, try and stick around with a loser like you? I’m going to get my first win in this company, but it won’t be tonight. You and Acid would simply cost me this match, like you always do, giving me yet another loss. So have fun with Acid, because tonight, you and him are on your own.”

Shiloh turns and pushes open the door to the locker room, leaving Michael Jones in the room by himself.

Michael Jones: “What the hell is everyone’s problem today?”




Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a six-man tag team match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Eric Vogel, John Vogel, and Boy Bakla!”

"Junkies for Fame" by Shinedown blasts over the arena as Alexander Ravensdale steps out from the backstage of FTW. He stops on the ramp and holds a fist into the air as a series of pyrotechnics explode behind him. Once they subside, Ravensdale pulls his vest off and tosses it onto the ground as he walks to the ring.

Taryn Shay: “And introducing their opponents, the team of Shiloh Jones, Michael Jones, and Acid!”

Alkaline Trio's "Fall Victim" plays as Michael Jones and Acid walk to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As we saw earlier, Shiloh has abandoned his tag team partners, leaving Acid and Michael Jones in what is essentially a two vs. three handicap match. You have to think that Acid and Michael will need to rethink their strategy going into this match.”

Oliver Evans: “Of course they will have to rethink their strategy! These two need to fight a more defensive style and try to isolate one of their opponents if they wish to win.”

Dale McCoy: “Why would Shiloh Jones abandon his brother though? It just seems so bizarre for Shiloh to ignore a match and a chance to show what he’s made of.”

Oliver Evans: “It’s like I’ve been saying, Shiloh Jones only cares about one thing, and that’s Shiloh Jones. He doesn’t think his teammates can win and didn’t want to take another loss.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “As the bell sounds, Michael Jones and Eric Vogel remain in the ring as everyone else exits out. The two men circle around one another before locking up, but Eric manages to pull Michael into a quick side headlock. Eric squeezes on the head, but Michael pushes him off and into the ropes. Eric comes back with a shoulder tackle however, knocking Michael to the mat.”

Oliver Evans: “Michael quickly gets to his feet, but Eric is ready with a kick to the gut. Eric turns Michael over, looking for a neckbreaker, but Michael fights it off with an elbow before pulling Eric to the mat with a neckbreaker of his own!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael sends Eric into the corner with an irish whip before charging in and connecting with a clothesline. As Eric stumbles out, Michael runs to the ropes and bounces off of them before coming back and leaping into the air for a dropkick that knocks Eric through the ropes!”

Oliver Evans: “Before Eric can really recover from his tumble, Michael vaults over the top rope and down on top of him! Michael pulls Eric up and sends him into the ring before following him in.”

Dale McCoy: “Jones with a low dropkick to the face of the discombobulated Eric Vogel! Michael quickly rolls on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “But he only gets a one count as Eric powers out. Michael tries for an irish whip, but Eric uses his weight to stop it and he instead sends Michael into his team’s corner with a whip of his own.”

Dale McCoy: “Eric runs in and connects with a knee to the gut of Michael before tagging John into the match. The two men pull Michael out of the corner before whipping him into the ropes. As Michael comes back, The Fortunate Sons lift him into the air and slam him to the mat with the double flapjack. John Vogel drops down for the cover as Eric exits the ring.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “But John only gets a two count. The younger brother pulls Michael to the corner again before tagging the elder brother back into the match.”

Dale McCoy: “Eric and John again send Michael into the ropes with an irish whip before flipping him to the mat with a double team hiptoss. The two brothers clasp hands and drop a double elbow to the chest of Jones before John exits the ring and Eric hooks a leg.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “But again Michael kicks out at two. Eric Vogel looks frustrated, and grabs him from behind, looking for the Showstopper. Before he can lift Michael though, Acid comes into the ring and connects with a stiff kick to the ribs of Eric before exiting back out to the apron.”

Dale McCoy: “An irate Eric Vogel gets into Acid’s face, yelling at him about the kick. Acid looks annoyed, but simply stands there and lets Eric keep yelling while Michael recovers. Eric slaps Acid across the face before turning around and walking right into Michael Jones, who grabs Eric's head before leaping onto the mat and pulling Eric's face down onto his knees with the Paroxysm! Michael Jones hooks a leg for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “Both Boy Bakla and John Vogel dive onto Michael, breaking up the pin just before the count of three! Acid steps into the ring and takes Bakla down with a dropkick before kicking John in the gut and sending him through the ropes! As Bakla gets up, Acid dives into her with a clothesline that takes both wrestlers over the ropes!”

Dale McCoy: “Outside of the ring, Bakla and Acid begin to brawl. They exchange punches up the ramp before disappearing backstage. Michael’s partner just left him out here alone! At least Acid took Bakla with him, but now it’s Michael vs. The Fortunate Sons in a two on one handicap match!”

Oliver Evans: “Things still aren’t looking good for Michael. Michael, seeing that Eric is still down, climbs onto the turnbuckle. It looks like he’ll be looking for the Screaming Soul here. As Eric gets to his feet, Michael gets ready to jump, but John Vogel pushes him off of the turnbuckle and towards the ropes! Michael just got crotched on our ring rope! That has to hurt!”

Dale McCoy: “Eric sees the position Michael is in as he turns around, and immediately goes to take advantage of it. Eric grabs Michael and pulls him off of the ropes and into the mat with a big DDT before hooking both legs for a cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “Somehow, Jones manages to push his shoulder off of the mat at two despite his groin injury.”

Dale McCoy: “Eric lifts Jones into the air before slamming him to the mat with a big suplex. Eric drops an elbow onto Jones’s chest and stays there for the pin.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Oliver Evans: “But Michael Jones, who was so close to winning earlier, doesn’t want to stay down! Eric tags John into this match before pulling Michael up. The two hold Michael into the air with a suplex before letting him go and catching him back-first onto their knees with a very interesting backbreaker. John goes for the cover while his brother exits the ring.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “Michael Jones again kicks out before the count of three. John Vogel grabs Michael’s head and begins to pelt him with punches. John gets to his feet and stomps on Jones’s chest before pulling him up and twisting him to the mat with a spinning neckbreaker. John gets back up and runs to the ropes before bouncing off of them and dropping a knee onto Michael before going for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “But Michael Jones again kicks out before the three! John looks vexed as he tags Eric back into this match.”

Dale McCoy: “Eric Vogel lifts Michael into an electric chair position before turning to face the turnbuckle that John Vogel has just climbed onto. But before John Vogel can leap off of the turnbuckle, Michael Jones fights out of the position with a series of punches to the top of Eric’s head. Landing behind Eric, Michael runs him towards the corner and pushes him into his brother before rolling him up for a cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Oliver Evans: “But Eric Vogel, despite his surprise, manages to push Michael off of him before the three! Both men get to their feet and charge at one another…and they take each other down with a double clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “Hey, look up at the ramp! Adam Vogel is signaling for someone to come out! What!? It’s…it’s Pendelton! We haven’t seen Pendelton since MAW! He’s climbing onto the apron and is in Michael Jones’s corner! It looks like Jones has a tag team partner!”

Oliver Evans: “Adam Vogel can’t just put people into matches that are already running! I don’t care if it is a legend like Pendelton, he can’t just do whatever the hell he feels like because he runs the place! This is ludicrous!”

Dale McCoy: “Michael Jones hears Pendelton calling out to him and crawls towards his corner while Eric tags John into the match. John scrambles into the ring and grabs the ankle of Michael Jones, determined to not let Pendelton get into this match. But Michael turns around and pushes John off and to the mat before tagging Pendelton!”

Oliver Evans: “He shouldn’t even be competing in this match! Michael should be left to the Sons!”

Dale McCoy: “Pendelton climbs into the ring and decks John Vogel with a clothesline. Eric Vogel gets back into the ring and charges towards Pendelton, only to be knocked down by a clothesline as well! John Vogel gets to his feet and runs towards Pendelton again, only to be destroyed by a big boot! Eric gets up and runs towards Pendelton, only to be caught and slammed to the mat with a big black hole slam!”

Oliver Evans: “This shouldn’t be happening! Pendelton shouldn’t be here! Why does Treachery always get screwed!?”

Dale McCoy: “A groggy John Vogel gets to his feet only to be kicked in the gut by Pendelton. Pendelton lifts John into powerbomb position before throwing him into the mat with the infamous sheer-drop release powerbomb known as the Spine Breaker! Pendelton hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall, the team of Michael Jones, Acid, and Pendelton!”

Oliver Evans: “This is total bullshit, Adam can’t just add people into a match whenever he feels like doing so!”

Dale McCoy: “Adam Vogel can do just about whatever he wants since he is the owner of this company, Oliver. In fact, he can fire you, which would be very well received by the fans I think, just as Pendelton’s addition to this match was.”

Oliver Evans: “First off, screw the fans. Secondly, you should be fired because you are an idiot and old, unlike me. You probably cost this company a fortune with all of your old person problems.”

Dale McCoy: “I can’t wait until later tonight when you leave the commentator’s table for in-ring action. Full Throttle Wrestling will finally have some unbiased commentary."

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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:59 pm

Alexander Ravensdale frowns into the camera backstage as he thinks about tonight.

Alexander Ravensdale: “Another Full Throttle Wrestling event where I am not main eventing. This is another event where I am not the FTW World Heavyweight Champion. This is another event where I am not even getting MY rematch for MY title. But unfortunately for Antonio, he has to face my tag team partner, Ethan O’Reilly. Of course, Antonio will hide behind his allies in Treachery, and is even going to hide behind a commentator in his attempt to keep the title he never rightfully earned. But Antonio, even if you do manage to retain here tonight, you’ll still have to man up and face me for the title in my rematch. And when that happens, I will walk away as a two time FTW World Heavyweight Champion.”

Ravensdale motions that the title will be around his waist before remembering his other championship.

Alexander Ravensdale: “Speaking of titles, tonight I have to defend my FTW Television Championship against Jefferson Saint. Saint is a terrible wrestler who only managed to defeat Strongcock because Strongcock didn’t take the win when he could. Saint, I will defeat you tonight and make you look like the dog you are. You’re cock punching will do you little good if you actually want to win the Television Championship, so don’t do it. I know how hard that’ll be for you in the face of someone so far above you, but I suggest that you control your baser urges.”

Moving closer to the camera, a dangerous glint can be seen in Ravensdale’s eye.

Alexander Ravensdale: “If you decide to hit me low, Saint, then the beating that is already coming your way will only be that much worse. Got it?”

Ravensdale turns and starts to walk away from the camera.

Alexander Ravensdale: “There’s not a man on this roster who can stop me, not even a cock punching douchebag.”


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW Television Championship. Introducing first, the challenger, Jefferson Saint!”

"Final Treatment 192" by Stalker begins playing as Jefferson Saint steps out. He slowly raises his fist into the air in a dramatic display before walking down to the ring. After sliding in, Jefferson Saint threatens the referee with a low blow.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, the FTW Television Champion, Alexander Ravensdale!”

"Junkies for Fame" by Shinedown blasts over the arena as Alexander Ravensdale steps out from the backstage of FTW. He stops on the ramp and holds a fist into the air as a series of pyrotechnics explode behind him. Once they subside, Ravensdale pulls his vest off and tosses it onto the ground as he walks to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “Jefferson Saint will be getting an opportunity tonight to face Alexander Ravensdale after a win over David Strongcock at our last Pay Per View, Caged Rage. This may be the biggest match of Jefferson Saint’s career.”

Oliver Evans: “It may be the biggest mistake Adam Vogel has made in his career. Jefferson Saint only won the match at Caged Rage because Strongcock was too stupid to capitalize on his work.”

Dale McCoy: “I’d actually agree with you, Jefferson Saint didn’t deserve to win the match at Caged Rage, but he did. However, when has one win ever made someone deserve a television championship? We have plenty of guys who have been chomping at the bit to get a match against Alexander, only to be overlooked in favor of Saint.”

Oliver Evans: “Anyone else could be getting this match, like Dmitry or Kazu, but instead we have to watch Saint probably lose here in quick fashion.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Ray Johnson, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “And as the two competitors move to lock up, Saint immediately drops down and punches Alexander in-between the legs, causing the referee to signal for the bell.”

Oliver Evans: “Hooray, what a match. Good thinking Adam.”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via disqualification and STILL the FTW Television Champion, Alexander Ravensdale!”

Dale McCoy: “Jefferson Saint looks like he wants to hit Ravensdale in-between the legs again, but David Strongcock slides into the ring behind Saint and low blows him from behind!”

Oliver Evans: “So Saint once again gets a taste of his own medicine, courtesy of Strongcock.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock turns Saint around and pulls him in for the Dickstroyer, but Saint pulls away and slides out of the ring before running up the ramp with Strongcock in pursuit. Meanwhile, Ravensdale can only clutch his balls after what happened in this match.”

Oliver Evans: “Can you say giant waste of time? Because that’s what this was.”
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:01 pm


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Bond's "Explosive" starts blaring out of the speakers as the silhouette of the penultimate wrestler, covered in smoke and with a light show on, Colton Charles Cai Cobb raises from the ground with his back facing the crowd. He turns around as he steps off the platform and into the entrance ramp with a smirk on his face and an air of arrogance as he makes his way to the ring ignoring the loud boos which echo the ringside. He enters the ring, flexes and stretches waiting for the match to begin.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponent, David Strongcock!”

Sir Edward Elgar’s Pomp and Circumstance March No.1 begins to play as David Strongcock walks down to the ring, interacting with the fans as he goes. As he slides in, David pulls his cape off and tosses it to a ring hand.

Dale McCoy: “Earlier tonight, we saw David Strongcock come out and attack Jefferson Saint for low blowing Alexander Ravensdale, but now David needs to refocus and forget about Jefferson Saint so that he can concentrate on Colton here.”

Oliver Evans: “You’re damn right he needs to concentrate on Colton. This guy isn’t Jefferson Saint, he can actually wrestle and he is actually dangerous in that ring.”

Dale McCoy: “There is no debate to whether or not Colton is a skilled competitor, but the man known as C4 hasn’t been truly focused himself so far in his Full Throttle Wrestling career. If that remains true here tonight, we could be seeing Colton walk away from here with yet another loss on his record.”

Oliver Evans: “If that happens, hell freezes over. There is no way that Colton is going to lose to this fake superhero.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Michael Bull, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “David Strongcock advances towards Colton, but Colton lashes out with a quick kick to the knee that puts Strongcock down! Colton quickly swings over and onto Strongcock’s back before reaching for his arms, trying to quickly lock him into that RDX submission hold, but Strongcock manages to slip out behind Colton.”

Oliver Evans: “David Strongcock grabs Colton around the waist and tries to lift him for a german suplex, but Colton bashes him on the skull with a hard elbow to put an end to that!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton knocks Strongcock down with a hard lariat. Strongcock quickly gets back to his feet, but a kick to the gut from Colton doubles him over, enabling Colton to take him over with a suplex. Colton quickly rolls over for the cover, but Strongcock pushes him off before the one count.”

Oliver Evans: “As Strongcock gets up he goes for a punch on Colton, but Colton ducks under it before lifting Strongcock into the air and slamming him to the mat with a back suplex! Colton rolls on top for another pin attempt.”

Michael Bull: “One…”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock kicks out at one. Colton sends him into the ropes with an irish whip, but when Strongcock comes back, he jumps into the air and drives his cock into Colton’s face, knocking him to the mat! Colton quickly gets up as Strongcock bounces off of the ropes…and he jumps into Colton with his cock again, driving him back to the mat! Colton gets up again only to be taken down by a dropkick from Strongcock.”

Oliver Evans: “At least Strongcock used a move that didn’t involve him shoving his man parts into the face of another man.”

Dale McCoy: “With Colton down, Strongcock stands straight before falling onto Colton with the Cock Drop! Strongcock stays on top of Colton for the cover.”

Michael Bull: “One…”

Oliver Evans: “But Colton, not liking having Strongcock’s junk in his face, quickly pushes him off at the count of one.”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock quickly climbs onto the turnbuckle as Colton slowly gets to his feet. As Colton turns towards him, Strongcock leaps off of the turnbuckle and knocks Colton to the mat with the Flying Cock! Strongcock waits for Colton to sit up before running to the ropes, but Jefferson Saint leaps onto the apron while the referee’s back is turned and grabs Strongcock! He leaps off of the apron and snaps the back of Strongcock’s neck on the ropes!”

Oliver Evans: “Where did Jefferson Saint even come from?”

Dale McCoy: “Strongcock stumbles towards Colton, who recovers and hops up to take advantage. Colton Charles Cai Cobb grabs his opponent's waist and hoists his Strongcock up onto his shoulder in an overhead gutwrench backbreaker rack. He then sits down and simultaneously flips Strongcock forwards and downwards, slamming Strongcock down to the ground face-first to one side executing an explosive Ground Zero!”

Oliver Evans: “What a move from Colton, but Colton isn’t done quite yet!”

Dale McCoy: “Colton Charles Cai Cobb sits on Strongcock’s back. Grabbing both of Strongcock’s arms, Colton Charles Cai Cobb pulls them across his opponents neck in a "X" with the RDX! Strongcock, who was already knocked loopy with that Ground Zero, has no choice but to tap out!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winner of the match via submission, Colton Charles Cai Cobb!”

Oliver Evans: “What a dominant performance from Colton! He absolutely destroyed David Strongcock in this match!”

Dale McCoy: “You’re right; he did…after Jefferson Saint interfered in this match.”

Oliver Evans: “Why are you always putting Colton down, Dale? Are you jealous of his ability? Do you wish you could be like him?”

Dale McCoy: “No, I’m fine not being an egotistical asshole.”
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PostSubject: Re: Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)   Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:36 pm

As the cameraman enters the locker room of The Lords of Wrestling, Ethan O’Reilly hops to his feet from where he was doing some pre-match push-ups and invites the cameraman to take a seat. The cameraman walks over to the table in the room and pulls over a chair as Ethan sits on the couch.

Ethan O’Reilly: “You know, I have to thank you Oliver. At first, I was pissed that you kept interfering in my business, but despite all of your attempts to screw me, you have actually gained me a title shot. Not only that, but now you are stuck in that ring with me, and trust me, Antonio won’t be too keen to stay in that ring with me forever. At some point, he’s going to tag you in, and then I am going to get sweet retribution for the opportunities you have cost me. Not only that, but I am going to pick up the FTW World Heavyweight Championship to boot, because your ineptitude won’t pose much of a threat to me. Antonio is the only thing between me and you tonight Oliver, and I can beat Antonio on any day of the week.”

Ethan O’Reilly gets off of the couch and walks towards the camera. He takes a moment to crack his neck audibly before continuing.

Ethan O’Reilly: “So, what I am saying here is that you screwed up Oliver. You failed to keep me from my ultimate goal, just like how tonight you will fail to help Antonio in any way as he attempts to stop me from taking his title. I’m going to enjoy hurting you Oliver…I’m going to enjoy it quite a bit. I can’t wait to see you out there.”

Ethan’s twisted smile is the last thing we see as the scene fades to black.

Inside of the Treachery locker room, Antonio Del Veccio can be seen talking with Aaron Blake.

Antonio Del Veccio: “But I don’t want to team up with him, Aaron! He sucks! Oliver Evans is only going to end up costing me my FTW World Heavyweight Championship. Can’t you tell him to just stay in the back or something? I’d rather be out there alone than be out there with him in my corner.”

Aaron Blake puts a hand on his client’s shoulder.

Aaron Blake: “Don’t worry; Oliver Evans isn’t going to get in your way. Besides, I’ll be out there as well to make sure things don’t go south. It’ll be alright, it’s not like Ethan O’Reilly has ever accomplished anything without Alexander’s help anyway.”

As Blake finishes saying that, the door opens and Oliver Evans, dressed for the match, enters into the locker room.

Oliver Evans: “Aaron, do I really have to go out there tonight? Can’t Antonio take care of Ethan O’Reilly on his own? I’m not going to be much of a help out there, I’m not a wrestler! I haven’t wrestled for years! Ethan O’Reilly will absolutely destroy me!”

Aaron Blake: “Don’t sell yourself short, Oliver. You have called thousands of matches since you last competed in the ring, your knowledge of moves, and how to pull them off, is vital to tonight’s match. You’re going to do fine. In fact, I’d wager that you could beat Ethan on your own with your skillset! He won’t know what hit him!”

Antonio shakes his head in disgust at Aaron Blake’s pandering.

Oliver Evans: “You really think so?”

Aaron Blake: “Of course I do, have you seen yourself? You look amazing! You are still in incredible shape, why I can’t even tell that you haven’t been wrestling these past years by looking at you! And when you were wrestling, you were a true force to be reckoned with! Why, I am so sure that you are still as good as you once were, that I’d like to offer you a position in Treachery! I’d be honored to manage a true fighter like you!”

Antonio gags at Aaron’s lies and at the offer.

Oliver Evans: “You want to manage me? How could I say no to an offer like that?”

Aaron Blake: “Excellent! I always wanted you in Treachery, Oliver! Two of the sport’s premier English workers, who know much more about the sport than anyone else, finally teaming up! This will mark a brand new day for Treachery! However, we need to talk about tonight.”

As Blake brings both Evans and Veccio close to begin discussing the match, the cameraman is roughly tossed out of the locker room by Dmitry Petrovich.


Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a two on one handicap match scheduled for one fall and it is for the FTW World Heavyweight Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, Ethan O’Reilly!”

"Living in Dog Years" by Neurotica begins playing throughout the arena as Ethan O'Reilly steps out onto the ramp. He looks over those in attendance before dismissing their existence and walking towards the ring. After rolling into the ring, Ethan takes off his silver vest and hands it to a ring hand before awaiting the start of the match.

Taryn Shay: “And now introducing his opponents, Oliver Evans and the FTW World Heavyweight Champion, Antonio Del Veccio!”

As "Any Means Necessary" by Hammerfall blasts throughout the arena, the Italian wrestler, Antonio Del Veccio, walks out onto the stage accompanied by both Oliver Evans and Aaron Blake. He holds a finger into the air before walking down to the ring.

Dale McCoy: “And now it’s time for our Main event match! Tonight, if Ethan O’Reilly can beat Antonio and my former broadcast partner Oliver Evans, he’ll become the NEW FTW World Heavyweight Champion! After last match, Oliver did leave me out here alone, but I was joined moments ago by Adam Vogel.”

Adam Vogel: “Who is definitely a trade up from Oliver Evans! Speaking of Evans, he really walked himself into this situation by overstepping his position. If he wants to interfere in the matches, then he has to be a wrestler.”

Dale McCoy: “Strangely enough, I don’t feel sorry for him. He had this coming.”

Adam Vogel: “You’re damn right he did, Dale.”

The bell is rung to signal the start of this match as the referee, Mark Davis, enters the ring.

Dale McCoy: “And of course, Oliver Evans steps out to the apron, leaving Antonio Del Veccio to start things off against Ethan.”

Adam Vogel: “That’s a smart strategy by Oliver, conserve your energy.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan goes to lock up with Antonio, but Antonio quickly ducks underneath Ethan’s arms and goes to the other side of the ring, avoiding contact. Ethan goes to follow, but hears Oliver Evans talking trash and instead turns and grabs Evans by the throat!”

Adam Vogel: “But Antonio takes the opportunity presented and hits Ethan on the back with a clubbing forearm! Antonio hits Ethan O’Reilly with a few more clubbing forearms before Ethan decides he’s had enough. Ethan turns and grabs Antonio before throwing him over the ropes with a belly to belly suplex!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio tries to grab the ropes, but his momentum is too much! Aaron Blake reaches up and tries to catch Antonio, but only manages to get taken out as well!”

Adam Vogel: “At least he softened Antonio’s fall I guess.”

Dale McCoy: “While Antonio is writhing on the outside, Ethan turns his attention back to Oliver Evans. Ethan flips Evans into the ring before grabbing him by the arm and whipping him into the ropes. As Evans comes back, O’Reilly sends him high into the air with a back body drop!”

Adam Vogel: “He really sent Oliver soaring! You can tell, Ethan is loving this.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan grabs Oliver and lifts him into the air and holds him there with a stalling suplex. As the seconds pass, more and more blood rushes to Oliver’s head. But before Ethan can slam Oliver into the mat, Antonio Del Veccio clips Ethan’s leg, causing Oliver to fall on top of him! Oliver groggily rolls out of the ring as Antonio dives on top for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One…”

Adam Vogel: “But Ethan isn’t going to be done in that quick and makes a powerful kick out at the count of one. Antonio is quick to get back on Ethan with punches, but Ethan pushes him off. Ethan tries to get up, but Antonio kicks him in the gut while he is on a knee.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio works Ethan over with a few more punches to the temple, but Ethan pushes Antonio back before springing into an explosive reverse roundhouse kick that knocks Antonio to the mat! Ethan grabs the dazed Antonio and lifts him into the air before throwing him across the ring!”

Adam Vogel: “Ethan is an extremely powerful guy, and he’s showing that here. Ethan runs and lands on his knees for a slide over to Antonio, who he pushes into the mat for a cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “But the champ kicks out at two. Ethan lifts Antonio onto his shoulder before running and slamming him into the corner. Ethan quickly turns and slams Antonio to the mat with a big powerslam! Very Bulldog like! Ethan hooks a leg for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Adam Vogel: “But Antonio manages to slink his shoulder up before the three. You can tell the champ is hurt after that last combination, but will Ethan be able to smell the blood and take the advantage?”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan starts to pull Antonio to his feet before suddenly tossing him with a single underhook suplex! Ethan moves to follow up, but Aaron Blake hops onto the ring apron and gets his attention! Ethan charges at Blake, but Blake hops off of the apron at the last second, avoiding contact.”

Adam Vogel: “Oliver Evans runs across the ring apron looking to attack Ethan, but Ethan decks him with a huge punch that causes Oliver to fall off the apron! That one looked nasty! I wonder if Oliver’s jaw is still in the same spot after that one.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan finally turns around, but as he does so, Antonio catches him with a low dropkick to the leg he clipped earlier! Antonio quickly grabs the leg and lifts it into the air before slamming the knee onto the mat. Antonio pulls the leg into the air again and repeats the move, slamming the knee onto the mat a second time!”

Adam Vogel: “It’s become apparent what Antonio will be doing, working over Ethan’s leg.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio turns Ethan over and looks to want to go for the Match Killer, but Ethan reaches up and grabs Antonio before pulling him to the mat and into a pin!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Adam Vogel: “And Ethan almost picks up the win with that counter! Ethan tries to get to his feet, but a low roundhouse to the back of the leg by Antonio puts him down to one knee. Antonio with a solid kick to the temple!”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio again grabs Ethan’s leg and this time drops an elbow down onto it. Antonio drags Ethan to the ropes and hooks his injured leg around the bottom rope before rolling out of the ring. Antonio’s pulling the leg over our rope!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three! Four!”

Adam Vogel: “Antonio lets go of the leg before the count of five and climbs into the ring, distracting the referee while Aaron Blake uses all of his weight to pull on the injured leg on the ropes! Blake releases the leg as the referee turns around.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio grabs the leg and prepares for what looks to be an attempt at a figure four, but Ethan pushes Antonio off before it can happen. Antonio turns around and goes for Ethan, but Ethan lunges at him and drives him into the mat with an STO!”

Adam Vogel: “Ethan hobbles on one leg as he waits for Antonio to get back up. Spinning back elbow into Antonio’s gut! Ethan follows up by snapmare, pulling Antonio to the mat.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan steps beside the champion before blasting him with a hard kick to the face! As Antonio groggily gets to his feet, Ethan lifts him into the air before dropping him into the reverse atomic drop! While Antonio holds his groin, Ethan bounces off of the ropes and dives into him with a big clothesline before hooking the legs!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Adam Vogel: “But Antonio kicks out at two. Ethan O’Reilly pulls Antonio onto his shoulders, but before he can do anything, Oliver Evans slips into the ring and kicks him on the back of the injured knee, allowing Antonio to get down. Antonio pulls Ethan head-first into the mat with a DDT before jumping on top of him.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Dale McCoy: “And now it’s Ethan who kicks out at two! Antonio sends Ethan into the corner with an irish whip before charging in after him, but Ethan sidesteps and lets Antonio slam into the pads! As Antonio bounces out, Ethan bounces off of the ropes and drives his shoulder into Antonio’s midsection with a huge spear! Ethan hooks both legs for the cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Adam Vogel: “But Oliver Evans dives into Ethan to break up the pin before the count of three! Oliver tries to escape the ring, but Ethan grabs hold of him!”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan balls up his free hand for a punch, but instead pushes Oliver away before turning into Antonio! The two men’s heads clonked!”

Adam Vogel: “Antonio, clearly seeing stars after that meeting of the minds, rolls over to his corner and tags in Oliver Evans! I don’t think Antonio had any clue what he was doing with how dazed he was!”

Dale McCoy: “Oliver can’t believe it but steps into the ring anyway. As Ethan tries to get up, Oliver comes over and begins hitting him with punches! After a good series, Oliver tries to pull Ethan into the mat with a DDT, but Ethan won’t budge! Instead, Ethan lifts Oliver and slams him into the mat with a nice Northern lights suplex!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Adam Vogel: “Oliver pushes his shoulder off of the mat at two. As Oliver gets off of the mat, he connects with another punch to the jaw of O’Reilly before kicking him in the gut and running to the ropes. But as Oliver comes back, Ethan takes him out with a clothesline!”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan lifts Oliver onto his shoulders, but Oliver actually manages to fight out of it with elbows before landing behind Ethan and pulling him to the mat with a Russian legsweep. Oliver gets up before driving a forearm into Ethan’s face and going for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Adam Vogel: “Ethan pushes Oliver off at two. Oliver gets up and stomps on Ethan’s chest as Blake enjoys every second of this.”

Dale McCoy: “Oliver grabs the injured leg and kicks it before turning Ethan over and sitting on his back for the single leg boston crab! Ethan looks to be in some pain, but doesn’t remain idle while in the hold. Grabbing Oliver’s ankles, Ethan pulls on them while using his leg strength to roll Oliver to the mat and into a tight cover!”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Thr…”

Adam Vogel: “I’m shocked! Oliver Evans actually managed to get out of that cover.”

Dale McCoy: “Oliver with a backhand chop to Ethan’s chest. Oliver follows it up with an elbow to the face before landing another chop and another elbow. Oliver reddens Ethan’s chest with another chop, but Ethan ducks the follow up elbow and gets Oliver into a full nelson before lifting him into the air and slamming him to the mat. Ethan drops down for the pin.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two…”

Adam Vogel: “Oliver manages to push his shoulder off of the mat at two. Oliver is really sticking in there. Although Antonio is a lot less impressed as he’s now screaming at Oliver to tag him back into this match.”

Dale McCoy: “Ethan O’Reilly grabs hold of one of Evans's arms before wrapping his legs around the arm and Evans's throat in the shape of a figure four and squeezing with the Intrare Obscura! And Antonio’s seen enough. He gets into the ring and kicks Ethan in the face to break up the potential submission.”

Adam Vogel: “But as Antonio goes for another kick, Ethan catches the leg and pulls Antonio down before grabbing an arm and locking him into the Intrare Obscura! Antonio’s now the one who’s in danger!”

Dale McCoy: “But Oliver Evans drops an elbow onto Ethan’s chest to save Antonio from the hold! Oliver gets up and begins stomping on Ethan, but Antonio spins Oliver around and begins demanding that Oliver make the tag. Oliver ascends to the demand and walks to the corner before tagging out.”

Adam Vogel: “I’m not sure if that was necessary. Oliver hasn’t been doing too badly in this match. Antonio should try to work with his partner.”

Dale McCoy: “Antonio grabs Ethan into an inverted facelock, but Ethan turns around and lifts him into the air before slamming him to the mat with a snap suplex. Ethan gets back up and pulls Antonio onto his shoulders for the Excidio, but Oliver Evans is back into the ring and kicks out the injured leg once again!”

Adam Vogel: “Antonio lands on his feet before grabbing Ethan from behind and pulling him into an inverted facelock before spinning under Ethan while holding the facelock, twisting O’Reilly's face into the mat. And it looks like this is going to be Arrivederci for Ethan as Antonio goes for the cover.”

Mark Davis: “One! Two! Three!”

Taryn Shay: “Ladies and Gentlemen, the winners of the match via pinfall, Antonio Del Veccio and Oliver Evans!”

Dale McCoy: “So Antonio manages to retain his title here tonight, in large part thanks to the assistance of Oliver Evans.”

Adam Vogel: “Apparently Oliver’s still got some skill. You know, I think I may have found a new addition to the roster. Now I just have to find someone to replace him here at the commentator’s table.”

Dale McCoy: “With the addition to Oliver to Treachery, the stable of wrestlers led by Aaron Blake continues to grow and grow. Blake has made it clear before that he intends to run Full Throttle Wrestling and with Antonio’s win here tonight, one has to think that he’s getting closer to that goal. How will this develop? Join us next time to find out! Until then, I’m Dale McCoy.”

Adam Vogel: “And I’m Adam Vogel, saying so long.”
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Full Throttle Wrestling - Triumph and Tragedy (May 27, 2012)
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